MultiVerses Alpha Test

That’s right, WBGames themselves sent me an invitation to sign up for the alpha test of Multiversus and I was actually one of the view selected after sending in my application! It’s a fighting game where you can play as any WB character from Shaggy to Wonder Woman! The tutorial starts out with a fight between those two characters with you playing Shaggy but, in real life, Shaggy wouldn’t stand a chance. Let’s face it. Anyway, I’ve tried out the game for a bit and so far I have played as Shaggy (thanks to the tutorial level), Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. As for the game itself, it is a bit addicting but, word of advice, if you’re playing with the computer keyboard, it’s absolute murder. Your hands get cramped up trying to press keyboards at random. Yeah, you might want to invest in a computer controller for this game. Though, honestly, I’ve never been good at fighting games unless fighting a bot or an idiot. I’m not kidding, during the couple of days I played this game, I only won one match. I either need a controller for my computer or much more practice. Anyway, beta test opens on July so, if this is your type of game, feel free to check it out!

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