Separatist Raid (The First Galactic Republic RP Event on Star Wars the Old Republic)

Instead of a review, I’m going to post an RP recap that The First Galactic Republic had a while back.  I know I said that I would only post reviews on my blog but Kayllan (The Guild Master) asked me to recap RP events on my blog as well.  Since my guild has been in trouble due to a mass defection that I can’t really talk about, I decided to agree to it.  RP events will be told from the point of view of the character I attended the event with.  This one will be from the point of view of my Trooper character, Ijeenesh.

This is Specialist Ijeenesh recapping raid on Separatist base led by Jedi Master Kayllan. Our mission was to destroy the main base of the Separatists. To do that, we first had to destroy their relay towers and jammers.


It was a long trek but we managed to destroy their defenses, running into opposition from Separatist forces along the way. We arrived at Fort Garnik and continued trekking to our primary target, the beach, using the troopers for offense and the smugglers for defense.


More Separatist forces tried to stop us but we, once again, emerged victorious. Once we made it to the main base, we encountered more opposition by Separatist forces. During the chaos, Colonel Therisia tried to hack into the Separatist main base. She proved unsuccessful so the Cartel Corp Smuggler Foreman, Xerxesian, had to accomplish the task and succeeded.


During the mission, E-Liza was on the holocom about her mission to spy on Dromund Kaas (headquarters of the Sith Empire). According to her, the Sith want to take over Tython (the location of the main Jedi Temple) and use it as their own training facility. What will be done about this remains to be seen. Overall, the mission was a success and promotions followed.