Vorgon Conclusion (Star Trek Online)

A/N: Here’s another log recap from the point of view of my KDF character, Melana!  I’d like to give a shout out to Hashakgig1106 for not only teaming up with me, but for taking some screenshots and letting me use her characters in the recap.  If you recognize it from the Star Trek community, I don’t own it.  I picked Zuleikha Robinson for Melana’s voice, who you can hear in this video.  However, be warned, if you haven’t seen Rome and plan on watching it, there are some serious spoilers for the show.


Major General’s Log Stardate 95726.01

This is Melana of the I.K.S. HAR’NUC and I just got another message from Daniels.  Apparently, there’s a disturbance in the 27th Century caused by Vorgon Mercenaries and I have to protect a scientist named Kal Dano.  I also have to prevent his research from falling into the wrong hands which is, you guessed it, the hands of the Vorgon. I asked Daniels why the Vorgons want this item called the Tox Uthat and, apparently, they want to sell it.  I can’t I say I blame them. I can think of quite a few people who would pay good latinum for the power to destroy a whole star. Therefore, I set a course for the Lirss System and met up with Daniels.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one Daniels called.  When I got there, I met a Reman named E’Mak who Daniels also contacted.  


With the time shift completed, Thraak told me that Daniels docked at shuttlebay 1.  Then told me that, in the future, we end up terraforming Lirrs and it looks like we’re getting close to succeeding.  As soon as Daniels came onboard the bridge, I used a tiny bit of pheromones, as I usually do with people who work with me.  It’s not enough to drive them crazy, but enough to let me determine if they can be trusted. It’s like putting on perfume to make yourself more desirable to someone you want to fuck.  Unfortunately, it only works on half the population and that half can sometimes be strong willed enough to fight that little bit of pheromone usage. Daniels asked me why I was bothering with my pheromones when I’m well aware that he’s too strong-minded to succumb to a small dose.  He’s right and, if I increase the dosage, it will sap some of my energy and cloud Daniels’ mind. So I stopped using the pheromones.

After that, Daniels told me that Kal Dano’s stationed at the Daystrom Institute and we need to get into scanning range to find out if the Vorgon took him.  First, I asked him the usual question, such as why Kal Dano is significant. He told me about how he’s a brilliant scientist working on the Tox Uthat, which I said earlier can destroy stars.  It’s a powerful weapon in the wrong hands and, according to Daniels, the Vorgon are the wrong hands. Then I asked why E’Mak was here and Daniels told me that this mission was too important to trust with a single person.  He followed that up by saying that E’Mak and me are both the best in our field and need to work together to stop the Vorgon. All right, it’s not as if it’s my first time working with someone else. After that, I finally ordered the helm to bring us into scanning range.

The minute we got in range of the Vorgon ship, Thraak told me that there’s no sign of the Tox Uthat or Kal Dano on there.  He warned me that they’re at yellow alert, and then told me that the Vorgon might already be on the planet looking for Kal Dano.  Therefore, I told Thraak to let me know if anything changes. Then Daniels told me that the Vorgons might already be at the facility trying to get what they want.  Daniels said that he’ll go check it out and that E’Mak and I need to keep an eye on the Vorgons. After that little speech, I ordered the helm to bring us into transporter range.

What do you know?  The minute we get into transporter range, K’Gan told us that the Vorgons were targeting us.  You can bet that I immediately brought the ship to red alert. Then, as I’m just getting ready for a fight, Daniels warns us that the Vorgon cornered Kal Dano on Lirss and he’s engaging them now.  Yeah, so am I, sweetie, and so is E’Mak. I have to say, I’m glad Daniels called him because we’re an unstoppable team. It’s like the old human expression, “Two is better than one.”  After E’Mak and I destroyed the ship, Daniels called to tell us that the Vorgons beamed out after their “disagreement.”

