The Breakfast Club Episode 10

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A/N: Most of the club is back in Saturday detention and, this time, Vernon has a plan to get them expelled. Will the club find a way to go against him or has Vernon truly won?

Dear Diary,

It’s Saturday morning at the crack of dawn and I’m getting ready for another early morning detention. I heard a knock on my bedroom door and Grandpa entered remarking about another Saturday, another detention. He gave a deep sigh and said that he thought we already talked about this. I wanted to tell Grandpa that it wasn’t my fault and Vernon was out to get me but, again, Grandpa placed a huge trust in authority figures and he had a black and white sense of right and wrong, which was why he and Mom are still not on speaking terms. I ended up apologizing to him and he said that he’d say this is my last chance and he can always call the military academy. Grandpa gave me a knowing smile and told me that it doesn’t mean that I can’t turn it around. Diary, remember that brother I mentioned who sells counterfeit items outside the school? Well Vernon’s threatening me with Saturday detention for every time he has to chase said brother off the schoolyard. So, at this point, I just didn’t care anymore. I even told Grandpa that and he said that I may not care, but he sure does. Grandpa told me that he’s going to make sure that I get on the straight and narrow ASAP. I asked Grandpa how he planned on doing that. He said that I’m going to have to try some of his clothes on for size. He lifted up two hangers from his closet and I asked him if he was serious. Grandpa said that **** right he was serious and, since he’s feeling generous, he’s even giving me two options. My choices were an army shirt from Grandpa’s thinner and younger days, which Grandpa said was a fine look and, as luck would have it, the shirt appears to be just my size.

Yep, that’s me looking like a ******.

I saw something on the jacket and asked Grandpa if it was a bloodstain. Grandpa told me not to worry because that blood isn’t his. I responded by telling Grandpa that it’s even worse. I can only imagine how that got there and, keep in mind, I have a great imagination. Grandpa said that dressing like a soldier says to the world that I’m disciplined and ready to take orders. I remarked that, in other words, it says I’m a mindless drone. Grandpa told me to cut my liberal **** and showed me option two, which he called a stylish ensemble. It was a lady’s moth-eaten leisure suit and it made me look like Vernon’s long-lost daughter.

Meanwhile, this one makes me look like the woman Vernon.

Grandpa said that it belonged to Grandma and that she could cut a rug in this number back in the 70s. I asked Grandpa if he meant the 1870s because that old thing looks like it’s ready to fall apart. Grandpa insisted that the suit’s not old, it’s classic. I told him that it’s basically a nice way of saying that it’s old. Grandpa ordered me to hurry up and pick one. I picked the military shirt. Hey, I’ve already got an asshole tyrant for a dad, I don’t need another. Grandpa said that he knew it would suit me and that I look like an upstanding American. I thanked Grandpa and he stood in the doorway as I gathered the rest of my things. Grandpa told me that this detention trouble reminded him of something that happened to him. This shocked me and I asked Grandpa if he got in trouble as a kid too, pointing out that I thought he was always on the straight and narrow. Grandpa admitted that even he had a few missteps in his younger days, saying that there was the army incident, the time he goofed up with Grandma, school shenanigans and finished with the stories he could tell me. Well, I just had to know what he was like in school, so I asked him. Grandpa said that, back then, his pals and him were real hooligans. They released a bunch of greased pigs in the library as a senior prank. I told Grandpa that it was hilarious and asked if he got in trouble. Grandpa told me that they blamed it on the runty little kid in their group, Tommy, who got kicked out of school and shipped off to military academy. Oh my God, the poor guy! I wasted no time telling Grandpa that what he did was horrible! Grandpa agreed that it was but, a year later, the war started and they all had to join the military so everything evened out in the end. I remarked that we can all thank god for the draft notice. Grandpa told me that America needs men to defend its borders. I remarked that we especially need them when we’re fighting a war that has nothing to do with us, pointing out Vietnam. Grandpa said that he really thought that I’d lose the liberal thoughts after those hippies abandoned me. Then I asked Grandpa what I was supposed to learn from that story in the first place. Grandpa admitted that he doesn’t remember but the memory of those greased up pigs still makes him laugh. I was about to ask Grandpa something until he checked his watch. He said that we had to hurry or I was going to be late to detention again. I said that there was one thing we need to talk about, which Grandpa said that we’d talk about in the car. We both jumped into Grandpa’s clunker. Grandpa asked him what I wanted to talk about while driving me to school and I said that, since we’re on the subject of mistakes, could he find it in his heart to forgive Mom? Grandpa gave a firm no and I told him that she made a mistake just like we did. Grandpa claimed that neither one of us broke the commandments! I reminded Grandpa that it’s not like she broke up a happy marriage and he had the nerve to tell me that she still broke up a marriage! Then Grandpa shouted at me that we’re not discussing it anymore! I shouted back that it suits me just fine, since forgiving Mom is impossible for him!

