Donkey Kong Jr. Math (Wii Shop)

Donkey Kong’s back and this time he’s teaching his son math. Can Junior master his father’s lessons?

After Donkey Kong 3, the makers decided it wasn’t stupid enough and decided to make a learning game. There is no plot in this and the whole purpose of the game play is to add, subtract, multiply and divide various numbers in order to reach the number Donkey Kong holds up. It shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve graduated from Elementary School. The numbers are scattered throughout the screen and you control Junior when you climb the vines to collect numbers. You also jump from platform to platform to collect the right signs.

This game is stupid and boring. I give it 0 out of 10; a horrible attempt at edutainment.

Endless Ocean (Wii)


A diver explores the Manoa Lai Sea, in the hopes of discovering new species and areas.  Katherine Sunday is your guide to this underwater world.

The plot is simple, you’re exploring the ocean.  Along the way, you discover a few details about Katherine and her relationship with the diver.  You also help Katherine discover her life’s goal and help her complete it.  Therefore, it’s not really much of a plot.


The game itself is very beautiful.  You can explore the entire sea and encounter ocean wildlife.  Some creatures appear on your boat from time to time, such as penguins and polar bears.  No, I have no idea how a polar bear got on the boat.  In the ocean, you can explore wildlife ranging from tiny fish to huge whales.


Sharks are another species you encounter but don’t worry; none of them will attack you.  You can also have up to three dolphin companions that you can name, take on diving trips and even train them on your boat.  During wildlife interaction, you can learn up to three facts about said animal.  You also get email from your boss and various clients asking you to take them on a diving tour or send them pictures of certain sea life.  You can gather items on the ocean floor and receive an email about some of them.


The game also gives you music to listen to while on a dive.  If you don’t like it, you can download your own songs on an SD card and listen to that instead.  The best part is you choose how you want to play the game.  You can follow the plot and answer all of your requests, or you can completely ignore Katherine and your emails and explore.

The game is very relaxing and fun.  I give it 8 out of 10, perfect for people who absolutely love the ocean but don’t live anywhere near it.

Wii Fit

The minute you step on the Wii balance board, you are committing yourself to a healthier lifestyle.  You do yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance exercises.  Don’t forget to check your weight every day.

            I have to say that this game changed my life.  Not only do I have an alternative to the exercise bike, I can squeeze in a few minutes of working out when I don’t have the time.  Still, I don’t like that you have to check your weight every day.  You’re probably wondering what the difference between checking your weight on here and on a scale is.  Well, the scale not only weighs you, it weighs your clothes.  The balance board allows you to remove your clothes from the equation.  You can also do a couple of balance exercises to see how old you are physically.

            The yoga and strength exercises help tone your body.  You can change the gender of your trainer if you feel like it.  For yoga exercises, you have options that don’t even require the balance board.  For strength, you won’t need to use the balance board for some of the exercises, but you will need the Wii remote.  You can also change the number of repetitions you want to do for each strength exercise.  Oh, and do not do any exercises that require you to get on the floor if you have a very excited puppy unless there is someone else with you.

            The aerobic and balance exercises both have you use your own Mii in a fictional setting.  With aerobics, you are spinning a fictional hula-hoop, taking steps on the balance board, punching a fictional bag, and running at a steady pace.  The balance exercises have you pretending to be a goalie, catching fish as a penguin, walking a tight rope high in the air, and other things.  The aerobics exercises help you burn fat while the balance exercises-, well I’m sure you can figure out what those do.

            This game has creative ways of working out and keeps track of your weight.  I give this game 10 out of 10; it completely changed my life.  Just don’t get it as a birthday present for your girlfriend or your wife; it’s completely insulting.