The Breakfast Club Episode 12

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A/N: It’s the final showdown. Bender’s going to burn all the student files and the rest of The Breakfast Club will help him. Will the Club finally get that clean slate, or will Vernon expel them before they even have a chance?

Dear Diary,

The library door swung shut after John stormed out. When he was gone, there was silence. We all knew that John was on a collision course with trouble. I glanced around at Andrew, Allison, Claire and Brian desperate to figure out our next move. Brian panicked and said that John’s unhinged! Andrew just replied with yeah, no. I said that we’ve got to do something. Allison asked “like what?” I told them that we’ve got to go after John and stop him before he does something that he’ll regret! Needless to say, my idea was met with deafening silence. I told them to come on and said that I thought we were all having a moment earlier. I asked the group what happened to team spirit. Claire said that it’s John we’re talking about. Andrew pointed out that a brick wall’s not going to stop John. I said that all I know is, if we do nothing, we’re going to ask ourselves why we didn’t help. Allison admitted that she couldn’t stand living with that kind of guilt. Andrew agreed that it eats away at you and said to trust him, he knows. I told them that it’s why I think we need to find John and get ahead of this. Brian asked which was worse, a guilty conscience or getting expelled. Claire asked why it had to be one or the other. Andrew said that he’s still not swayed. I can’t believe these people! They’re more worried about getting expelled than they are about John! I’ll admit, I don’t want to get expelled either but John has the worst home out of all of us! I’d rather be sent to the Military Academy than have to live with the knowledge that I sent John back to his parents with no way out! I was this close to laying a guilt trip on them, but then I remembered that it’s what Dad would do, guilt people into seeing things his way. I had to use a different approach. I told them to think about how far we’ve all come since last Saturday. I reminded them that Vernon said we wouldn’t stay friends and we proved him wrong, didn’t we?

Yeah, we did.

Andrew said that it was bully for us, but what does that have to do with John cracking? I reminded him that we became friends because we’re stronger than all the high school bull. I told them that it means we’re a team now, and John’s part of that team! Brian said that John helped him when Stubbie tried to fight him. Allison pointed out that John crawled through the ceiling to bring us all together today. Claire admitted that we owe it to John to at least try. Andrew just said “what the?” and he guessed that he’s in too. I proudly told them that I knew they’d all come around! Brian said that he thinks we’re all forgetting the most important thing here. Brian reminded us that I heard it straight from Vernon’s mouth, he’s looking for any excuse to expel us. I reminded him that it’s why we need to look out for John. Andrew said that getting tangled in John’s mess is more trouble than it’s worth! Claire applauded me on my nice effort. The gang just continued to bicker and it didn’t look like anyone was going to make a move unless I do something. I told them that we have got to make sure Vernon can’t go after John and win, not this time! Andrew agreed that somebody’s got to put Vernon in his place. I reminded them that John said he was going after those files. I pulled out the mimeographed memo from the Principal. I defended John saying that he’s not just causing random anarchy, he’s got a just cause. Brian agreed, saying that going through our confidential files is a fireable offense. I said that it’s why we need to go find John and, if Vernon catches us sneaking around and threatens to expel us, I waved the memo above my head to show what I meant. Allison agreed that we have leverage. Claire said that she’s in and admitted that they still owe me for taking the heat off them in the halls last Saturday. Andrew said that they’ll do it for me. I reminded them that they’re also doing this for John. Allison pointed out that we’re also doing this for ourselves. Brian shouted, yeah!” We shouted a collective war cry as I led the charge to find John!