Grandpa and I spent the rest of the car ride in silence. He pulled up to Shermer High and I climbed out of the car until Grandpa motioned to me. He told me to keep a clear head in there though, from the sound of my voice, he was still angry. Then Grandpa reminded me that this is my last chance. I was still angry with Grandpa, so I said no and sarcastically asked him if he could speak up. He took me seriously and leaned over to speak louder. Grandpa started to say that this is my— and then noticed the expression on my face and grimaced. Then he called me a smart*** and it’s not doing me any favors. I told Grandpa that he’s a stubborn old fool and then he drove away as I turned to face the school. The entrance loomed ominously before me, like I was going into one of those abandoned buildings in horror movies where the deranged killer was waiting to slice me in half with a machete. I even asked myself why I was overcome with a feeling of impending doom. I spotted John waiting for me at the steps where he called out to me and called me the new kid. I just said hey back, but with a little less enthusiasm. John asked what’s got me so ****** and I told him that it was my Grandpa being a stubborn *******, as usual. I pointed out that John was here early. John said that he couldn’t wait to yuck it up with his old pal Vernon again. John stepped back and regarded my outfit with a smile. He suggested that I should give military school more serious thought because I look smoking hot in that uniform. John earned an “I’m going to kill you” look from me and drew back, remembering what I said in detention about Military School and how it’s going to crush my spirit. Then I told John to show some respect because my grandpa wore this shirt invading the beaches of Normandy. John said that he’s not disrespecting and that his flag’s at full mast right now. I admitted that I don’t know if I should be disgusted or flattered. Bender suggested a little of both and I told him that I’ll compromise, I won’t go to Military School, but I’ll keep the outfit for role-play. Bender wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and I took that to mean he agreed to it. Then he told me that he’s glad he caught me before we went in. I asked John if something was on his mind. He said that we’ve had a pretty solid time together this past week but his life’s a ******* mess right now! I asked John what he meant by mess. John said that it was complicated but, suffice it to say, having a girlfriend’s not making it any easier! Then he had the nerve to say that he thinks I’m cool but he also thinks that we need space! John assured me that it wouldn’t be forever, just for a while! I asked him just how long this “while” would be! He said that it would be until he gets his **** together! I don’t want to be one of those pleading girls who begs their boyfriend not to break up with her but, at the same time, I don’t want to let John off the hook! I remarked that relationships sure seem to start and end quickly at this school!

Still can’t believe John tried to spring this on me like that!

Then I asked if anybody can make up their minds about anything in this town? John asked me if I knew how conceited I sounded right now. Then he told me not to go all drama queen on him just cause he needs time to figure out his ****! I’m just telling John that he’s figuring out his ****? I said that I never heard that slang for “getting dumped” before! John insisted that it’s not but my attitude is making him think it’s a good thing he followed his gut! I asked John how I was supposed to react to finding out that I’m just something he stuck his **** into and casted aside! John said that it wasn’t like that. I insisted that it’s exactly like that, he had his fun and now he’s throwing me aside just like every other girl he’s been with! John was about to say that I’m acting like a *****, but I cut him off! I told John that I’ve had to put up with this same gaslighting ******** from my dad and I’m not putting up with it from him! John asked me if I was seriously pulling the “Dad” card on him and I said that, considering he’s behaving like my dad right now, it’s appropriate! Then I said that maybe John’s right, it is for the best because there’s no ******* way I’m going to end up like my mom! Then he started walking away and I remarked that this is not how I wanted to spend my Saturday. John just said “Yeah, no ****,” and we both went quiet and stared at the ground. You could cut the tension between us with a knife. I suggested to John that we stay nice around the others, even if we are broken up. John insisted that he didn’t want to break up, he just needed some space right now. John crossed his arms and backed away from me. He said that he was going to walk a few laps to think. John turned away and headed down the hall. He stopped and looked back at me, and our eyes met. John even called out for me, like he wanted to tell me something. I asked him what it was but he stopped himself short and shook his head saying “Screw it!” Then John turned away and continued down the hall.