After this, a Vorgon named Boratus contacted us.  He claimed that we were interfering with a private matter that doesn’t concern us.  So I straight out told the guy he fired on our ships, so we’re making it our concern.  Then another Vorgon named Ajur told us exactly what Daniels already told me and says that the Tox Uthat is theirs.  She warned both E’Mak and me that reinforcements are on their way and that we shouldn’t have interfered. Honey, I am not Starfleet.  I don’t let entire species die out in the name of the “all-knowing” Prime Directive. Thankfully, E’Mak agrees with me and told Ajur in a mocking tone that she could’ve avoided this.  Daniels contacted us to tell us that Kal Dano’s safe, for now. Then they both beamed up to my ship at the same moment K’Gan told me that we’ve got more Vorgons to deal with. This must be my lucky day.

Daniels told me that, since these Vorgons aren’t of this era, destroying them won’t disrupt the timeline.  Well, that makes my job easier. So, it was up to E’Mak and I to get rid of three Vorgon ships and, during the battle, I felt much more grateful to Daniels for calling him.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a good fighter but I’ve lived my life flying under the radar. Unlike Klingons, I, to use a human expression, know when to fold them. Speaking of Daniels, he told me after destroying three Vorgon ships that he gave Kal Dano his timeship because he must fulfill his personal destiny.  After that little speech, I immediately launched the timeship from Shuttlebay 1. Let me tell you, there’s no such thing as an easy mission. The minute the timeship left my shuttlebay; more Vorgons warped in and guess who they decided to attack. That’s right, Kal Dano.

E’Mak and I set our sights on destroying those Vorgon ships.  Daniels ordered us to keep the Vorgon ships busy a little longer.  Don’t have to tell us twice. I immediately targeted the small ships first and then worried about the big one.  After destroying the ships, Boratus contacted us once again and told us it’s a temporary setback. They will have the Tox Uthat and Kal Dano at any cost and then threatened us by saying that history can be changed, as we’ll see.  Does he seriously think he’s the first person to threaten me? I spent my childhood with a pervert who wanted to fuck me as soon as I got my first period. Then I spent my teenage years flying under the radar dealing with people much worse than him, and that was before I signed up for the Klingon Academy.  I can handle an entitled douchebag. E’Mak didn’t say anything and only looked like he wanted to laugh at this pathetic attempt to threaten us. Then Boratus finally cut the channel and left. To that, I say good riddance.

Daniels told us both that Boratus left for good.  Then he informed us that they’ll want to travel back in time to a pivotal point of its history.  Daniels found them in the 22nd Century, which, for Starfleet, is the time of Captain Archer and the first starship voyage.  For my people, it’s the time when Starfleet spread that ridiculous rumor about how Orion women are the true rulers of their race.  Seriously, just because of one Orion man’s stupid comment, the entire Alpha Quadrant thinks the women of my race are evil seductresses trying to crush the will of good and honest men.  Anyway, since Daniels can’t ask Captain Archer for help, he laid a temporal course for us to follow.

Thraak detected a Vulcan cruise and Captain Archer’s Enterprise fighting with Suliban and Tholians.  Of course, I’m more interested in finding the Vorgons, which Thraak managed to detect. Turns out they were running long-range scans and masking their warp signatures so the 22nd Century ships couldn’t find them.  I ordered Thraak to do the same for our ship and I hope E’Mak’s doing the same for his.

The Enterprise ended up taking the timeship along with the body of Kal Dano.  Daniels explained that Kal Dano was meant to end up on the Enterprise after a temporal incident ended his time and career.  Daniels then told us that the Vorgons don’t know this, so we can’t let them endanger the Enterprise and we need to stay out of their sensor range.  You don’t need to tell me twice.

My ship ended up getting a message from Ajur, who told us that history shows we have a habit of meddling in the affairs of others.  I know this isn’t my first time travel adventure, but I didn’t know E’Mak also went through time. Looks like I’m not the only one Daniels recruits to protect the space/time continuum.  Then Boratus told us that they believe it’s time to break us of that habit. E’Mak sarcastically wished him luck with that while I just told him to prepare to be disappointed.

That lead to another battle with the Vorgons and these guys are still good.  I’d admire them for that if they weren’t trying to kill me. E’Mak helped me survive and I’m grateful for it, but I’m still not sure if I can fully trust him.  With our combine forces, we managed to defeat them. I would’ve celebrated had K’Gan not told me that the Vorgons were repairing their systems quickly and multiple reinforcements were warping in.  Thankfully, that’s not a problem when you’ve got two ships fighting these guys. I’d better thank E’Mak after all of this is over. I just hope he’s not expecting me to fuck him. Not only would that be sleazy, I’d have to explain that I don’t like men.

