The Breakfast Club Episode 9

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A/N: After saving Claire from the clutches of Becky, she now has her sights set on Allison. Can The Breakfast Club save Allison from Becky’s pull, or will she enter the point of no return?

Dear Diary,

The morning sun woke me up on Friday morning and Grandpa was knocking on my door yelling that he made breakfast. It took a while for my sleep haze to wear off and I realized that I wasn’t alone in my room! John was up and he was going through my writing! Thankfully, he wasn’t tearing up my notebooks but he did have a sleazy grin on his face. My eyes widened as I realized what John and I did last night. As for what, long story short, I’m not a virgin anymore. I even said aloud that I can’t believe we actually… He said that I just couldn’t wait to get him naked. I couldn’t help but blush and told him that it’s strange to see him reading without tearing up the pages. John told me that, after that hot night, he wouldn’t dream of it but, from the looks of things, I’ve been dreaming up some pretty nasty stuff. I asked John what he read and he told me that he found some stories about Joshua and other stories about me being alone in the Cheers bar with Sam Malone and he joked that he hoped Diane doesn’t find out. Then John said that he also found some notes about an evil advisor and said that he thinks he might know the guy. I asked John if that was so. He told me that he can’t quite put his finger on it, he talked about how the advisor felt bitter about getting no respect, loved putting labels on people, sending people to the dungeon at the drop of a hat and, at one point, said “don’t mess with the dragon or you’ll get burned.” John gave me a knowing smile and I laughed. I admitted that I based the evil advisor off of Vernon and then guessed that he probably preferred my sex fiction. John told me that he’d rather not read about his girlfriend fucking other guys, but did ask if I wrote anything about him. I joked that I considered it but, we got together so soon, I never had time to fantasize about it. Then I corrected myself saying that I had time to fantasize, but not to put it in writing. John brushed some hair out of my face and asked me if it was everything I imagined. I decided to play around with him and said that it wasn’t before telling him that it was better, earning a satisfied smirk. Once again, Grandpa called that breakfast was ready! I told John that he had to get out of here, now! John just laughed and said to imagine the look on my grandpa’s face if he went down to breakfast.

He’d chase John out with a torch and send me to a convent.

I gave John a look and told him that my grandpa still calls my mom a **** for how she got together with my dad. John asked me how my mom got together with my dad and I said it wasn’t important right now. Then I asked John how he would react if he found out that I had a boy in my room. John chuckled and added especially one that looks like him, earning a nod from me. I told John that I’ll head down first and make sure that my grandpa stays in the kitchen while he’s leaving. I started to leave but John stopped me. He said that I forgot one thing and gave me a light kiss before shooing me out the door and then told me to go eat.

