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That’s right, I do take requests.  For reviews, all you have to tell me is the name of the game and the system it’s on if it’s a video game.  For board games, just the name will do.  If it’s a movie, book, or series that is either based off of or has something to do with video and/or tabletop games, you can request an episode of the series, the whole series, or the movie provided that a video or tabletop game is the main point.  The only exception is workout games as they are the one type of game that I won’t review.

Recaps are a little more complicated.  If it’s an interactive story such as a Choices story, you need to let me know the title, pick the love interest and any other important plot points in the story.  For example, if you requested High School Story you can pick the club my character joins.  In the case of an MMO like Star Trek Online, you get to pick the character and the mission they go on.  In the case of a tabletop game such as Dungeons and Dragons or Cyberpunk, you get to pick the scenario you wish to see my character play through.  However, I will only recap games where I can create the character from scratch.  The only exception is Time Princess because, in that game, you are making a character from scratch with the ability to jump into a story and become the main character in that story.

If you wish to make a request or just want to contact me, my email address is  My Discord is suburbantimewaster#8733.

11 thoughts on “Make a Request

  1. I like your style of blog – it gives more of an account of the narrative than I do, but still makes the Gamer want to investigate it. I chose not to go that path because I thought that info was in the Game Blurb – but have begun to think I should have given more story. I do in some of my blogs, but not a lot. My blogs have gradually changed to Mini and Micros Reviews because I thought that maybe all people want is a quick read about whether the game is worth looking at or not. My CSI Reviews are long and detailed – and they are always looked at so I guess maybe I am wrong about that too. lol
    Anyway I really like your blogs, and I also really like your domain name. Of course I would never admit that I might be wasting time when playing – it’s research . . er . . .work for my next blog . . . um . . . i have to do it or i wouldn’t have anything to write about . . . ah . . . don’t I?
    Have you checked out Pete’s blogs at aka I’m Not Doctor Who – he does oneaday and they cover a huge range of topics. Worth a look. If you do, and you comment, let him know I put you onto him – I’m sure he’d like to know. He is really knowledgeable about rpg games and articulate on many issues. You can see some of his work in my blog called Ruminations with AngryJedi.
    Could you please add a Like button on your blogs and a Follow button, because not all of us use Facebook much. Thanks. Jud

  2. I could only see them mentioned re facebook and twitter. You will find them in Widgets or in Share in your sidebar. They will then go under each blog automatically so they can be clicked on the one being read, without having to locate them elsewhere. You certainly cover quite a range of games which is cool. See it’s not a waste of time šŸ™‚ it’s work, lol

  3. Also did you know that if you Google the game name then click on Images in the side bar you get masses of pics from the said game that you can right click/copy and then paste into your blog. some don’t ‘take’ – that is they won’t let you take them – so make sure that you click on save draft after you paste the pic – that way it will show you whether you need to delete it, and choose a different pic to copy and paste. It just adds a little colour to the blog, and it shows the reader what the Home page/graphic style looks like.
    If you already know this and have chosen not ot do it, no problems and apologies. Just thought I’d pass it on as I didn’t know when I first started till someone showed me. šŸ™‚ Jud

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