Star Trek Online Characters

Those who follow me know that I’ve started recapping Star Trek Online missions as Captain’s Logs and am also letting you request what mission you want me to do with which character.  You can also go on a mission with one of my characters and have your character get featured in one of my logs.  However, I realized that, in order for this to work, I’m going to need a guide sheet on who my STO characters are.  So, if you want to make any requests, here are my characters.


Candy Marino is my 25th Century Federation character.  She is arrogant and sassy with a desire to prove that she’s always right.  Candy can also has sociopathic tendencies, due to not caring who lives or dies and tends to use people for her own gain, but shows concern when people she cares about are in danger.  Candy has a love of chaos due to not wanting to be bored with order.  She’s also highly intelligent and observant at a Sherlock Holmes level and is not afraid to show off her talents, angering many people around her.  However, her arrogant tendencies hide feelings of inadequacy that comes from a troubled past.  Candy is voiced by Eliza Dushku.


Melana is my KDF character.  She is fun-loving and reckless off-duty.  On-duty, she’s very serious and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, provided that it doesn’t interfere with her own moral code.  She loves reading and tinkering with things to make them more efficient and, while not afraid to use her wiles, knows that she needs more than just seduction to succeed in this dog eat dog universe.


Siket is my Federation Allied Romulan character.  He can be rather bookish with a love of science, particularly biology, and classic literature.  Siket’s not one for parties and prefers to sit alone at social functions but, when he sees something he wants, he claims it.  This also includes his approach to men.  Siket is passionate about what he believes in and, when talked down one path, can be quite stubborn in abandoning it for another.


T’Mara is my TOS Federation character.  Like many Vulcans, she is logical and analytical.  Despite T’Mara’s stoic demeanor, she hides many negative emotions that come to the surface due to past mistakes.


Defoli is my Klingon Allied Romulan character.  He believes himself superior to other races but will work with them if it’s within his benefit.  Defoli can be very charming, yet shows harshness when necessary.  He often shows an interest in other cultures, believing that they can be better conquered if you understand what makes them who they are.  Defoli also hides a dark secret that, if discovered, would destroy his career.  He is voiced by James Purefoy.


Ixat’Aklan is my Federation Allied Jem’Hadar character.  He’s very serious and often refers to himself in third person.  However, he can also be very gullible and naive, finding himself fascinated by the galaxy and easily tricked into wearing ridiculous off-duty outfits.  Ixat-Aklan is voiced by Demetri Martin

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Bianca is my Discovery Federation character.  She loves animal life in all forms and is compassionate and moral, preferring to do what is right over what is easy.  Bianca has a pleasant demeanor and is an encyclopedia of animals and nature, but can be angry when provoked.  Bianca can be very stubborn when she’s set on a certain path and it can be very difficult to talk her out of it.  She’s voiced by Evan Rachel Wood.