There was no time for me to worry about that, because Tholians warped in.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. They told us that we don’t belong and that we need to submit to an investigation or be purged.  I’ve read all about these guys and they don’t like anyone outside of their own species. So, you can bet that I wasn’t submitting and negotiating with these guys is a waste of time.  Thankfully, E’Mak agreed with me on that point, treating this new battle as a pleasant surprise. Ajur tried to butter them up and align with them, which was a waste of time as I said earlier, and the Tholian captain proved me right.  So now we’re fighting both Tholians and Vorgon though, if you ask me, the latter should be aligning with us.


During the fight, some of the Vorgons turned tail and fled.  Oh well, that makes my job easier. It also helped that E’Mak and I both summoned the Nimbus pirates.  I also used some of my scorpions. I have to admit, I’m a little surprised that E’Mak also knows the Nimbus pirates.  I guess they pay whoever does them favors in distress call beacons rather than money. Anyway, after the battle was over, Daniels told us that a Vulcan rescue ship is arriving to aid the D’Kyr.  We need to leave before they detect us and ask questions that we’re not prepared to answer. That’s a real shame, I’ve always had a thing for Vulcans. They’re immunity to my pheromones makes them a real challenge.  Unfortunately, Daniels is right, so I asked him if he could get a lead on the main Vorgons.

He managed to locate the Vorgons on the Risa system in 2368.  Great, I get a chance to visit Risa and it’s not for shore leave.  Daniels then told us that the Tox Uthat was buried there and about to be discovered by Jean-Luc Picard.  Of course, I remember reading about that. I told Daniels that Picard destroyed it. He informed me that it’s the official record, but he couldn’t bring himself to destroy something so valuable.  So he faked it’s destruction to fool the Vorgon. I have to say, nice job Picard! If it were me, I would’ve done the same thing, except I would’ve sold it to the highest bidder, after doing a thorough research on their background.  I’m not stupid enough to give a weapon like that to just anyone. Then Daniels found a new disturbance in the Sol System, 2375 and locked in a course for us to follow. Guess we’re not going to Risa after all.

E’Mak and I followed the coordinates and went to the 24th Century.  


This time, we ended up in the middle of the Dominion war at the minute the Breen were attacking Earth, as K’Gan informed me.  I asked Daniels why he picked this moment in time. He explained that the Tox Uthat was here, in a high security vault under Starfleet Command.  The Vorgons were taking advantage of this chaos and trying to infiltrate the facility so they can steal the Tox Uthat. I told Daniels exactly what was on my mind.  That it’s a pity Picard’s ruse didn’t last. Daniels defended Picard by pointing out that the ruse held up for quite some time, which I agree with. Then he talked about how the Vorgons are getting help because history shows them giving up the hunt after their failure on Risa.  E’Mak pointed out, a little too happily, that they’re here now and we’ve got work to do.

K’Gan informed us that the Breen were attacking, so we had to handle them before we could beam down on Earth.  I have to say, both the Vorgons and the Breen have some impressive ships. I’d love to tinker with them someday, see what makes them tick.  Unfortunately, it’s looking like I might never get that chance.

Anyway, we defeated the Breen ships and, let me tell you, they put up less of a fight than the Vorgon did.  Daniels wanted to take advantage of the situation to beam down and asked if we were ready to go to Starfleet HQ.  Honey, I’ve been ready since you gave me the mission. E’Mak said that he was looking forward to blowing some more shit up.  So we both beamed down, and I took K’Gan and Ch’gren with me.


I finally met E’Mak in person and he took Rush, a hot and feisty Cardassian, with him.  I used a bit of my pheromones to determine if E’Mak could be trusted. K’Gan told us that we’re in the middle of the Breen invasion.  So, we’d better to expect to find them here, something that made E’Mak, Rush and my Klingon officers very happy. I’m not as trigger-happy as my officers are, but I do appreciate a good fight. First things first, I had to see if E’Mak was someone I could trust, so I emitted a small pheromone effect.  As my people say, the only man that can be trusted is one too doped out on pheromones to know better. Okay, maybe we are vixens but, if the Orion men hadn’t gone on a power trip, we wouldn’t have had to resort to our pheromones to get power. Both E’Mak and his companion, Rush, showed a slight attraction and said that they’re here for the same reason I am, to stop the Vorgons.  I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed. I’d expect a couple of intergalactic pirates to have a stronger will than that. After that, I turned my pheromones off. There’s no time for sex and, even if there was, I never use my pheromones to get a woman into bed.