Maybe I imagined it, but it sounded like John’s voice was tinged with regret. If he’s having doubts about ending things, he’s too afraid to admit it. Honestly, I don’t want to end things either. I called out for John and he glanced over his shoulder as I followed him inside. It was time to set things right. John said that he thought we wrapped up this conversation. I told him that something felt off about the way we left things. John sighed and he said that it felt like someone punched him in the gut. I admitted that I feel the same. I said that, before I got here, I was trying to convince my grandpa to forgive my mom, a conversation that didn’t end well, then I admitted that it was an understatement. After that, I apologized for comparing him to my dad. John didn’t even say anything so I told him that, before we officially take a break, I wanted to do just one thing. I pushed forward and gave John a light but heartfelt kiss. He leaned in and returned the kiss with gusto before pulling away. John asked what he was doing. I apologized for kissing him. John said that he meant why the hell is he breaking up with me and added that I’m the only decent thing in his life right now!

That is the sweetest thing John ever said to me!

He asked me what kind of ****head he would be for ending it. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I gave a big smile and asked John if he’s saying that he wants to stay together! John kissed me again and asked me if that answered his question! So John and I aren’t breaking up! We’re back together and we can just forget that horrible fight! After that, he said that he almost forgot to give me this. John rummaged in his bookbag and pulled out a drawing of Vernon with a donkey head, explaining that it’s a “Pin the Tail on the *******.” I asked John if he made this himself. John asked me why I was so surprised. Then he admitted that it’s a Shermer High staple and he thought that he’d grab me one. I told John that it was way decent of him. John insisted that it’s a selfish gesture, a good way for both of us to kill time in detention. I told John that it’s still pretty damn thoughtful. John gave a smirk and said that he’s a thoughtful guy. We walked to detention together, feeling better about my relationship and the long day ahead.

John and I took our well worn path into the library and were greeted by tired but familiar faces. Everyone returned to their old seats. Allison asked if anyone else was feeling deja vu. I have to admit, I was surprised to see that Allison returned to her old look and so was the rest of the gang. I smiled and told Allison that she looks like herself. Allison smiled back, explaining that she’d been suffocating for too long and needed a breath of fresh air. John asked Allison if she got tired of playing popular or the populars got tired of her. Allison said that the real reason she stopped pulling her hair back because she was tired of being able to see John’s face. Brian shouted that Allison got John! John told Brian to can it. Then John leaned back in his chair and kicked his feet back. He said that he couldn’t wait to see what Vernon’s panties are in a twist about today. Brian insisted that there’s no need to be vulgar. John asked Brian if he offended his delicate sensibilities. Brian quickly said “No,” and told John to shut up sounding quite offended. Allison remarked that yeah, John did. Brian and Allison wolf-whistled at my army shirt. Brian said that I was looking sharp and called me “soldier.” John cracked his knuckles and stared at Brian, telling him to show some respect because that shirt belongs to a war hero. I caught John’s eye and smiled. Brian looked around the library saying that he can’t believe we’re back in here, again. I told the truth, that I was sick of this **** and asked if we were going to waste our precious teenage years in this library or if it was just me. Brian said, “amen to that.” Allison pointed out that, if we didn’t waste it here, then we’d probably just be wasting them someplace else.

Allison does have a point.