Grandpa and I drove to school with him chatting cheerily as the car rumbled down the road. He said that the other old lady goes, “Where’s the hamburger?” According to Grandpa, he nearly split his seams he was laughing so hard. He chuckled and then wiped away a tear. Grandpa asked me what was the matter and asked if the cat got my tongue. In a sense, a cat did… A cat named John. I told Grandpa that I’m just too stuffed with bacon grease to think straight when, in reality, my mind was on John. I really hope that he wasn’t too annoyed about sneaking out of the house like a fugitive. Grandpa said that I wasn’t stuffed and that something’s got me down. I asked Grandpa how he could tell and he said that it’s because it’s the first time he hasn’t seen me smile after his famous breakfast. I told Grandpa that **** he knows me too well. He said that he does and that I need to watch the language. Then Grandpa said that he bet that a story about when I was little would cheer me up. I said that it sure couldn’t hurt. He asked me for any special requests. I asked Grandpa to tell me about the time we all camped in the backyard. He said that he remembered like it was yesterday, some of my relatives were staying over so me and my cousins pitched tents and lit a campfire in the lawn. I said that we had so much fun pretending to be lost in the woods. Grandpa said that we did until it got dark outside. That’s when all of our big, older cousins tried to scare us and asked if I remembered. I reminded Grandpa that it wasn’t just my older cousins, Ken and Tanya were the ring-leaders. Grandpa said that he remembered that Ken ate all of my food and asked what happened that got me so spooked? I told Grandpa that a wild animal attacked us, which was somewhat true. Tanya pretended that a giant spider was lurking in the woods and planned on making me its prey and Ken faked the spider and then snuck over to our tent to eat all of our snacks. Grandpa said that he remembered that I was so traumatized by the whole experience that I cried to Mom and she and him came out with flashlights while Dad just blew it off, saying I was imagining things. Then Grandpa recalled how it turned out it was one of Tanya’s lies and Mom practically screamed at Tanya and Ken for their little joke. Grandpa said that he thought Mom was going to kill them and chuckled when he said that the only thing keeping Mom from physically harming them was Dad. I told Grandpa that he makes Mom sound like Roald Dahl villain. Grandpa said that, when it comes to me, Mom always got a little too overprotective. She and Grandma even stayed up with me all night until I went back to sleep. I asked Grandpa if that meant he could finally forgive Mom for what she did. Grandpa sternly said that Mom still broke one of the ten commandments… I rolled my eyes and said that it was by seducing a married man away from his wife and defensively pointed out that I know the story. Grandpa moved away from the topic said that he thinks that I finally fell back asleep just as the sun was coming up. He said that it was a very rare moment when Mom and him would actually get along and be allowed to see his granddaughter. I told Grandpa that I loved those moments too. I swear Grandpa actually got misty eyed from remembering the story. Now I had to distract him from his troubles. I said that, speaking of Grandma, I was wondering if Grandpa could give me some advice. Grandpa perked up a little and I asked if he ever accidentally upset Grandma then felt like he had to make it up to her, even if it wasn’t his fault. Grandpa said that it sounded like I ticked someone off. I quickly said no and added that I don’t think I did but there may have been a misunderstanding and I want this person to know that everything’s okay. Grandpa shook his head and chuckled. He told me that, whenever Grandma got mad for no reason, he bought her a present. I said that I remembered Mom calling them meaningless gestures that kept her submissive. Grandpa said that of course Mom would put it like that, but asked me what Dad did when Mom got upset. I said that Dad got Mom gifts, even if he was the one that usually got Mom upset. Grandpa said that it proved his point, saying that he and Grandma were married almost fifty years and my parents are still married. I couldn’t believe this, but I was actually considering Grandpa’s idea. Don’t get me wrong, the last thing I want is for me and John to turn into my parents but maybe giving him a gift would show that I care about him. Besides, John probably doesn’t get many gifts unless you count his dad giving him a carton of cigarettes and saying “smoke up Johnny!” It would be nice for him to get a real gift for a change. I told Grandpa that I’m taking his advice, and asked him to stop at a gift store on the way to school. Grandpa said that he knew just the place. Then he added that it’s his secret spot, so I shouldn’t go blabbing about it to my friends. I assured Grandpa that he didn’t have to worry, his secret’s safe with me. Grandpa told me to hold on because we’re making a detour. The car made a sharp U-turn and I chugged along the road to his secret spot.

Me and Grandpa strolled through the atrium of the Shermer Mall. I found my senses overwhelmed by bright lights, tiny saxophone music and the smell of food court lemonade and, believe me, I really wanted that lemonade. I told Grandpa to slow down because he’s going too fast. Grandpa slowed down and admitted that it was a force of habit since he’s used to cruising these halls with his mall walker group. Then he pointed to a kiosk up ahead saying that it was the place. I gave Grandpa a look and asked if his secret gift spot was really a mall kiosk.

The way my grandpa talked about it, I thought it was a speakeasy gift shop.

