Blood On The Clocktower (

In the quiet village of Ravenswood Bluff, a demon walks among the townsfolk. This very demon murdered the storyteller and now it’s after the citizens. Can you and your friends find this demon and put a stop to its evil?

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One Night Werewolf (Amazon Store)

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There’s a werewolf on the loose and it could be anyone you know, even you.  Can you help find the werewolf and save your village?

The storyline is a condensed version of one of those Murder Mystery dinner parties and the game plays out like one.  You get a card, look at it, close your eyes, listen to the narrator from the free app and do whatever your role requires.  After that, you open your eyes and try to find the werewolf. If you are the werewolf or his minion, your job is to mislead the players.  Each character comes with his or her own action, with the exception of the villagers. They just sleep there and add to the pile, which is definitely not my favorite character to play.  There’s also a character called the Tanner, whose job is to commit suicide. When my Monday Night Board Game group plays this, we have to leave him out because no one knows how to play him right.  Trust me when I say that I’m one of those people who screwed up with I played him. I also hate getting the werewolf and minion cards because, believe it or not, I’m terrible at bluffing. Therefore, more often than not, I lose.  Other than that, this is one of my favorite board games and I get excited whenever my group plays it. Unlike Werewords, most of the cards have a role to play and the storyline makes much more sense.

This game is exciting and suspenseful.  I give it an 8 out of 10; perfect for any meet up or board game party night.

Werewords (Amazon Store)

When The Mayor gets everyone together to play twenty questions, a werewolf secretly joins hoping to sabotage the game.  Only the seer knows the correct word, but can’t tell anyone for fear of the werewolf killing her. Can you get the word right and save your village from the werewolf?

Logically, this storyline makes no sense.  Why would a werewolf care about a game of twenty questions?  Does this particular game have a magical power that keeps the werewolf in chains until the game is over?  However, the appeal of this game does not lie in the storyline. You get a card with a specific role and then listen to a narrative with your eyes closed, waiting for your instructions.  

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The only role you can be 100% sure of is The Mayor and this person also gets a second role you don’t know about. Other than that, the game is typical twenty questions with you asking or answering various yes or no questions that help you figure out the secret word.  The seer and the werewolves are the only ones who know, with the former trying to steer you in the right direction while the latter steers you in the wrong direction.

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However, the mayor could also get the role of seer or werewolf, the latter completely ruining your chances of guessing the right word.  You can also set the game on easy, medium or ridiculous. Let me tell you, I recently discovered this game with my board game group and we only guess the right word half the time at best. That’s when we’re playing on easy, so you can bet that this is a difficult game. However, even if you don’t guess the right word, you can still win by figuring out who the werewolf is.  If you do get the right word, the werewolf still has a chance to win by guessing who the seer is. Since some people in my group, myself included, have a hard time directing people to the right word without giving ourselves away, we tend to lose just by the werewolf picking out the right seer.

This game is fun but, story wise, makes no sense.  I give it 7 out of 10; a fun little diversion and an interesting take on twenty questions.