Blood On The Clocktower (

In the quiet village of Ravenswood Bluff, a demon walks among the townsfolk. This very demon murdered the storyteller and now it’s after the citizens. Can you and your friends find this demon and put a stop to its evil?

If this game sounds similar to One Night Werewolf, that’s because it is. Only, instead of using cards, you open a website on the computer and take one of up to twenty available seats. For me, I usually have to choose one of fifteen. As I said in the first paragraph, your job is to find the demon among you. Unless you are the demon, then you have to hide your identity and try to kill as many townsfolk as you can without them finding out. Unfortunately, in order to play this game, you either need a chat account or a zoom account because you will actually have to talk to people. The dead storyteller mentioned in the first paragraph sets up the game and your role. During the night, depending on what role you get, the storyteller will come to you and ask what you want to do. During the day, you can visit different townsfolk and either tell them who you are or give them three roles to choose from. Then, after the one on one’s over, you talk with the townsfolk and either accuse someone or vote on whoever accused someone of being the demon. That’s when you need to either vote for or against that person. Let me warn you, this could take a few nights and many players will try to deceive you. Not only that but, if you’re a first timer, it could take a few playthroughs for you to figure it out. Trust me, I’ve only played it four times and I’m still figuring it out. You can also socialize during playthroughs, breaking character and talking about yourself. Which would be a lot easier through a video call than a chat. If you’re wondering what the computer part of the game is even for, that’s where you vote whether you agree that the accused player is a demon. You can also use the computer to take notes on who’s who and, when you’re absolutely sure, assign the roles to different players based on who you think they are. Though the only people who will actually see the true roles of each player is the storyteller.

This game is addictive and intriguing. I give it 8 out of 10; fun and social. If you’re looking to play, Board Game Schedule regularly hosts Blood on the Clocktower events. Who knows? You might even get to play with me.

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