John admitted that we’re all really starting to grow on him. Brian said that, miraculously, we’re all here early. I suggested that we make the most of our time here before Hurricane Vernon hits the library. I asked if anyone was interested in a little game to past the time. I pulled out the “Pin the Tail on the *******” game, saying that I bet we can sneak in a game before Vernon shows. Allison asked where I got that and I told her that it was from someone with a delightfully demented mind. I gave John a wry smile. John said that ‘this guy with the demented mind’ sounded like a real weirdo. He snatched up the game and taped it to the sculpture in the middle of the room. Then he turned his bandanna into a makeshift blindfold and grabbed one of the donkey tail pins. John looked at me and said that he knows I’ve been itching to stick a pin in Vernon for years. I walked to John and he tightened the blindfold over my eyes and spun me in a circle. Despite my wobbling, I aimed for my target. I aimed straight and thrust the tail straight into something cold and hard, stubbing my finger in the process and, let me tell you, that hurt. I ripped off the blindfold to see that I’ve scraped my tail against the statue. John jokingly asked if I was damaging school property, saying that Vernon would not be pleased when he sees this. Allison said that it was good, since she never liked that hunk of corporate art anyway. I looked up at the clock and realized that it’s already ten past seven. I pointed out that Vernon ought to be standing before us, passing out insults, but he’s nowhere in sight. I said that I can’t believe I’m asking this, but where’s Vernon. John asked me who the hell cares. Then insisted that, if Vernon doesn’t show up in five minutes, we get to leave. Brian said that he doesn’t it works that way. I pointed out that I’ve only known Vernon a week and even I can tell this is weird for him. Brian suggested that maybe Vernon was testing us, trying to bait us into leaving the library. Allison suggested that Vernon might be dead. Both are good suggestions but, after seeing how happy Vernon was yesterday, I’m having my doubts. I asked John if he happened to know Vernon’s whereabouts, fixing a knowing eye on him and he tilted his chin at me. John asked if I was saying that he’s complicit in his absence. I told John that, if anyone’s going to screw with Vernon, it would probably be him. John asked me how I think he screwed with him, barricaded him in his office, cut his brakes, poisoned his coffee? Brian said that we have to admit, it’s a little suspicious. John looked back at Allison and asked her if he found her suspicious. Allison refused to comment. John said that he was starving and hopped up from his seat, saying that he was hitting up the vending machine for some provisions. Brian asked John what if Vernon catches him. John remarked that he’ll tell Vernon to go lick his nads. John sauntered to the door and I said that I’ll go with him. John asked if I was going to babysit him. I told John that I’ve seen enough horror movies to know going on your own is a bad idea. John said that this isn’t a horror movie and Vernon is not some crazy ax-wielding maniac waiting to chop up to bits. I just pointed out that someone’s got to help him carry those provisions. John said that we should keep this quick. The others eyed me nervously but I waved them off. I followed John into the hall, keeping a close watch out for Vernon.

John and I snuck though the hallways on a quest to raid the vending machines. He glanced around corners and treaded his boots lightly. I told John that he’s unusually quiet. John said what can he say, he’s a contemplative man. He continued looking around with a worried expression. I reached over and took John’s hand telling him not to worry, if we’re quiet Vernon won’t track us down. John asked me if he really thought I worried about Dick, and then John said that he’s just glad I came with him. I asked John if he couldn’t figure out a way to say that he’s glad I came with him. John said that maybe he didn’t and he didn’t know. Then he told me to shut up. I laughed and playfully bit his bottom lip, telling John that I’d take it as Bender-speak for I love you. He nudged back and went quiet. Then I asked John why he wasn’t worried about Vernon, saying that he has to be even a little curious about Vernon’s failure to show up. John stopped in his tracks and gave me a withering glare. He told me that he doesn’t give two * where Dick is, he’s just glad that Dick’s nowhere around him. I told John that he had to admit, it’s pretty weird. I said that, yesterday, Dick was smiling his head off about a new torture he had planned and now he’s nowhere in sight. I even admitted that I feel like this is the calm before the storm. I said that I hope Vernon doesn’t make us stay late to make up for the lost time. John insisted that, if Vernon tries, John’s boot’s going to get lost in his ***. John and I continued around a corner to the hallway where Vernon’s office is. John held out a hand to stop me. Vernon’s door was wide open and a muffled voice was coming from inside. John made a remark about how it looks like Dick’s not dead. John and I slinked against the wall and crept close to the door to listen in. I heard Vernon cackling about how the smell of retribution is in the air and that those little ***** won’t be laughing at her little Richie much longer. Did I mention that Vernon was on the phone with his mother? John even remarked on that and he was trying to contain his as I saw his face turn red. I warned John not to as we heard Vernon’s chair creak and I heard his feet clunk onto his desk. Vernon said that he had something special in store for us punks today and then lowered his voice to a whisper. John suggested that we move closer and listen in. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to risk getting closer. We crept closer to the door just in time to hear Vernon say that today he’s enacting a one strike policy. According to Vernon, one slip up and us meddling kids, I mean juvenile delinquents, are kicked out of No **** Shermer for good! Suddenly, Vernon stopped silent and his chair creaked! He demanded to know who was out there, saying that he saw our shadow and calling us morons! ****! John and I exchanged a look and then ran back to the library to warn the others!

