Avenue Flo (Bigfishgames.com)

Flo’s just having an average day at the diner when Quinn calls her for help.  Apparently, Quinn’s planning the biggest wedding of her career and everything’s a complete mess.  Now Flo has to explore DinerTown and fix everything before Quinn’s clients call off the wedding.

The plot is just that, simple and funny.  Flo has to go all over DinerTown to help sew dresses, make cakes and other various wedding tasks.

Sometimes she needs other people to help her but they only do so if she helps them first.  Many familiar characters, such as Jo from Fitness Dash and Bobbi from Dress Shop Hop, make cameo appearances.

In the game, you travel through three neighborhoods and help different people sort out their problems in exchange for an item.  Then you go to the person you need to and complete the given task, such as helping Bobbi make the dress.  You also collect butterflies in every neighborhood and bottles in order to earn bus tokens.  Sometimes, you have to complete an activity in order to advance through the game.

You can’t skip them but you can ask for a hint in order to proceed.  After you’re through with story mode, try your hand in activity mode to take on all the mini-games individually.

This game is addictive and amusing with good voice work.  I give it 9 out of 10; I snickered a few times.

Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World (Gamehouse.com)

Mr. Bigger is having a contest, plan weddings around the world to the best of your ability.  The winner will have the honor of planning his daughter’s wedding.  Does Quinn have what it takes?

The plot is actually pretty cliché, Quinn’s meeting obstacles at every turn and Mr. Bigger’s daughter doesn’t love the man she’s marrying.  You can tell how the game’s going to end, but it’s still fun to watch.

The game play is the same as the last one with the added bonus of sending your photographer, Joe Wright, to snap a picture of various guests.

You can also take their music requests, use champagne bottles to cheer up the guests in line, balloons to cheer up the seated guests and have the bride and groom kiss to cheer everyone up.  Again, you can’t get to the next level until you achieve the required goal.  You can try for expert if you feel lucky.

Like the last game, this one is fun and addictive.  I give it 6 out of 10; a great way to kill time.

Wedding Dash

Quinn dreams of having her very own wedding, but once again is asked to be a bridesmaid. When her friend’s wedding planner cancels, she decides to take the job.

Wedding Dash is a spinoff of Diner Dash. Only this game has more character interaction, particularly between Quinn and the star of Diner Dash, Flo. Despite their friendship, those two girls couldn’t be more different. Flo is quite content with her career as a restaurateur while Quinn will never be happy until she marries. There are even conversations Quinn and Flo have between levels. Little by little, Quinn becomes more and more happy planning weddings and less depressed about being single.

The game plays out like Diner Dash, except the guests have names. Instead of leaving when they’re angry, 50 points are deducted from your score. You deliver their gifts to the happy couple, give the guests appetizers, then dinner and finally dessert. Before the level can begin, you have to decide three things for the happy couple. If you guess them all right, you get 300 points before beginning the next level. You have to hit the target goal in order to advance, but you can try to get the expert score if you want to.

This game does have funny characters and the game play is very addictive. I give this game 8 out of 10, a perfect spinoff of Diner Dash.