Disney Codenames (Amazon Store)

Codenames is back in the form of one of the most popular companies around, Disney.  Team up with your friends and find the right pictures before your enemy team does.  All you have to guide you are one-word clues uttered by your leader.

There is no storyline, but the game play more than makes up for that.  You split up into teams of two with a leader giving you single word clues so that you can guess which pictures are yours.  Since the leaders can’t utter movie titles or character names as clues, they have to get creative.  Let me tell you, it can lead to various mistakes.  My team once received a clue that was just evil and I’d tell you the number, but I forgot.  We only had one card left to pick, and our only two legitimate options were Hades and a Hyena from The Lion King (forgot which one).  I thought for sure it was Hades because I argued that, even if he wasn’t evil in Greek Mythology, he was evil in Disney’s Hercules.  Unfortunately, I turned out to be wrong and gave a point to the other team.  Did I mention that, if you pick a card that belongs to the other team, you unintentionally give them points? Sometimes you pick a card that doesn’t belong to anyone and end up wasting a turn.  There’s always a small chance that you’ll pick the assassin and lose the game entirely, but I’ve never played a round where that happens.

This game is a great way to kill time.  I give it 8 out of 10, a must have for every Disney fanatic.

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