John and I stumbled into the library to find the others kicked back and making a mess! Books and papers were scattered around, and a spilled soda was slowly spreading across Allison’s table! Brian reminded us that we promised them snacks and Allison said that she needed a new soda, staring sadly at her spilled drink. Brian said that his stomach was howling. I quickly told them that this was no time for snacks! Then explained that we found Vernon in his office on the phone! John added that Vernon was on the phone with his mother. I said that it was a funny but totally unimportant detail right now and added that Vernon’s out for blood! I warned them that Vernon said that, if any of us mess up even a little today, we’re expelled! Brian had a panic attack, but Allison patted his back to comfort him. John said that even he’s siding with me on this one because there’s no way in **** he’s going to be stuck in a house with his ******* parents all day. I agreed, adding that I can’t prove my ******* dad right. Allison asked what we were supposed to do. John said that cleaning up their **** might be a good start. We all paused to take in the dreadful state of the room. Brian screamed that we’ve got to fix this and I rushed to the tables and started scooping up loose trash, imagining the look on Dad’s face when he finds out I got sent to the Calvin Military Academy. I told everyone that, if we all pitch in, we can clean this up before Vernon gets here! So, not only did I have to get up early and go to school on a Saturday, but I had to clean! John said that they heard me and told everyone else to move their *****! Everyone scrambled to their feet and, in less than a minute, the spilled soda’s wiped clean and the papers are shoved into backpacks. Brian yelled that he heard Vernon. So we all returned to our seats and sat quietly in our chairs. Vernon barreled into the library to be greeted by rows of clean tables and stoic faces. After a quick survey of the room, he nodded in approval. Vernon remarked about how he had to spend another one of his Saturdays wasted babysitting us. We all looked down at our hands. Vernon said that one of us was sneaking around outside of his office right now. I didn’t look up but I could practically feel Vernon’s eyes on me. Vernon asked who it was and, if he thinks I’m dumb enough to admit it, he’s sadly mistaken. Then he demanded that we fess up. I suggested that maybe it was the ghosts of students who died of boredom in detention. Allison snorted and quickly covered her mouth when Vernon glared at her. He remarked that it was real funny, saying that no one’s died in detention… yet. The way Vernon says it makes me think that he would kill us if he thought he could get away with it, it’s a little unsettling. Vernon nudged the trash can over with his foot saying “Whoopsy daisy.” My heart sank as I saw the rolled up Pin the Tail on the ******* game slide out of the trash! Vernon gave it a quizzical look and said that one of us better clean up this mess before the end of the day. This is a ******* abuse of power! Vernon walked back to the front of the room, and I heaved a sigh of relief. Then he took a moment to make eye contact with everyone, looking at Brian last. Vernon told Brian that he thoroughly enjoyed that little essay he wrote last week! Then said to Brian that he may have thought he was being clever but that was a clear act of insubordination! Brian crouched low in his chair, terrified and I wanted to smack the smile off of that ******* bully’s face! Vernon claimed that, since detention didn’t teach us anything in the last go around, we’re going to mix things up today! He said that everyone’s going in separate classrooms where we have to write him an apology letter! Allison asked what we were apologizing for. Vernon told us that he’s glad she asked, Miss… Miss… Allison said that her last name was Reynolds. Vernon said that he knew that. Then he told us that we’ll apologize for what we did to land in detention and how we’ll better ourselves in the future! Vernon said that, if we don’t write a letter, we’re getting instant expulsion!

So our options are beg him for forgiveness on our hands and knees or get expelled.

He snapped his fingers at me, calling me the “rebel,” and that I’m the first lucky winner to get shipped to my new cell then quickly corrected himself to say classroom! Then Vernon gloated that it looks like I’ve been silenced after all! John was about to get up from his desk and punch Vernon, but I gave him a pleading look. I grabbed my bag and followed Vernon as John locked eyes with me, wishing me good luck. I thanked him for it and then Vernon told me to hurry up. Allison hummed the Funeral March as Vernon led me out the library doors.