The gang and I caught up with John as he was digging through his locker. He quickly pocketed something and slammed the door shut. John remarked that it was terrific, the cavalry’s arrived. I asked John what he took out of his locker. He only told me that it was none of my business! I reminded John that we’ve all been treated unfairly by Vernon and we’re all on his side! John got mad and said that none of us know what it’s like to be singled out by Vernon! To have to spend every Saturday with him because it’s this or the ******** lives in back home! We were silent for a bit until I spoke, reminding John that, if he gets caught, he’ll be expelled and stuck in that ******** he’s trying to escape. Then I pointed out that he can at least tell us what he’s doing. Everyone nodded their heads in unison. John sighed and revealed that he’s holding a lighter. Andrew asked John what he thought he was doing with that. John said that he was wiping the slate clean. Then he playfully flicked the lighter open and shut. Brian was shocked saying that, with arson, we’re not talking about getting expelled we’re talking juvie, maybe even real prison! I asked John if he was really going to burn down a building with his girlfriend inside. Allison said that it was gnarly. John asked me if I really think he’s going to burn down the school. Then he pointed at the vast sprinkler system running along the ceiling and explained that he’s setting off the sprinklers so he can turned the file room into a swimming pool. Andrew told John that it was still a guaranteed expulsion, something he’d want to avoid. John remarked that we should’ve told him while we still cared. I insisted that John doesn’t need to sacrifice himself like this. Then reminded him that we’ve already got dirt on Vernon and, if we show it to someone on the school board, he’ll be— John finished for me that Vernon will be fired, but so what? John insisted that then some other middle-aged ******* takes his place and the same **** happens, wash, rinse, repeat. John then claimed that these people have boiled our entire existences down to a file folder.

He’s right, but would destroying the files really fix that?

John said that, if we destroy the records, we level the playing field. Allison pointed out that no files means we’d all be equals. Somehow, I don’t think it’s that easy. I told John that he wouldn’t fix anything. I said that we’re still the same people with the same talents and social standings whether it’s written down or not. John insisted that no one outside of this school will know that. Andrew asked what they would know, saying that he doesn’t buy this wiping the slate clean junk and accused John of looking for an excuse to cause mayhem! Claire said that she didn’t know, getting all of the bad stuff erased from her file is kind of tempting. Brian told us that he volunteered in the administrator’s office freshman year to which John gave a sarcastic congratulations. Brian explained that all of our records are backed up on a computer system and they’re updated at the end of each semester. Claire asked if it meant John would only destroy everything that’s happened since January. Brian said that he guessed so. I admitted that flooding the filing room would erase the records of our detentions. Brian said that it would also erase his “F” in shop class. Andrew agreed that it would erase what he did to Larry. Allison said that maybe this isn’t such a bad idea. John thanked us for finally seeing the light, but I’m still a little unsure about this. It all just sounds too easy. John told us to let him do his thing and scurry back to the library like good boys and girls. I asked John if he was really sure about this. John held up his hand and gazed into my eyes. He asked me if I was really going to try and stop him after all that. Then he said that he’s doing this for me, so that I don’t have to face my own ******* dad. I wished my criminal luck, grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for a goodbye kiss. Andrew wolf whistled at our passionate display of affection. Brian and Allison shared a look and grinned nervously. Claire made a remark, telling everyone to grow up. John told Claire that she’s just jealous because she knows what she’s missing. As happy as I am that John and I are together, I told John that wasn’t cool. John just gave a shrug and told me that he’d see me on the other side. He pumped his fist in the air and hurried down the hall. I turned back to the others and clapped my hands, asking them what we do now. Brian suggested that we make sure John actually follows through with his plan. Andrew said that it was assuming Vernon doesn’t stop John. I suggested that we cause a diversion to keep Vernon away. That way, we can be sure that he won’t stop John. Claire agreed that, if John’s not caught in the act, maybe he won’t get expelled. Allison pointed out that we’re not supposed to be out of our classrooms. I told them not to worry, because I think I can come up with a good excuse. I even told everyone that I’ll lead the charge and that everyone just needed to follow me. Brian said that he hoped I knew what I was doing. I told him not to worry and to just follow my moves. I led Andrew, Allison, Claire and Brian to Vernon’s office, the door slightly ajar. Claire asked me if I was sure about this. I admitted that I wasn’t exactly sure, but it’s the only idea I’ve got.

