Sally’s Salon: Kiss and Makeup (Gamehouse)

When April, an old friend of Sally’s, offers her an opportunity, Sally jumps at the chance. Only problem is that April might have a more sinister motive in mind. Can you keep Sally successful while making sure she doesn’t fall right into April’s trap?

I’m going to give you a spoiler which really isn’t a spoiler.  April was a horrible friend to Sally growing up, as Francois regularly points out, and she hasn’t gotten better with age.  Those of you who watch Black Mirror might remember the episode, Nosedive, when Lacie, desperate to increase her social ranking, agreed to do a favor for an old friend from her childhood who was horrible to her. Well, this is the same plot only without the social media app and tons of subplots thrown in for good measure. The story also fluctuates from crazy to serious by trying to explore the characters and then introducing elements such as a talking plant. The most irritating part of this is the character of April who we’re apparently supposed to feel sympathy for due to being raised by a horrible mother.  Unfortunately, even if April does have a horrible mother, I found it hard to sympathize with her for reasons that have more spoilers, but I will give anyway. During the game, April abducts and takes advantage of an amnesiac victim. She also teams up with a dirty cop to repeatably try to kill Francois, the latter played for Looney Tunes type humor.  Which only gets worse when Sally and April have a contest about their salon skills, showing the latter to be so incompetent that she gruesomely murders her clients. The story tried to be funny and serious in a way that I felt rather failed.

The game play itself is addictive with you taking the customers to their requested station.

Hope you know how to multi-task.

Then you either bring them what they need, play a mini-game or do special gestures. 

One of the rare cases where the mini-games add to the fun.

Each level comes with a challenge that you need to complete to get the diamond for the level. Try to get at least one star to advance throughout the game. This game also has challenge levels that exist solely for you to earn diamonds. You can earn trophies for more diamonds, which you can use to buy upgrades for your helper. You can also upgrade the different salons between levels.

This game is addictive, but the story has no clue about what it wants to be. I give it 6 out of 10; enjoyable if you don’t mind that the story’s all over the place. Let me know if you agree or disagree and, as always, feel free to make a request.

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