Grandpa then noted that I look like Mom when I give him that look, which caught me off-guard. Then Grandpa said that he’s been shopping here since I was a tyke. He proudly puffed out his chest and bragged about how they give him a 15% discount for being a loyal customer. I remarked that this explains all the cruddy gifts I got over the years. Grandpa reminded me that I loved that stuffed dolphin I got for my seventh birthday. I admitted that I did until the stitching wore out and his head fell off. Grandpa reminded me that what’s important is that it made me happy and I remarked that it saved Grandpa a few bucks. Then I admitted that it was still better than Ken’s gifts. Grandpa’s eyes narrowed as I mentioned Ken’s name and I explained that Ken often forgot to buy gifts until the last minute and would hit the local 7/11. I laughed, recalling Ken giving Dad a bottle of cheap beer, Mom a coke (forgetting that she hated coke), Tanya a candy bar that she threw at him and screamed about her diet, his second wife a thing of sweet tarts, and me car wipers with an air freshener to make me feel like I had a car (even though I don’t). Grandpa asked me if Ken was being stupid or lazy and I said that it was a little of both, but admitted that it was fun to see what gifts Ken would spring up last minute getting another language remark from Grandpa. Then I walked up to the kiosk and perused the dusty merchandise, telling Grandpa that I’ll just be a minute. As I was about to circle around the stand, Grandpa gently held my arm. He asked me who exactly this gift was for. I told Grandpa that it’s for someone I’m kind of dating right now but I didn’t tell him who. Grandpa said that it was my second week of school and I’m already seeing someone? Then he claime that us kids today have no patience with these kinds of things. I said that I know he wouldn’t approve, but this person is really special. Grandpa softened and put a hand on my shoulder. He said that, by the look on my face, he can tell that they must be. Then Grandpa told me to be careful, adding that he hoped this boy I’m seeing was good and reminded me that, no matter how tempted I am, to save myself for marriage. Yeah, Grandpa, a little too late for that. Then he let go and gave me a nudge, once again reminding me not to do anything stupid. I told Grandpa that I’ll try my best. I turned back to the kiosk and said that I’d better hurry up and grab something. I’ll admit, the place did have a decent selection from a few shirts to some stuffed animals along with flowers and chocolates. I told Grandpa that he was right about this place. Grandpa just responded with “Told ya so.” I found a Van Halen shirt and got that for John. Then I remembered how John usually didn’t have anything to eat and grabbed an egg sandwich from the food court, explaining that it was in case this guy I talked about was hungry. Then I sped walked with Grandpa back to the car.

Grandpa dropped me off at the start of another day at Shermer High. I took a deep breath of the fresh air and headed toward the entrance. I saw John leaning against the step railing, smoking a cigarette and rushed over to talk to him. I greeted him with a morning and he eyed me up and down with a smile. Then John remarked that I was certainly chipper today. I offered John the egg sandwich, who immediately scarfed it up. Then I gave John the shirt and told him that I was just trying to say that I’m sorry for being a jerk and kicking him out. John looked at the shirt I gave him like it was gold and said that he didn’t see it that way, but he won’t say no to free stuff. John put the shirt on and kissed my cheek. He said that he had to get going and told me to stay out of trouble. I asked John if I should be the one saying that to him. He smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. I told John that I’ll see him later and he said that I better. John stomped out his cigarette and coolly backed up the stairs. Near the front door, I spotted Allison chattering with Becky and her clique. What’s that * up to now? I said hey to Allison and approached the group with a smile saying, “hey, guys.” I asked them if anyone else was stoked that it’s finally Friday. Becky flipped her hair and glared at me. Then she asked if they can help me! I told Becky that I actually just stopped by to help her. Becky scoffed and asked if I’d really help her. I said that I heard about her pregnancy tests and wanted to offer my babysitting services for when the little one comes. Even told her that, as a teenage aunt, I have plenty of practice. Then I added that they say being a teen mom is tough. Becky said that I was totally demented and asked if I knew that. I told Becky that I’d be insulted, but I know that’s just the pregnancy hormones talking. Then Becky talked to Allison, calling her Ally, and saying that she can’t believe that Allison ever hung out with me, even calling me a freak! Then Becky told her posse to come with her, saying “let’s motor!” Allison looked a little perplexed, but then her face went cold. Allison just said, “whatever” like a valley girl, turned up her nose and followed Becky and her friends inside! Okay, who is this alien creature and how did she infest Allison’s body? Brian popped his head out from behind a pillar by the front door. He asked me what that was all about and I asked Brian what he was doing over there. Brian shuffled toward me and said that he saw me talking to Becky and he wanted to make sure that I made it out alive. I told Brian that it was nice of him, but he should be more worried about Allison. Brian asked me what was the matter with Allison. Then admitted that he tried to listen in but his ears are kind of shot. Brian said that he guessed his mom was right about playing his headphones too loud. I told Brian that my mom often made the same comments. Then I explained that Allison’s been replaced by an alien replicant! Brain’s jaw dropped open. I told him that some life force has assimilated into Allison’s body and morphed her into a vicious monster. Brian said that I was bugging and asked what made me believe that. I told Brian that Becky insulted me and Allison didn’t say a peep and then, as she was leaving, she looked at me like I was lower than dirt. Brian summed up that Allison was acting like Becky. I confessed to Brian that, when we said we’d change after detention, I didn’t think it’d be like this. Brian said that, out of all of us, he thought Allison would be the one to stay our friend. I told Brian that guess even Allison’s susceptible to the spell of popularity. Brian put a comforting hand on my shoulder and told me to come on, we’d better get inside or we’ll be late for class. Brian and I walked inside together, my heart still stinging from Allison’s harsh goodbye.

