Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Beanstalk (Bigfishgames.com)

When a shadowy figure tricks a young boy into buying a set of magic beans, the Grimm Brothers call on the aid of a recent graduate from their institute.  This young novice’s mission is to find the beans and stop the giants from ruling the land once again.

Anyone who’s read Jack and the Beanstalk knows where the inspiration came from.  The only difference is that instead of Jack being the hero, he’s the dude in distress who’s in over his head.  Your job is to rescue him and to stop the evil giants.  On the way, you’ll see cliché after cliché and help arrive in the form of a dues ex machina.  As for your character, you know absolutely nothing about him or her except that they graduated from an institute.

The game is a hidden object, meaning that you travel around and collect items for your inventory and use them in various locations.  Some require you to participate in hidden object scenes.  The only thing that separates this game from other hidden object games is that when you click on something you need to fix or add items that you don’t have, a column will show up at the bottom with a list of objects that you need for a specific task.  Objects in the area are solid while objects in a different area are transparent.  If an item needs work for you to get, the object will be locked.  Oh, and if you’re stuck use a hint.

This game is simplistic yet entertaining.  I give it 6 out of 10; a fun take on a classic fairy tale.