Then we went further into headquarters and who should we run into but a few of the Breen K’Gan mentioned earlier?  We made quick work of them, even though E’Mak got a little too explosion happy. After the fight, I checked the nearest terminal to read the news.  


It was mainly about the Breen attack and the Starfleet casualties. After that exciting report, we went through the halls and came across a researcher named Roberto Nunez who Daniels suggested we talk to right away.  He was just happy to see that neither one of us are Breen, just an Orion, two Klingons, a Reman and a Cardassian. It’s a little weird for a Starfleet officer to greet my crew and me kindly, but I have to remind myself that this is before the Federation and the Klingons went to war.

Roberto told us that the Breen were heading to the vault and what’s left of the research team grabbed some phasers and decided to hold the line against the Breen.  The man begged us to help them and I told him to get to safety, assuring him that we’ll take it from here. So we go to the next room and, what do you know, more Breen.  Thankfully, we made quick work of them, but I think I nearly got caught in one of E’Mak’s blasts.

A nearby scientist, Skye Williams, thanked us for the assist and asked if there was anything she could help us with.  We went to her and she told us that the Breen thought Starfleet scientists couldn’t fight. Clearly, they were mistaken.  I told her that it was a huge mistake on the parts of the Breen. Then I asked Skye if she’s seen any Vorgon. She told me that they have and offered to buzz me in.  I told her to lead the way. Before following her, I checked a nearby news report to see that Breen forces are overrunning Earth and about to target Starfleet Academy.  


I’m amazed that Earth actually managed to win the Dominion war, though it did help that everyone in the Alpha Quadrant teamed up with them. Including the Romulans and the Cardassians when their treachery got revealed.

Anyway, E’Mak and I went to the door, which was jammed on the other side.  E’Mak suggested blowing it up, but I didn’t want to waste equipment so needlessly.  Skye offered to open up secondary access but warned us that the Breen made it there.  I thanked her for the warning, but told her that we can handle ourselves. We made our way to the room nearest to the vault, and there was the Breen to greet us.  Fortunately, we made quick work of them and I checked another news report.


Apparently, the Enterprise and the Cairo were holding off the Breen space wise but they were still kicking Starfleet ass ground wise.

After that, we came across the door to the vault and Starfleet locked it with a puzzle code.  Luckily, I have quite a way with machines and so does E’Mak. It was one of those reconfigure the isolinear chips puzzles in order to open the door.  It took a while but, together, we managed to get the door open. We walked through the hallway and managed to find the vault. Who should be waiting for us but the two Vorgons we’ve been looking for?  This time, the envoy’s with them.


Well, I don’t think this person is a friend because they turned down his offer to be part of their war.  Only the Tox Uthat matters to them, something they won’t be getting. Then Boratus pointed out that they’re not the only ones who want it.  The envoy called us the meddlers that Boratus spoke of and told Boratus and Ajur to kill them quickly. Not in this life, honey.

I have to admit, even on the ground, these Vorgons put up one hell of a fight.  I’ll confess that I had to use my pheromones to give us a slight advantage over Boratus, giving one of the enemies a giant dose when I can.  After the battle, Ajur died in Boratus’s arms.


All he could do was transport out in grief. I’d feel sorry for the guy if he didn’t try to kill us.  Meanwhile Daniels, the guy I’m actually capable of feeling sympathy for, screamed in pain and his face got even more damaged than before.