Later that morning, I sat in art class between John and Andrew who poked randomly at their canvases while I just dabbed random colors on mine and stroked wherever. Allison stood and carried her paintbrushes over to the sink and I leapt at the opportunity to follow. I asked “Ally” what was with the cold shoulder this morning? Allison said that she didn’t want to talk about it. Then she turned on the faucet to drown out my voice! I told Allison that Becky was super nasty to me and she just let her walk all over me! Allison seemed shocked that Becky was nasty to me and then jerked the faucet off and faced me! Then Allison said that Becky told her what John and I did to her! I told Allison that it was retaliation and we never would’ve done it if she didn’t deserve it! Allison said that I should really give Becky a chance because she’s not so bad once I get to know her. I told Allison the truth, that I’ve given Becky loads of chances but she’s been nothing but a nightmare to me. Then I explained that everything I’ve said and done to Becky has only been because she deserved it. Allison let out an accusing “Ha!” Then John appeared and wedged himself between me and Allison, leaning back against the sink. John told us to pardon him, but those fruit bowls aren’t going to paint themselves. Allison barked at John to leave us alone! Andrew approached, blocking my path. He said that they wouldn’t leave until we told them what the hell we’re bickering about over here. I told them that I’m not trying to be rude, but this is business between Allison and me. Allison said that there’s no more business and dropped her pile of paintbrushes in the sink. Then Allison declared that she’s decided that she’s quitting art class! That would be like me declaring that I’m quitting creative writing! I even told Allison that she loves art and asked why on Earth she would quit? Allison put her hands on her hips and frowned. Then she said that she’d rather take an elective with people who don’t interrogate her!

If, by interrogating, she means showing natural concern then, yeah, we’re interrogating her.

