Fabulous: Angela’s Wedding Disaster (Gamehouse)

Good News: Angela is now the apprentice of the famous designer, Sebastian. Bad News: Angela accidentally destroyed a friend’s café. The café where her friend planned to get married. Can Angela fix this huge mistake while learning the ropes from Sebastian Worth?

That’s right, Angela’s learning lessons while also having to fix a huge mistake. 

See Angela’s guilt manifest into one creepy nightmare.

Though, to be fair, Jenny, Kitty and Virginia each played a part in burning down the restaurant. They were so concerned with giving their friend the perfect wedding that they forgot to follow the proper safety codes. Eventually, the guilt eats them alive, and they not only confess but work to save the wedding. I’d call it a spoiler but I’m sure anyone who starts the game will see that coming a mile away.

However, despite the title of the game, the wedding disaster is not the only thing going on in the game. Angela goes to five different venues and, in three of them, must design a wedding dress for a new bride. The first place is a barn where Angela not only has to deal with two bickering brothers, but how to design a dress for someone that’s not in her taste.  The second place is an East Indian store where Angela must learn not to always expect things to go her way when a bickering mother tries to force her daughter into a marriage she doesn’t want. 

One of the most beautiful venues in the game! If only the mini-games weren’t so frustrating.

The third place is a Japanese store where Angela must deal with a bickering couple who both have different ideas for their dream wedding. Each of her friends play a different role with Virginia agreeing to be a therapist for the brothers in the farm venue and then ends up dating the single brother. In the East Indian store, Jenny is the one who talks to the nervous bride to be, finding out that she doesn’t want to get married and trying to tell her mother that. 

Believe it or not, this took Angela almost the entire venue to figure out.

Finally, there is the Japanese store where Kitty uses her abilities as a lawyer to help the bickering couple. After that, the next two venues are about Angela trying to fix this huge disaster she caused for her friend, Fran, and learning about design along the way.

The game play is the standard delicious formula with Angela gathering clothes for the customers, bringing the clothes to them and then checking them out.  Each level comes with an extra goal that you can complete in order to get a diamond. The diamonds in this game allow you to buy different clothes for a model. However, I warn you, the levels also come with their own annoying mini games. Sometimes the games are just about zipping up a dress or sewing clothes. 

This is one of the easier mini-games.

Other times, they have you do all these extra steps just to make one or two items of clothing. The East Indian store is especially annoying about this as they require a ton of added steps just to make one veil. Believe me when I say that this will have you check out quite a bit of angry customers and it’s a miracle if you get the first star, much less the third.  Also, if you want to play the game again, you’ll have to install it on a different computer.  For some reason, the game won’t let you start a new one.

This game is entertaining but somewhat frustrating. I give it 6 out of 10, good story but some of the game play can really take the fun out of it. Do you agree with my review? Whether you do or don’t, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Also feel free to make your own request and send it to me via email or discord.

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