I knocked hard and pushed the door wide open. I addressed Vernon as Mr. Vernon who answered with a “What? Who’s that?” Vernon rubbed his eyes and straightened his suit. Brian asked Vernon if he was napping. Vernon told Brian not to insult him. Then Vernon wiped drool from his chin, meaning he was definitely napping, and asked what the hell Andrew and Claire were doing here. Claire said that they were just passing through. Andrew agreed, saying that he was just keeping in shape at the gym. Vernon said that it was terrific and that they both get to stay the rest of the day. Yep, Vernon hasn’t changed one bit. Vernon asked what we were all doing in his office. I explained to Vernon that I needed to go to the bathroom but I didn’t want to get caught wandering around by myself. I told Vernon that I came right to his office to ask permission. Vernon said that he left me barely an hour ago. I insisted that it was an emergency. Vernon then said that, if I’m the one with the emergency, what were the rest of them doing here. Then, in a moment of insanity, I told Vernon that I can’t go without an audience. God, what is wrong with me? Then I ended up explaining that it’s called Attention Defecate Disorder. Allison said that her shrink says that she has the same condition. Brian told us that he has the opposite problem and that his pediatrician calls it bladder shyness. Andrew asked if that’s why Brian pisses in the stalls. Claire got grossed out and said that she needed a bath. Vernon shouted enough like a cartoon super villain and ordered us to keep our bathroom issues to ourselves. Then he ordered all of us back to our classrooms. The five of us began to file out of Vernon’s office hoping this small diversion bought John enough time to sneak downstairs. Then he told us to hit the brakes asking why there was only five of us and where John Bender was. I asked Vernon who John Bender was and then turned to the group asking if that name rang a bell with anyone. Vernon told me to cut the ****. He said that I may think I’m being clever but, unlike me, he didn’t go to public school so he can see right through our ruse. Allison asked if John Bender said that he was going to pull a prank. Brian said Allison. Allison said that no, he said that he was breaking into the equipment shed past the football field.

Clever thinking, courtesy of our basketcase!

Vernon jumped from his chair screaming “A-ha” and bragged about how he was going to catch that “thug” red-handed. Then thanked Allison for her honesty, calling her whatever your name is. Really, she’s had two detentions and Vernon still doesn’t know her name? Then he ordered all of us back to our classrooms now. We all popped our heads outside Vernon’s office and watched him scramble down the hall. I asked Allison why she told Vernon that John’s pulling a prank. She said that the equipment shed’s the furthest place on school property. Brian realized that, by the time Vernon gets there and back again. Claire finished and said that John would be done drowning the files. Allison insisted that Vernon would be none the wiser. Andrew praised Allison for her nice thinking. I told them that we’d better book it and find John.

We all raced through the stale basement corridors and arrived at the filing room. I interrupted John as he was setting up a chair underneath the ceiling sprinkler. All the cabinets were torn open and their files scattered about. I told John to hold up. John insisted that I’m not supposed to be here! I told John that he doesn’t own the filing room and that he’s not supposed to be down here either, remember? Brian said that, technically, this room is owned by the state of Illinois. Claire told Brian that what he said was not helpful. John said that, if we’re all here, Vernon’s going to wonder what’s up. I insisted that it was taken care of. Claire explained that Ally sent Vernon on a wild goose chase. Andrew said that, by the time Vernon gets back, this room will need a lifeguard. John thanked us, but said that we still wasted our time as this was still happening either way. I made a sarcastic your welcome and told John that I just wanted to do what I can to show I support him. John challenged that with an “Oh yeah?” I grabbed his free hand and told him that we’re in this together. John said that I’m annoyingly persistent and asked if I knew that. I told John that I did and wondered who I learn that from. John smiled and squeezed my hand. Then he climbed atop the chair with his lighter in hand. As he reached up for the sprinkler, the chair wobbled beneath him. John made a remark about **** public school furniture. I reached out to help, but paused as I realized something grim. If Vernon caught me and saw me helping John, then I’d be punished too but I didn’t care. I told John that I’ve got him and jumped to attention, holding John’s chair steady. John asked if I realized that I just signed my death warrant if we’re caught.