Andrew told Allison that we’re just trying to be her friends! John even asked Allison if being his friend is all she ever wanted. Wow, way to be modest John. Allison quickly said no and then added that she didn’t know. I apologized to Allison for coming off a little strong and explained that we’re just worried. John added a sarcastic “speak for yourself.” Then I asked Allison if she’s really serious about quitting art. Allison said that she was because she won’t have time for art class due to being a little too busy working on the prom committee. John did a double-take and asked Allison if she was seriously planning Prom. Then asked if they were holding it in a crematorium. Allison explained that Becky said that she’d bring some artistic flair to the decorations. I shared a concern look with John and Andrew. Andrew told Allison that she’s his girlfriend and he wants to support her, but this feels wrong. Then Andrew explained that the prom committee is crazy exclusive and they don’t let just anyone in. Allison said that they needed an artist, they needed her. I told Allison that, as her friend, I’m telling her to listen to Andrew because we don’t want her to get hurt! Allison accused us of being jealous, which John denied and told her not to trust those bitches. Allison got all mad and said that she couldn’t believe us because she gets one lucky thing in her life and we have to **** all over it! I told Allison to wait but she pushed past John and Andrew and told us that she had to meet Becky in the library to go over prom decorations. Allison tried to reach for her purse, but I inadvertently stood in her way. She told me to move because she needs her bag. I knew nothing I said would change Allison’s mind, so I just scooped in her bag and held it out to her, telling her to take it. Allison eyed me warily before snatching it out of my hand. Then she thanked me, slinging her purse over her shoulder and scurrying out of the room. I turned back to John and Andrew and said that it didn’t go very well. Andrew responded with a sarcastic “Ya think?” John just said that we tried our best and slapped me and Andrew on the shoulder. I asked them if they really think that there’s a chance that Becky’s invite is sincere. Andrew said that he knew Becky well enough to know that you can’t trust her and she wouldn’t have Allison on that committee without some secret agenda. John insisted that Allison’s a big girl and, if she wants to go into the lion’s den, by all * means, let her. I reminded John that Allison’s our friend and, if we can do something to stop her from getting hurt, we’ve got to try! John rolled his eyes and sarcastically asked how he knew I was going to say that. I asked John and Andrew if they can get everyone together and meet me in the library after lunch. Andrew asked if I think Allison will really listen to us. I told Andrew that I’ve got an idea, saying that Donna Page has dirt on everyone at this school and I bet she can prove that Becky’s up to no good. John made a remark about friggin’ reporters and Andrew warned me to watch myself around Donna and that I should really keep an eye on my diary. I asked Andrew what he had against her? Andrew said that favors from her usually come at a price and she misspelled his name in the paper. I gave Andrew a look and asked if he was serious. Andrew told me that it’s up to me. I decided to get the dirt and asked John and Andrew if they can get Claire and Brian and meet me back at the library after lunch. John told me that he’s on board with any plan that involves humiliating Becky. Andrew said that he’s with me. I said that it was rad and that I’d see them in the library after lunch.

The cafeteria bustled with hungry students. I spotted Donna at her usual table and headed over. I asked Donna if she minded if I sat with her. Donna perked up at my arrival and told me to knock myself out. Then she pulled a pad and pencil from out of nowhere and Andrew was right to warn me not to let her near my diary. Donna asked me what I eat for lunch, calling me her news subject. I told Donna that, today, I had a salad with ranch dressing and gave the tomatoes to John. I didn’t tell Donna that the reason I got a salad was because I had given my lunch from home to John as well. Donna joked about how romantic it was for me to share food with my boyfriend. I explained that I hate tomatoes, so I usually give them to John instead of throwing them away. Then Donna asked why I had a salad, wanting to know if I was watching my figure. I admitted that I didn’t like the way the stroganoff was watching me. Then I asked Donna if I could ask her something off the record. Donna frowned and put her pad and pencil aside. Then agreed to it and asked me what was going on. I asked Donna if she could investigate the girl, Becky, for me. Donna asked if I was talking about the snotty prom committee queen. I said that she was right in one and explained that I think Becky’s planning to hurt my friend, Allison, but I don’t exactly have proof. Donna told me not to worry as she’s got me covered and called me sweetie. I asked Donna if she could find something out before the end of next period. Donna said that she could, but told me that she doesn’t work for free. Then she said that she’ll dig up dirt on Becky if I give Donna a juicy secret she can add to my article.

Andrew’s right, Donna always does come with a price.

I frantically tried to think of a good secret to tell Donna, wondering if I should tell her that I once caught Vernon getting Zanax at the pharmacy when I was picking up birth control but decided against it unless wanted Vernon telling Grandpa about that. I could tell her that the creepy guy who sells counterfeit stuff outside the school is my brother, but I plan on taking that to my grave. So finally I admitted that I still like Disney movies, which had Donna crack up laughing. She asked me if I eat cereal and wear footie pajama while I do it too? I told Donna that I only do that on birthdays or holidays. Donna said that it was so adorably geeky and going front and center in my expose. Better that than everyone knowing about Ken or Grandpa finding out about my birth control pills. Donna finished scribbling and whipped her notepad shut. She said that she would’ve investigated Becky for me even if I didn’t spill a secret. I swear, I am going to kill that girl as soon as I figure out how to make it look like an accident. I told Donna that I thought she said that she didn’t work for free. Donna admitted that she usually doesn’t, but she likes me enough to make an exception. I angrily told Donna that she still tricked me! Donna said that she’d consider it more misleading than a trick but it’ll make for a better article! I made a remark about how there’s really a difference there. Yep, really starting to see why Andrew doesn’t like her. Then I remarked that I was thrilled. Donna laughed and said that she better jet if I want her to dig up that dirt on Becky in time. Donna grabbed her things and moved toward the exit and I grudgingly thanked her, saying that I owe her big time. Donna gave me a wink and hurried off.