This is the second time we helped him and ended up hurting him even worse.  I asked Daniels what was going on and he told me that it was need to know information and, right now, I don’t need to know. He also said that there are bigger things to worry about. Fortunately for him, he’s right, and I’ve already wasted enough energy using my pheromones to get the truth.  Even if I could sum up the energy to give Daniels a small dose, he’d be too strong willed to succumb to it. Now I’m starting to wonder if Rush and E’Mak played me earlier

I went to the nearby terminal and I wanted to search for the Tox Uthat from there.  Unfortunately, since I don’t have any science training, the best I can do is search for artifacts matching the Tox Uthat’s rarity.  While the computer was downloading the information, I checked the news and saw the exact same report from earlier about the Cairo and the Enterprise.  


Anyway, all E’Mak and I got were four boxes that contained something similar and we had to scan them one by one. I took the left side and E’Mak took the right.  I managed to find an Alice droid created by Harry Mudd from the days of the Enterprise and the Tox Uthat! Right after that, Thraak contacted us to let us know that the Breen were leaving.  Then he told us to beam back to the ship whenever we’re ready. I’m ready now, hon. So, I told him to prepare the ship for a temporal transit and beam us back up.

We got back to our time and space and there was Daniels ready to congratulate us.  He talked about how the Envoy keeps gaining allies and how he keeps hearing about something called the Temporal Liberation Front.  Then thanked us for keeping Kal Dano and the Tox Uthat out of their hands. It was one of those good news/bad news deals. After Daniels left, E’Mak and I shared our contact info, just in case either one of us needs help again.  It’s always good to have allies when you need them. After that little time adventure, I’m off to Deep Space Nine.

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Out in the Cold (Star Trek Online)

A/N: I’m going to be doing something different with this post.  Anyone who follows me knows that I am an avid Star Trek Online player.  So I decided to recap my missions from the point of view of my STO characters.  This is Candy’s recollection of Out in the Cold from the Breen story arc that, unfortunately, got removed in the latest update for Star Trek Online.  When reading the log, imagine the voice of Eliza Dushku, who I picked out for Candy.  You can hear her in this video.


Captain’s Log Stardate 95670.87

This is Admiral Candy Marino of the U.S.S. Winchester, and we just got a message from the Deferi about Breen attacking civilian ships.  I’ll admit that I don’t know much about the Breen other than they wear refrigerated suits, their planet is colder than the North Pole and they look like something out of a Star Wars holo-program.  I’ll admit, protecting civilian ships isn’t much of a mental challenge, but I’d really like to discover more about these Breen.

So, I had the Winchester go to the VZA-4001 system and investigate what’s going on.


Well, wouldn’t you know? Chris picks up a distress call from a Deferi freighter. He looks at me, expecting me to do the right thing.  Then Elisa chimes in by pointing out the obvious and finally locating the Sabok. It took me awhile to get out of warp, but we finally got there.  I have to say, for a mysterious species, the Breen really don’t put up that much of a fight. Then the Sabok thanks us for our assistance and tells us all about how they took extra precautions, such as a micro-warp jump and using the magnetic field of the comet to hide.  Yet the Breen still managed to find them. Seriously, these guys are good. Then they tell us about the Paktau, which is the sister ship, and asks them to check up on it. I feel like a glorified bodyguard, but the Deferi will make valuable allies to the Federation, which also includes me.  So I have no other choice but to help them. Sometimes I feel that I should’ve gone solo; then I can choose my missions without having to worry about anyone else.

Well, what do you know?  The minute we start searching for the Paktau, it sends us a distress call.  Apparently, they just need some replacement parts to prevent a warp core breach.  Then, as soon as we beam that over, Breen ships ambush the Winchester. The first two went down like that, but the second one put up more of a fight.  Eventually, we destroyed all of the ships and the Paktau rewarded us with information on the Breen slavers. Apparently, they heard a couple of the raiders talking about the Zaria system.  Zarva scanned it herself and found nothing more than a broken planetoid, but she pointed out that the information could be out of date. So, I ordered the Winchester to fly there immediately.


Good thing I did, because that so-called destroyed planet has a dilithium-rich core, as Zarva pointed out.  The Breen themselves even use the Deferi they capture as slave labor. Not the first time they’ve pulled shit like this.  The Breen even stationed ships around the planet, but the Winchester took care of them. After that, we still had to beam down to the planet and destroy the transporter inhibitor the Breen kept in place.  I have to give credit to Elisa for discovering that.