And I don’t care.

I just scoffed and said to let Vernon do his worst. John dipped down and gave me a quick kiss. Then he suggested that we proceed and said, “shall we?” There’s a nervous energy in the room as everyone settled into place with tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. I gave a cheer and shouted “For Shermer!” Everyone looked at me like I suddenly grew a third eye. I said that I thought we needed a rallying cry. John suggested **** Shermer!” Everybody nodded at that one and I couldn’t help but grin. I agreed and shouted “**** Shermer!” John lifted the lighter under the sprinkler and a flame sparked to life. After a tense moment of waiting, the sprinklers burst open and showered the room in rusty water. Claire said that this was so grody, which I actually agree with. Brian told us that there’s no way this water was up to sanitation codes. Andrew took off his jacket and swung it over his head shouting “Whoo hoo!” I watched the ink seep across the saturated files and crushed some papers underfoot shouting “Up yours, Vernon!” Allison lifted her face and drank in the coppery water, her heavy eyeliner streaking down her cheeks. John reared back and let out a maniacal laugh shouting “**** yeah!” Our eyes met and we shared a grin. John grabbed my waist and reeled me in. He slicked back his wet hair and held me close. I told him that it was nice work. John said that he couldn’t have pulled it off without me. He pulled me into a passionate kiss as the warm water streamed down our faces. After a few glorious moments in the stale rain, the sprinkler whirred to a stop. Brian told us to look at all the files. I peeked at the soggy mess under my shoes, saying that I can’t make out a word on any of these. Andrew agreed that they’re completely totaled! Claire congratulated John, saying that he did it! Allison said that we did it! A gust chilled the air as someone bursted into the room. It was Vernon and he gave a “Ha!” as he said that he knew us twerps were up to something like he was a Scooby Doo villain. Then he asked us to explain what the **** is going on. I asked Vernon what he was doing down here. Allison asked him how he could hear us all the way down here. Brian said that Allison’s right, the acoustics wouldn’t allow for that. Vernon insisted that he was about to file something. John asked Vernon why he was empty handed. I even said that I thought private files were off limits to teachers and called him Mr. Vernon just to hone it in. He insisted that it’s Vice Principal Vernon to me and he can do whatever the hell he wants! Vernon pointed a finger at each of us. Then he admitted that, since he can’t prove who caused this mess, no one’s getting expelled. Brian thanked him. Vernon said that, instead, he’s “gifting” us with detention for the rest of the semester! I knew there was a catch. Andrew told Vernon that he can’t do that! Claire admitted that it’s totally unfair! Vernon told us that, one more peep, and expulsion’s back on the menu! I reached into my pocket and was relieved to find Donna’s memo, safe and dry. I told Vernon that, before he makes any rash decisions. I pulled out the paper and carefully unfolded it before handing it to Vernon, letting that do the talking. Vernon skimmed the pages and his eyes went wide. He asked me where I got this and I smugly told that ******* that I guess someone was doing some “unauthorized viewing” of faculty information.

And I got the evidence to prove it!

