Paranormal Files: Silent Willow Beta Test

When the husband of a paranormal investigator goes missing, it’s up to her and her team to track him down. Can they save him from the forces of evil or is he the evil they’ve been fighting?

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It Happened Here: Streaming Lives Beta Test (Big Fish Games)

When a series of grisly murders occurs in the city of a podcast reporter, she sees an opportunity to make it big. Unfortunately, this mysterious killer is on to her, and she must find them before they find her.

Wasn’t expecting an opportunity to beta test again this quickly, but I’ll take it. What’s even better is that this game stars a podcaster and I’ve actually been thinking about going into podcasting myself. Anyway, the game is a murder mystery and, believe me, I’m a sucker for those. You play the main character, Emily Smith, a reporter who recently went into podcasting. I can’t say much about the plot because I only played a fraction of it, but I will tell you that the fraction I did play ended on a startling cliffhanger.

The game play is that of your typical hidden object. You collect items as you explore different scenes and then use them to advance through the plot. There are also mini games you can play, though one of them is a slide puzzle. Since I’m hopeless at those, I had to skip it. Like other hidden object games, you can use a map though the map comes in the form of a GPS app. However, not only can you use your phone to get around but also to record any messages that might be helpful towards the case. You can also replay the messages you record any time in the game.

This game is quite intriguing and left me wanting more. I plan on buying the full version when it comes out.

Check out WALL*E in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Be Friends with WALL•E in Disney Dreamlight Valley | Disney Parks Blog (

Remember when I posted the trailer for the upcoming game from Disney called Dreamlight Valley? Well, guess what, not only can you be friends with WALL*E, but many other great Disney characters! You can even have them befriend other Disney characters and not just the ones from their own movies!