We ended up beaming down into a cargo storage area and, what do you know?  They have all of them in prison cells. I guess this is what the Breen call a break.  Either that or they go around capturing slaves while having no idea what a slave is. Chris pointed out that the Breen are using three separate transport disruptors that are keyed to Deferi physiology.  It’s why the Breen can beam in and out and why the disruptors didn’t stop us from transporting in. If you ask me; that’s a really huge oversight on the Breen’s part. Then Chris points out how we need to neutralize the Breen guards before destroying the disruptors.  Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. Zarva took the time to examine the cells and said what Chris already told us. Then she told us that there are other Deferi life signs on other levels and the cells are all connected to the same mechanism. Well, that makes my job easier.

So, my away team and I went through the hallways and ended up fighting group after group of Breen, disabling each transporter inhibitor on the way.  


After that was done, Zarva pointed out that a new Breen beamed on the planet. According to her, we aroused suspicion from the Breen commander by freeing their captives.  You mean the Breen don’t like people beaming on to their home world and sabotaging their prisons? What a shock! Now all we had to do was check on the Deferi captives and the only thing preventing that was a force field.  


Well, I easily deactivated that and we inspected the now empty cells.


Chris told us that all of the Deferi prisoners transported safely, and claimed that we could return to the Winchester. Well, he was about to until we got a message from Thot Trel.  You wouldn’t believe what that asshole said to me! He went on about how I’m not impressive and called me insignificant! Then claimed that his little henchmen should have no problem taking care of me! I’d like to see the look on his face when I prove him wrong.

Anyway, Trell sent Thot Gran and his henchmen after me.  Me and my away team took out the guards first and then dealt with Gran.  Hey, you want to beat the big boss, you have to take care of the small fry first.  I’ll admit, he did put up a bit of a fight but I won and we beamed back to my ship.  Who’s insignificant now? Elisa immediately began celebrating about how the whole mining operation fell apart.  Then she started speculating about who sent the message and how we’ll need to look into this in more detail. She told me that Starfleet will either send patrols to make sure this doesn’t happen again, or the Deferi will mine dilithium here for themselves.  Honestly, I don’t give a shit. I just found myself in the middle of a mystery, so I immediately left.

As soon as we left, Ambassador Surah hailed us, claiming that the survivors are on their way home and they want to mine dilithium for themselves.  Then he talked about considering a joint operation with the Federation and sharing the resources with us. The Ambassador ended up thanking us and telling us that our actions helped preserve the Balance.  It’s a big day for Star Wars references. After this, I ended up getting myself a huge promotion! You’re looking at Vice Admiral Candy Marino!

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Risa Event on Star Trek Online

It’s August and the Risian Event is almost ending.  While I’ll admit to not really getting what the culture is supposed to be, I’ll admit that it’s a beautiful planet and who doesn’t love a tropical rainforest?  Inspired by Hashakgig1106, I decided to participate in the events to purchase swimwear for each one of my STO characters!  Well, the ones I saw actually visiting Risa.

Candy's Swimwear (Star Trek Online) by suburbantimewaster

For Candy, I went with a red skimpy bikini, the Khan necklace, sandals, a sunvisor that I tried to make look like Cyclops’s from X-Men and I even let her hair down and dyed it purple.  Candy is the star of my Deep Space Nine fanfic, Mind Games, and this is a reference to when she tags along to visit Risa.  I picked a red skimpy bikini because, due to Candy having a skinny type of figure, she can pull it off.  I also gave Candy a visor because she’s a total geek, so I can see her getting a visor that looks like the one Cyclops wears.  As for the purple hairdo, Candy went a little crazy on Risa and did something she’s contemplated for awhile.  The necklace is supposed to be like Candy’s quarter pendant in the fanfic that she never really takes off.  As for the sandals, she’s afraid of getting ringworm.  The look I envisioned also came with a sunhat but, unfortunately, sunhats were not available.

Melana's Swimwear (Star Trek Online) by suburbantimewaster

For Melana, I went with a red one-shoulder with shield sunglasses.  I had to go with a one-piece for Melana because she has a curvy figure, so bikinis are out of the question.  The swimsuit was originally blue with a pink streak because I didn’t want to put everyone in red but, let’s face it, she looks good in red and was a mentor for Candy at one point.  So Candy somewhat copying her isn’t that hard to believe.  Plus, the bright colors clash and Melana is very fashion conscious.  As for the sunglasses, it’s just how I pictured her sunbathing on Risa.

