Jane’s Hotel: Family Hero (Playfirst.com or Bigfishgames.com)

Jane finally has her own hotel, but she’s not done yet.  Now her family is in massive debt and Jane has to travel to each of her family’s hotels to pay it off.

Obviously, this is a sequel to Jane’s Hotel, only this one has more of a plot.  Jane’s grandmother tells her about a chain of hotels her family used to own, which inspires her to expand her business.  The hotels are located all around the world, but that doesn’t stop Jane.  In between levels, Jane negotiates with the bank to pay off her debt.  So it’s basically an excuse plot.

During the game, you have to keep your guests happy.  You advance in levels by reaching the target goal, but you can go for expert if you want.

You can purchase upgrades not only for your hotel, but also for the characters running it.

When you have enough money to pay off the debt, you can advance to the next hotel.

Not much of a plot, but more than there was in the first game.  I give it 6 out of 10, not a bad waste of your time.

Jane’s Hotel

Jane dreams of owning her own five star hotel one day. In order to achieve this dream, she is constantly renovating her hotel so she can win the best hotel in town award.

Again, plot’s simple and there’s not a whole lot to say about the characters, so I’m going straight to game play. As usual, we have our typical time management game. Your job is to keep the guests happy and you have to meet the level’s goal or you won’t pass. After you complete the level, you can purchase upgrades in order to help make your hotel more beautiful. When you’ve purchased all the upgrades, you just have to get your hotel to 100% popularity so you can buy one extra star for your hotel until you get all five.

Not really much of a plot, but the game is addictive. I give it 6 out of 10, fun and, like Diner Dash, the beginning of a new line of games.