I walked into the library to find Becky and Allison at the same table where Allison sat during detention. They were too distracted going over design plans to notice my arrival. Andrew beckoned to me behind a bookcase. I snuck over and found John, Claire and Brian alongside him. I was so happy that they all arrived and that Claire and I could move past this whole John thing! John said that it was a real sticky mess. Claire slapped his arm and said that they just wanted to help Allison. Brian pointed out that it doesn’t look like she needs help. Allison and Becky burst out laughing from across the room. Andrew said that maybe we were wrong about Becky. I told Andrew that there’s only one way to find out, we’ve got to go talk to her. Brian said that diplomacy is usually the safest approach. John made a remark about telling that to Gandhi. Claire said that we should just get this over with. I took a deep breath and the five of us marched over to Allison’s table. I asked Allison if we could talk to her for a minute. Becky smiled in a fake, exaggerated way that reminded me of Tanya back home. Becky said that Allison’s not interested! I told Becky that she doesn’t even know what we’re here about. Becky said that it didn’t matter and that she and Allison don’t care! Claire told Becky that we care about Allison and we’ve got something to tell her. Allison insisted that, if we have something to say, just say it in front of both of them right now. I told Allison that I really care about her and she asked if I meant it. I said that of course I meant it and I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. For some reason, Allison seemed surprised that I’m actually worried for her! I nodded and told her that we’re future partners and we’ve got to stick together. Allison’s eyes got glassy. John made a remark about how me and Allison should get a room and let him watch. Claire angrily told John that it was a way for him to spoil the moment. Becky laughed and hooked her arm around Allison. Becky said that this was all super touching, but Ally’s made up her mind. I told Becky that it was fine, but we just want Allison to know that we’ll still be here if she needs us. Andrew said that we all will. Becky remarked that she asked Allison to decorate for prom, not to become a communist spy. Allison looked up at our group. She said that she just wanted to try something different, not stop being my friend. I told Allison that we’re still friends, I just wanted to be sure that she’s okay, that’s all! Becky told Allison “Not so fast,” and said that, if Allison’s still sticking with Becky, Allison can’t keep hanging out with us posers! Allison asked Becky if she was seriously telling her who she can and can’t be friends with. Becky said that she doesn’t make the rules, she just enforces them. Allison frantically looked between my gang and Becky. After a moment, she remained planted in her seat, staring down at her lap. I told Allison that we tried our best, but the choice is hers. I heard brisk footsteps click toward me. It was Donna, telling Allison that she thinks she can make that choice a little easier for her. Donna marched in front of Allison and Becky and slapped a folder onto the table. Donna said that she was doing a little research on prom budgets calling it boring school paper junk, and stumbled across this intriguing little purchase order that Becky requested from a local sign shop. Becky furiously told Donna not to open the folder, but the reporter did and held up Becky’s sign mock-up for everyone to see. It was Allison’s face on a pig’s body above big, muddy lettering and read “Alli-sow Reynolds, Queen of the Pigs!” Becky insisted that it was a stupid joke and Andrew rightly called her a *****! Becky said that it’s supposed to be funny and Brian and Claire had to hold Andrew back! Allison leapt to her feet and recoiled from Becky! Allison told Becky that she thought they were friends and rightly called Becky out on her ********!

I felt bad when Allison found out, but it was better than her being humiliated.