Siket's Beachwear (Star Trek Online) by suburbantimewaster

Siket was an interesting case, because I’ve only recently developed him outside of being Patel’s boyfriend who shows up later in Mind Games.  I saw Siket as being somewhat playful off-duty while being serious on-duty.  After all, I picture Siket being the one to make the moves on Patel when the Romulans join the war against the Federation.  So, I went with palm tree board shorts, a Gorn Aloha Shirt and a pair of large sunglasses.  I also darkened his skin a bit because I read somewhere that yellow goes better with medium tones.

Defoli's Beachwear (Star Trek Online) by suburbantimewaster

Defoli is the odd one out, because he doesn’t originate from Mind Games.  He came from The Fight To Survive, an original sci-fi story inspired by Deep Space Nine.  Defoli’s based off of Gul Dukat, but he can be as vain as Jeff from Community (if you haven’t seen that show, I pity you).  So, for his beachwear, I picked a simple pair of red shorts, a small pair of sunglasses and Khan’s necklace.

The only two characters of mine who don’t have swimwear are T’Mara and my Jem’Hadar character, but that’s because I couldn’t think of any reason why they would visit Risa.

So, did you take part in the Risian Event?  If so, what did you do on Risa?  Did you participate in events, purchase some swimwear, raise a tropical bird, or compete for the prize?  Do you have any pictures of your time on Risa?  Also, if you want to, let me know which of these characters’ beach look is your favorite.

Star Trek Online Plans to add DS9 Characters

For those of you who play Star Trek Online, I’m sure you’re well-aware that, this summer, there will be a new expansion called Victory is Life.

It’s bringing back DS9 characters and introducing a new faction! I’m sure many of you are curious as to who the character silhouettes are. I will tell you that people in Germany already figured out two of them and Hashakgig1106 already sent me a link of the German article.

I’ll admit, I can’t read a word of it, but I recognize the two characters they revealed in Germany that they didn’t reveal in America for some reason. Anyway, what do you think? Are you excited about the new content or wary of it? Do you even play Star Trek Online? I know that I need to start catching up on this game quick!

R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek Online Memorial)


Well, today was the day of the online memorial for Leonard Nimoy’s death.  I went there as my character, T’Mara.

screenshot_2015-03-05-13-35-23It took me a while to get here, because I couldn’t log into Star Trek Online and had to exit out of twitch tv in order for the game to stop crashing.  After that, I managed to get back on twitch TV.  There were memorials on New Romulus and Qo’nos as well,but I attended the one on Vulcan as my Vulcan character because I thought that was most appropriate.  It started out as a simple service with everyone saying, “Live Long and Prosper,” including me, and giving the Vulcan salute, as shown in the screen shot above.  Then a few trolls came in and started having their fun.  One threw smoke grenades whenever he or she could.

screenshot_2015-03-05-13-41-01Another lit up a disco ball that made everyone in the vicinity of it dance.


Some people got mad, but I think they were just trying to keep the memorial from being too tearful.  After the fun was over, I went to Earth Spacedock and read the plaque for the people who worked on Star Trek that are no longer with us.


Though, I have to admit.  It took me a while to find it.

Now that the recap’s out of the way, I would like to say a few words.  My first introduction to Star Trek was The Next Generation and I didn’t watch the Original Series until I was in middle school.  I looked the series up because I was curious to see the show that inspired the Star Trek universe and watched reruns of it on the sci-fi channel.  While it was clear to me that Kirk was the looker of the group, I found myself literally falling in love with Spock’s intelligent and logical mind along with his struggle to be purely Vulcan while denying his human half.  It was the first time I ever heard of logic and found myself embracing the Vulcan way of life, which I did poorly.  I started forming an imaginary relationship with him in my head and, for a long time, I hated McCoy and anyone who dared to insult Spock.  I don’t hate McCoy anymore, so don’t post on here telling me to stop hating him.  After a while, Deep Space Nine became my favorite of the Star Trek series and I felt that Garak was the most developed character that Star Trek had to offer.  However, Spock will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always love him.  When I heard of Leonard Nimoy’s death, four thoughts popped into my head.  If Kingdom Hearts wants to keep using old Xehanort, they’ll have to find a new voice actor.  I’ll never hear another Leonard Nimoy voiceover on Star Trek Online again.  Spock Prime will never have another cameo.  Most importantly, I’ll never have the chance to meet Leonard Nimoy at Comic-Con and tell him what a huge impact Spock had on my life.  It was because of Leonard Nimoy’s ideas that Spock became the character he is today.  His death is the first time I ever cried for a celebrity, a man I didn’t even know, and now I never will.

