The Breakfast Club Final Thoughts

First, I’d like to thank everyone who read Jasmine Ross the Rebel’s tale of being the sixth member of The Breakfast Club.  For those of you unaware, which is probably a lot of you, The Breakfast Club Jasmine’s adventures took place in was an interactive story adaptation of the classic 80s movie called Series which, unfortunately, isn’t available anymore.  In the movie, which I’m sure many of you have seen, five high school stereotypes spend a Saturday in detention and, throughout the movie, learn to get to know that each one is more than the label placed on them.  The first time I saw the movie was after it got mentioned in a Heroes comic story. The second time was when I downloaded this game and played this story. My friend, bloodrosered who also requested this, wrote her own fanfic from it called Beauty and the Brain.

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The Breakfast Club Episode 7 Recap

Requested by BloodRoseRed

A/N: It’s recap Tuesday and I’m back with Episode 7 of The Breakfast Club! After the fight with Stubbie, Jasmine, Brian and Bender found themselves facing another detention. She also has to convince Andrew to face up to Larry Lester and apologize. Can Jasmine face Vernon while trying to get Andrew to own up to what he did? If you recognize it from The Breakfast Club movie or Series game, I don’t own it.

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