Vernon asked how could I and then suddenly smirked and ripped the paper to shreds. Does he really think I’m stupid enough to hand him the only evidence I have against him in a private hallway? I told Vernon to go ahead, there’s a dozen more mimeographs where that came from and that I’m giving this to the school paper to run on the front page. John remarked that he’s sure the students will really respect Vernon after that. Vernon paled and dropped the torn paper. Then he asked us what we wanted. I told Vernon to cancel our detentions. John added no more detentions for any of us the rest of the semester causing me to turn to face him. I asked John if he was sure and he gave a nod. Brian agreed that it would be nice. Vernon begrudgingly told us that we won and detentions are off the table! Then he sarcastically asked if we were happy! I said that I was positively happy. Vernon clapped his hands together and said that it was enough of the dog and pony show and told us to get back to the library and he’s joining us. I made a bummed “aw, man.” Vernon told me to watch it and that everybody needed to get a move on. We all filed in a line and shuffled back upstairs.

Me and the rest of The Breakfast Club sat scattered at different tables. Vernon paced the front of the room like a caged tiger. As the hours dragged on and on, me and my comrades scratched out our essays. Pools of water from our dripping clothes have collected around my chair. I thought to myself that at least I’ve finally dried off… after what felt like hundreds of years but it was so worth it. Vernon told us that it’s four o’clock. We all groaned in relief. Claire even said, “Finally!” Brian, Allison, Claire and Andrew scrambled to hand in their essays and took off. John traipseed up to Vernon and held his essay just out of reach. Then said it was a pleasure as always, calling Vernon by his first name, Dick. Vernon snatched the paper out of John’s hand. Vernon said that he bet John’s disappointed that they don’t get to do this again. John remarked that he was devastated. John smiled wide and hustled out the door. It was just me and Vernon left standing alone, facing one another like in a Wild West showdown. Vernon said that I was the last one standing. He stepped closer and plucked my essay away from me and said that it was hard to believe this is our final detention for the year. Then Vernon asked if I had any parting words. I told Vernon that I’m still not silent. Then admitted that I can think of a couple more words, but he’s not going to like them. Vernon said that holding my tongue might be the smartest thing I’ve done. So I told Vernon that I guess I’m not very smart then.

My next words to Vernon were stupid but totally worth it.

Then said one final “**** you!” to that *. I waited for a blowup but Vernon remained eerily calm. Then he slowly told me to get out. I hitched up my bag and brushed past Vernon toward the door. I turned around to throw him a glare and he threw one straight back.

I emerged from Shermer, finally free. John and I trailed behind the others on the front steps. He said that it was one day. I told John to tell me about it. John said that it turned out to be a pretty ******** day, thanks to me. I reminded John that I told him we can trust Donna. John only said that he guessed he’ll knock her off his **** list. I told John that I’d take it as Bender-speak for “Maybe Donna’s not so bad after all.” Then said that I was happy to hear him say that. John looked back at the others. Claire and Allison were laughing together while Brian and Andrew gleefully recounted my takedown of Vernon. John said that, two weeks ago, if I’d told him he’d be friends with this crew, he’d ask to buy whatever I’d been smoking. I insisted that difficult situations bring people together. John agreed saying that, apparently, so do good ones. John looked around and then turned towards me. He said that there’s something he had to say and then leaned his forehead against mine. He told me that all he cared about is that we survived this together. Then said that he doesn’t think he could have made it through the day without me. I told John that I’m happy we could work things out, too but what’s he going to do without his Saturday detentions? John asked me if I remembered my offer to let him stay with her if he wanted to escape from his parents? My eyes widened and then I smiled saying that it sounds like he’ll be spending his Saturdays with me from now on. John gave me a kiss on the forehead, then let me go and lifted my face toward his. John told me that he wanted to go further than what we are now, he wanted us to be something more serious!

So do I, John.