Star Trek Online (Sto.perfectworld.com)

It’s the beginning of the 25th Century.  The Federation and the Klingons are at war, the True Way are trying to restore Cardassia to its former glory, the Borg are determined to achieve universal conquest, the Dominion’s gathering its forces and the Undine (Species 8472) have a deadly agenda.  Fight as a Starfleet captain or a KDF (Klingon Defense Force) general and do whatever you must for your faction.

The plot summarizes itself in one sentence; everyone’s trying to kill you.  I’m serious; the Federation gained so many enemies that I’m surprised they’re still alive.  All you do throughout the game is play fetch for the higher ups.  You can ask them questions about their pasts, but that’s about all you get when it comes to plot and character development.  There are also a few shout outs to the Star Trek series such as Miral Paris, Admiral Janeway, Section 31, and on Bajor there’s a note from one Anjohl Tennan (if you’ve seen Deep Space 9, you know what I’m talking about).  There are even missions where you go back in time and meet characters from Star Trek the Original Series.  Speaking of the Original Series, did I mention that Leonard Nimoy himself narrates the game as Spock?

The process of the game is very simple.  You choose a race, gender and a career for your character.  Your choices for specialties are science, engineering and tactical.  As for race, the Federation has so many different ones to choose from that listing them all will take up the whole page.  I will tell you this; each one has their own different traits.  You don’t get to unlock a KDF character until your Federation character reaches level 25, and your choice of species isn’t limited to Klingon.  You also have a wide selection of uniforms that your character can wear.

When you’re playing the game, it’s like interacting through your very own Star Trek series.  Sometimes the Federation and Klingon missions coincide, but the writers show them through a different perspective.  One example being the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Next Generation by having a Worf hologram appear on the holodeck.  When you talk to him as a Federation character, he says that it was an honor serving with Starfleet.  When you talk to him as a member of the KDF, he says that he was a disgrace to the Klingon Empire.

There are also events that take place during a set time.  Some involve the Borg invading a part of space.  Others are about collecting items for yourself, like the dilithium mining event.  One event is my absolute favorite, the Path to 2409, where you go to either Starfleet or Klingon Academy and receive two data chips with information that fills the gap between the shows and the game.  Then you take a test based on the information you got.

As this is a MMORPG, there is a co-op mode in this game.  You can make friends and form teams.  You can also form your own fleet or join an existing one.  There are actions that you can participate in, but you have to participate with others as well.

The game is free-to-play but you have to pay to add some extra items to use.  You can even get a subscription to add more benefits to your gaming experience.  My advice, unless you’re filthy rich, don’t bother paying for anything.  Paying to get more virtual stuff is the digital equivalent of drawing money from the ATM at a casino, if you do it you’re a loser.  Yes, I put down myself when I say this because I have shelled out money to pay for extra stuff, something I promised that I’d never do again.  Still, as I said earlier, if you’re filthy rich go for it.

One part of the game that I absolutely love is the foundry missions.  In this part, you can create and play missions created by other players.  What Star Trek Online usually lacks in story and character development, these missions usually make up for in spades.  Many of them don’t even have any combat and are more like interactive visual novels.  In fact, if done well, these stories feel more like episodes of Star Trek and make you feel more like a captain than the actual game does.  I’m actually thinking about reviewing foundry missions individually.  Not all of them, that would take forever, just the ones I play because I feel like it, the ones that make the foundry spotlight on the Star Trek Online website, and if anyone wants to request a review of a foundry mission feel free to do so.

This game is amazing.  I give it 9 out of 10; any trekkie will love this game.