Becky admitted that she lied and said that she was shocked that it took Allison this long to figure out considering she’s an old pro at deceiving people! Becky flicked at Allison’s new clothes and Allison’s hands curled into fists! John shouted “fight, fight, fight!” getting a look from me. He said that I can’t tell him that Becky doesn’t deserve it and I asked John if he’s sure this isn’t about him wanting to watch a cat fight. John said that it’s a little of both. I told Allison that it’s her call, fight Becky and get a guaranteed detention, or be the bigger person. John’s still chanting for a fight. I remarked that John went with perversion again. Claire told John to knock it off. Allison reared back a fist over a cowering Becky who said that she screwed up and gave a half-** apology. Allison swung a right hook straight for Becky’s face and stopped an inch short of her nose. Allison told Becky to leave before she changes her mind. We all cheered as Becky scrambled out of the library. Allison apologized to us and I put a hand on her shoulder. I told Allison not to worry about that and we’re just glad that she’s okay. Allison smiled and gave me a warm hug. Donna said that, on that note, she’s got to get back and write all this down while it’s still fresh. Donna took her leave quickly. Together, we all escorted Allison out of the library relieved to have our friend back safe and sound.

My friends and I walked shoulder to shoulder down the hallway. Though we’re all shaken by Becky’s betrayal, we’re glad to have Allison back in our fold. Andrew said that a pig drawing was dirty even for Becky. Claire admitted that it didn’t surprise her since Becky almost cost Claire our friendship with her. Then Claire remarked that she can’t believe that she was ever friends with that witch. Allison said, “you and me both.” I told Allison that what’s important is that she’s out of Becky’s claws for good. John said that, if anyone mentions that cow one more time, he’s going to throw Brian through a window. Brian asked John what he did. I told John that he’d have to get through me first and we both know that I put up quite a fight. Then I said that John’s right, we should all just be happy that we’re out of harm’s way. We turned a corner and guess who we ran into, our beloved Dicktator and he nearly spilled his coffee. I loudly said “Oops!” and he told me to watch where I was going. Then Vernon glanced up and clocked all of our faces and sarcastically called us the Lunch Bunch or the Supper Club or whatever the hell stupid name us miscreants call ourselves. Brian corrected Vernon by saying that we’re The Breakfast Club to which Vernon remarked that nobody cares. Then he said that he hoped that we were as excited for our detention tomorrow as he is saying that he had some fun in store for us, smiling like a mustache twirling villain.

Not in the slightest.

Here I was wondering if my portrayal of Vernon in my story was too cruel. I asked Vernon what kind of “fun” he was talking about, wondering if he found a new torture method he’s just dying to use. Instead I asked if he meant video games, movies, board games and told him that I’d love to marathon James Bond. Vernon said that this isn’t going to be fun for us, it’s just going to be fun for him. Then he told me to wipe that ****-eating grin off my face. Vernon straightened his sport coat and rapidly pointed between me, John and Brian and said that he’d see us bright and early. Brian just said, “yes, sir.” John remarked that he was counting down the minutes. Vernon steadied his coffee and threw me one last glare before marching off. Allison watched Vernon teeter off and snorted. She said that, if Becky tracks Vernon down by the end of the day, she’ll probably be joining us. Brian pointed out that Allison scared her off. John said that chick’s got snitch written all over her. Claire admitted that John’s right, Becky’s way too proud to let Allison get away with intimidating her. I added that, considering how biased Vernon is, he’ll take Becky’s word no problem. Andrew said to Allison that he really hopes that she doesn’t have to come in tomorrow. I told Allison that her company’s always welcome. Allison asked if I forgave her and I told her that it’s obvious. I threw an arm over Allison’s shoulder and she reluctantly accepted my embrace. The bell rang, signaling the start of afternoon classes. We shared our goodbyes and scattered in different directions. I spend the rest of the day staring at the clock, watching it tick down the hours to our second Saturday detention.

A/N: Poor Allison, getting misled by Becky like that. To top it all off, the Club’s troubles with Vernon are still not over. How will Bender, Brian and Jasmine handle tomorrow’s detention and will Allison be joining them? Feel free to share your thoughts and/or make a request of your own. Whether it’s a recap or a review.



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