I calmly asked John if he meant that we should go steady, trying to hide my glee. John admitted that he hated that ******* word but, yeah, that’s the gist of it. I told John that I had to say, I was hoping that he’d ask me sooner. John asked if I was serious. I said that I was as serious as a heart attack. John lifted me up and gave me a deep lingering kiss! I told John that everybody’s looking at us! John insisted that it’s the kind of **** that gets him going! I giggled and squirmed out of his arms. John told me that he wanted to give me something. John ducked down and unwrapped the red bandana tied around his ankle. He carefully tied it around my wrist and kissed my palm! I asked John if he was marking his territory. John said that it was just a warning to the horndogs out there! As I pulled back from another kiss, I spotted Claire watching us both quietly. I met her eyes and she nodded, a silent blessing of her approval for my relationship with John! I told Romeo that we should get back to the group. I rejoined the others and interrupted what appeared to be some spirited Vernon impressions. Brian said that it was enough with the impressions and asked why they weren’t thanking me for saving the day. Andrew told me that he seriously couldn’t believe that I took down Vernon like that! John said that the face Vernon made reading that paper oughta be hung in a ******* museum. Brian cheered that we had no more detentions forever! Claire said that it’s nice to deal with good news, for a change. Allison admitted that she could barely contain herself. I said that I felt the same way! Then I admitted that, while we’re all still here, I wanted to ask them something. I asked them if anyone had any plans for spring break, because it’s time to look towards the future! Claire said that it was nothing major, just going to the lake house like her family does every year. John remarked that it must be such a drag. Claire elbowed John in the ribs. Allison said that she’s going into the woods to draw birds. Brian reminded us that spring break’s only a month from finals, so he’ll be brushing up. Claire said that the whole idea of spring break is to take time off from studying. Brian insisted that it’s why he’ll have a leg up on everyone when we get back. Andrew said that Brian’s right and it’s why he’s spending the break with a personal trainer. John remarked that it was cute and asked Andrew if he and his trainer sleep at Andrew’s place or at his trainer’s. Andrew remarked that at least he’s not wasting the whole break getting high in the garage. John told Andrew that he’s wrong and then admitted that he’s planning on plenty of action. John threw his arm around me and bumped his pelvis into me. I told John that he’s not getting action if he keeps that up and shrugged him off! Brian asked me what I’m doing for spring break besides hanging out with John. I told Brian that I wish I could tell him. Then I said that my grandpa said if I kept my nose clean, he’d take me on a secret trip. Allison admitted that it was so mysterious. Off in the distance, I spotted a line of cars approaching the school. I said that our rides are almost here. Andrew admitted that he can’t believe that our day’s already over. Brian told us that at least it’s nice to finally know the answer to his question. Claire asked Brian what question. Brian said that it’s whether they’ll all be friends on Monday. Allison told Brian that he’s going to make her emotional. John told Allison to do us all a favor and keep it in her pants. Andrew remarked that it was real mature of John and called him a ********. I laughed and said that I was missing them already. The Breakfast Club stopped and quietly looked in my direction. I told them that it’s been eventful as always and that I’d see them around. Claire asked if that was it “see ya around?” Andrew asked what kind of goodbye was that. I said that I didn’t know, a normal one. I even pointed out that it’s not like we’re never going to see each other again. Allison said that she guessed that I’m right. John told me that he thinks it’s an excellent goodbye. Brian insisted that it’s not goodbye, it’s a promise to see us again later. Claire said that, when Brian puts it that way, she kind of likes it. One by one, cars arrived to pick my friends up. First Brian who said that his mom’s here. Then Allison who I said “See ya later, Ally-gator.” She said that, if I ever say that again, she’ll kill me. Next Andrew who told me to take it real easy. Then Claire, who said that we should be sure to hang out somewhere a little more hip next time. Then it was me and John, who said that we were the last ones standing. I asked John if he needed a ride. He insisted that he didn’t need one as long as his legs still work. John stepped off the curb just as my grandpa’s car pulled up. I told John to wait and watch it! My grandpa screeched to a stop and stuck his head out the window. He shouted at John to learn to watch where he’s going! John was about to let my grandpa have it, but he looked at me and calmed down. John apologized to my grandpa and said that he’d be more careful next time! Grandpa was dumbfounded and John gave me a sly grin! I suddenly leaned in and grabbed one last kiss from John, not caring who was watching and made sure it was a powerhouse! John turned around and pumped his fist in the air before swaggering away and smiled, knowing I was the cause! I watched the school grow smaller and smaller through the back window. Grandpa asked me who John was and I told him that he’s just someone close to me. Grandpa told me that I’d better be careful around that boy. I insisted that I’ll be find. Then my grandpa said that I sure haven’t had any trouble making friends, have I? I told Grandpa that I haven’t and I’m pretty dang lucky. I took one last glimpse at the front of the school. For a split second, I could imagine the whole Breakfast Club there, waving me goodbye.

