Grimville: The Gift of Darkness (Gamehouse)

Someone murdered the strongman of the circus, the mayor of Grimville and his daughter have disappeared, and the main suspect is a werewolf. The Secret Society sends a detective to investigate what happened. Will he save the town or give in to temptation?

The story is your typical mystery with supernatural additions. The artwork adds to the story, giving the game a feel of a movie from the 1930s.

You getting that authentic vibe?

Unlike many other hidden object games, this one has two endings based on the choices you make throughout the storyline.

The game play is your typical hidden object game. You go from scene to scene collecting various items for your inventory. Some items will require you to take part in a hidden object scene.

All this for one lousy item.

As you play, the character will add his thoughts to your journal. You also have a map that you can use to figure out what location you need to go to next. Unfortunately, you can’t automatically go to scenes using the map.  The only aspect that makes this game unique is that you partake in scenarios where you have to make a choice. Sometimes the moral thing to do is obvious and sometimes it’s quite ambiguous.  These choices influence what ending you get in the game.

This game is unique with an archaic style. I give it 8 out of 10; definitely one of the best hidden objects I’ve played. Let me know whether or not you agree and feel free to request your own review in the comments or you can send it to my email.

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