I entered a dusty classroom and Vernon steered me toward the desk. Vernon gave me a pencil and paper and said that I better limber up those fingers, Shakespeare. He said that he wanted one thousand words by the end of the day. Vernon took a moment to consider my unusual outfit. Vernon says that, if he squints real hard, I actually look like a model citizen! I hesitantly thanked him. Vernon remarked that it’s a good thing I can pull off army green because I’ll be wearing a lot of it in the military academy! Vernon clasped his hands together saying that time’s wasting! I told Vernon that I’ll get started on the essay as soon as I have the room to myself. Vernon tsked and shook his head. He claimed that my case was a real shame and I had to ask him how it was. Vernon pointed out that I came to a school looking for a fresh start and, instead, I fell right back into bad habits! Then Vernon said that, for a moment, he thought that I could make something of myself! He even claimed that I was the biggest disappointment of the bunch! All I could think about was Dad and how this is exactly what he would say if I got expelled and I got so mad! What right does he have to pass judgment on me? Besides, it’s not like Vernon’s life is so perfect! I asked Vernon why he even got into this field. I told Vernon that I thought educators were supposed to be champions of youth, not suffocate them.

Guess Vernon missed that part when he applied for the job.

Just like fathers are supposed to care for and guide their children, not **** with their heads and put them down at every opportunity! Vernon asked me if I thought that he doesn’t care about the youth. Then he claimed that, if any one of us ever listened to a * word he said, we’d all be better for it! Oh my * God! This is my dad in a teacher’s uniform! Vernon paced back and forth in front of me like an angry chicken! He monologued about how we’d rather break the rules, smoke doobies, and sleep around like a bunch of animals! Then he said that he cares more about our well-being than us idiots care about ourselves! I told Vernon that maybe he should stop trying to lecture us and start listening to us! Vernon stopped in front of my desk and loomed over me! He said that, if I was as focused on my schoolwork as I was at riling him up, I’d have a bright future! Vernon clasped his palms together saying that he’s wasted enough time dealing with me and he’s got more sheep to herd into their pens! I felt tears form in my eyes as I silently said that was it. I said that he had this perfect mental image of what being a teacher would be and, when he found out kids weren’t dolls in a dollhouse, he just gave up. Vernon claimed that he’s tried but we insisted on being difficult. I remarked that Vernon just can’t handle difficult, everything has to be easy to fit his picture perfect world. This time Vernon was silenced as he stood there with the door handle in his hand. Then he started pulling it closed as he exited, telling me to get comfortable in my prison cell because I’m about to experience the longest day of my life. The door slammed behind him.

Time passed and I’ve been slumped over, staring at this black sheet of paper for what’s felt like hours. All I could think about was Dad and how, when I do end up expelled, how he’ll act like he always believed in me and make me feel guilty for letting him down. Then I thought about how I’ll end up apologizing to him because, for a minute, I’ll be stupid enough to actually believe him. I didn’t want Dad to win but, if I wrote this letter and apologized for what wasn’t even my fault, Vernon would win and I’d just be submitting myself to another controlling *******. Worse, what if Vernon expelled me anyway because he didn’t consider the letter sincere, or he found another reason to send me to Saturday detention next week, getting me expelled for one mishap? Then I would have surrendered myself for nothing. Unfortunately, when I looked up at the clock, I saw that less than ten minutes passed. I bounced the pencil eraser up and down on my desk, trying to figure out my next move. I threw my pencil across the room, burying my face in my arms and crying. Is this really what I’ve been reduced to? I either surrender to Vernon or surrender to Dad? Even if I surrender to the former, there’s still that chance that I’ll have to surrender to the latter anyway. It felt like my own version of Sophie’s Choice. Okay, maybe that’s being a little too dramatic. My hand was still holding the pencil, staring at this black sheet of paper. Maybe if I still fought Vernon but only surrendered to dad, then I can still keep some of my dignity. Then my thoughts were interrupted by a loud thump on the door. The door swung open and John’s head jutted into the room! He asked if I miss him and I couldn’t stop myself, I just grabbed John and kissed him! John smirked and asked if I really missed him that much. I asked John what he was doing here and reminded him that he was supposed to be in his own separate classroom. John told me to save the interrogation for later and quickly glanced over his shoulder into the hallway. Then he noticed that I was crying and I just held John, crying into his shirt. He demanded to know what Vernon did to me and I told John through my tears that I can’t go crawling back to my dad on my hands and knees, I just can’t! John told me to come with him because we’ve got work to do. I asked John if it meant that he had a plan. I begged John to tell me if that he had a plan! He gave me his classic smirk and said that he had a plan.

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