It’s been a week and memories of my last detention still float through my dreams. I’m woken up by the sounds of my bedroom door creaking open. It was Grandpa and he told me to rise and shine, lazybones. I propped myself up on my elbow and rubbed my eyes. I asked Grandpa what time it was. He said that it was time to celebrate! Then told me to pack my bags because he’s driving me back home for spring break! I was so happy that I got to see mom again and even said that to Grandpa! Grandpa said that I better believe it! He insisted that it was a little reward for making them all so proud! I sat upright and smiled, then remembered all of my friends at Shermer! I told Grandpa that I’m really going to miss my friends here, though. Grandpa told me that it’s only one week and I shouldn’t worry myself, but he’s happy to see how fast I’ve taken to Shermer! Then Grandpa said that, speaking of friends, one of mine dropped this in the mail slot. He held up an envelope with just my name written across it and said that there was no return address. I thanked Grandpa and said that he can just drop it on the dresser right there. Grandpa asked me if I was going to open it now. I told him that I’d prefer to read it in private as long as that’s okay with him. Grandpa put his hands on his hips as a grin spread across his face. He said that I had a rough go of it for a while there but, through it all, I was tolerable. Then Grandpa said that he’ll start cooking me something for breakfast. He left and gently shut the door behind him. I scrambled for the envelope and was surprised by its hefty weight. I teared it open, curious to see who it’s from. I curled up against my pillow and read it aloud. It was from Donna and she said that she was sorry for the covert letter, but she was hoping to get this to me before I left. Donna said that it’s been so awesome getting to know me these past weeks. Then insisted that she’s so lucky to have a friend like me. All I could say was “Aw, Donna.” I smiled as I continued reading that here’s a copy of the newspaper profile she wrote about me that’s being published after spring break but she wanted to give me a special sneak peak. I peeled away Donna’s intro letter to see a freshly typed article with the headline “Shermer Welcomes New Student.” It said that Shermer High School has been shaken up by the arrival of a new student all the way from Motor City. It said that I’m a self-styled rebel and like most rebels, I often find myself on the wrong side of the law. On my first day, I’d already earned detention by the end of first period. Then the problems kept piling up when a wild Saturday night party led to a Monday brawl behind the bleachers and I ended up right back in detention. Thankfully, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for me as I amassed quite the motley crew of friends in no time. I even managed to find the time to squeeze in a hot and heavy romance. Let me tell you, I was really grateful to Donna for not going into detail about that. It continued to say that, no matter the hardships, nothing could shake my determined, rebellious spirit! I even rose above the troubles that plagued me! With a little help from my friends, my future at Shermer High is looking bright! Despite a bit of a rocky start, one thing seemed clear. In my short time at Shermer, I’ve already left an indelible mark on my classmates. And no matter where the road leads me, Shermer High won’t forget about me! I threw myself onto the bed and took a moment to process everything I just read. Then I heard Grandpa shout that my breakfast is getting cold. I sighed and smiled as I’m reminded of my Breakfast Club friends, peeking through my dairy one last time. You know what really strikes me about this? My experiences would make a great novel, maybe even a movie! I told Grandpa that I’d be at breakfast in a minute. I rolled out of bed and took a look around my room. Though I’ll miss my friends terribly, I know that they will be here waiting when I get back and I can’t wait to see them all again soon!

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