The Breakfast Club Episode 8

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A/N: I’m back with another episode of The Breakfast Club! When Jasmine hears that Becky plans on starting a vicious rumor about Claire, she gets Bender’s help to make sure Becky won’t have the time. Will she and Bender succeed before Claire’s reputation goes up in flames?

Dear Diary,

Last time we talked, Claire said that we couldn’t be friends anymore and that it was goodbye! Then she turn and ran like she was afraid to be seen with me! I called after Claire and chased after her, finally catching up. Claire turned around and she was crying. She demanded to know what I wanted and told me that she already said what she needed to say.

Claire after springing a bomb on me like that!

I asked her if that was really it, if she was going to tell me we can’t be friends and then run away. I asked Claire if this was about John and she said that, while she’s still not happy about that, it’s not why she said it. So I ended up asking Claire what Becky said to her. Claire told me to let it go, but I insisted that I wouldn’t until she tells me what’s going on with her! I pointed out that, one second, everything was going well, then the next she tells me that she can’t talk to me anymore?! Claire said that she should go. Then she turned to leave but a student zoomed past on a skateboard with a drink in his hand. He knocked into me and the drink splattered all over me! Claire just said, “****!” and then looked me over, saying that I look like a mess. I admitted that I feel like a mess. Claire told me to follow her. She took me by the arm and led me to the closest restroom.

Claire pushed me into the ladies’ room as I assessed the damage. I remarked that of course skateboard boy had to be drinking the stickiest orange pop of all time. Claire said that it shouldn’t be too hard to get it out. I told Claire to tell that to my shirt. Claire wet a paper towel and dabbed the stain on my shirt. I asked Claire if she was finally going to tell me what’s going on. Claire insisted that it’s complicated, so I asked her to make it less complicated. Then Claire said that I wouldn’t understand and I told her that, unless it involves physics, I’ll probably understand. Claire took a deep breath as she searched for the words. She explained that, after the fight John and I had with Stubbie, Becky told Claire that she should stay away from us! I asked her if this meant all of us as in… Claire finished for me by saying that it means me and the rest of The Breakfast Club. I asked Claire why Becky would say that and Claire hesitated before continuing. According to Becky, Claire’s association with us is ruining her reputation! I asked Claire why she even cares so much about her reputation. Claire said that it’s not just about her reputation, it’s her grades. Then I suddenly burst into laughter. I asked Claire if this was really all about her grades. Claire got mad and told me that it’s not funny. She said that her grades have started to drop significantly. I pointed out that I’ve only known Claire for a week, so she can’t be saying that her grades are my fault. Claire said that it wasn’t just because of me, she already had some drama with her parents and friends. Claire told me that her father is coming in for a meeting with Vernon tomorrow, getting a “whoa” out of me. Claire finished cleaning my shirt and said that it should finish drying in a few minutes. Claire turned around and looked at me in the bathroom mirror. She said that her grades are low as it is and she doesn’t need an additional distraction to make a bad situation worse. Claire told me that I have to understand, this is her future we’re talking about. I said that I get it, nothing’s more important, right? Claire insisted that it’s not to say that I’m not important, but adding more friends to her life isn’t exactly a priority. Claire said that she wants to simplify her social life and focus on her studies, it would be easier that way. I asked Claire if she was ready to throw all of her relationships down the toilet!

Is she?

She shouted at me that she didn’t know! Then she asked me what she wanted me to say, since Becky’s been her friend since forever! Then Claire had the nerve to say that we were naive to think that one day in detention was going to forge lasting bonds! I told Claire that she doesn’t mean that! She insisted that she does. I asked Claire if “We’ll remain friends on Monday” meant anything to her? Claire said that she guessed not. I wanted so badly to yell at Claire, tell her off for putting popularity over her friends. Then I remembered my time with my hippie friends, how I was so desperate to belong that I did whatever they said without thinking for herself. Plus, in her mind, I’m still the girl that stole John away from her. So I just said that I get it, she’s been put in a impossible situation where she has to choose between two worlds, the one she thinks she should be living in and the one she wants to live in. Tears trickled down Claire’s face. I told Claire that I can’t imagine what her situation was like exactly, but I’ve been in a similar one. Claire remembered those hippie friends who bailed on me after I vandalized the school at their insistence and asked if that was what I meant. I explained that I did it because I was so desperate to be liked and it wasn’t all I did. I asked Claire if she remembered what I told her about why I got Fs on Literature papers. She said that it was because I said things the teachers didn’t like what books I picked or what I said in my papers. I told Claire that I played by their rules, said the things they wanted me to say, read the books they wanted me to read. Claire asked me what that had to do with her situation. I insisted that the situations weren’t the same, but we were both playing by the school’s rules. I said that my spirit was dying and hers will too, if she doesn’t find the courage to stand up to Becky. Claire seemed to consider my words but ended up telling me that she’s sorry, but she can’t. Finally, I asked Claire if Becky was worth it. Claire wanted to know what I meant. I said to Claire that loyalty’s not such a bad trait but Becky is not the right person for her to give it to. Claire snapped at me, asking if I was the right person to give it to! All I could do was stand there dumbstruck as Claire pointed out that, when she and John were fighting, I took advantage just to snatch him away from her! I insisted that she and John weren’t going to last, but then she had the nerve to say that I didn’t even give them a chance! Then I pointed out that she was the one who took her friend’s side over John’s, so losing him was her fault! Claire just cried and left the bathroom! Fine, if Claire wants to be that way, she can be that way! See if I care! All right, truth is I did care a little.

After that drama, I looked down at my shirt seeing that the spot didn’t come out. Which is just perfect, that spot was going to be stained. I entered a stall and turned my shirt inside out. I heard the bathroom door open and two voices, one male and one female, entered. I quickly locked the stall door and realized that it was Becky and Stubbie. I heard Becky say, “C’mon.” Stubbie responded by pointing out that he’s going to get in so much trouble if he gets caught in here. Becky asked Stubbie when that’s ever stopped him before. Stubbie said that he couldn’t argue with that. Then the stall door next to mine slammed shut. Stubbie told Becky that he guessed that she wasn’t mad at her anymore. Becky admitted that she was, but that’s what makes this hotter. Becky and I must be of two different minds because, if I found out that John cheated on me, I would never want to touch him again! Yes, I’m well-aware of how hypocritical that sounds. Anyway, I heard her tell Stubbie to shut up and kiss her like he means it. I had to listen to their hot and heavy make out session, making me want to lose my lunch and quietly tried to sneak away. Then I heard Becky say that they had to do something about Claire. So I had to stop and listen. Only downside is that I had to hear Becky and Stubbie smooch between bits of conversation. Stubbie wanted to know why and she said that it’s because she’s friends with the lunch club or whatever they call themselves and it’s ruining their relationship! Stubbie asked Becky what she had in mind and she said that they need to remind Claire that Becky’s her best friend! Becky said that she was going to start a rumor about Claire! So that, when Claire needs a shoulder to cry on, Becky will be right there! Then Claire will realize who her real friends are! Stubbie asked Becky what she was going to tell people and Becky asked Stubbie what was the one thing Claire held on to the most! Stubbie answered that it was her virginity! Hey, I’m a virgin too but I don’t hold on to it! It’s just something I have, like having brown hair. Anyway, getting off topic. Becky told Stubbie “Bingo.” Then she said that they were going to start a rumor that she had sex with John the night of his party! What a ****ing bitch! Even Stubbie thought that was way over the line! Becky said that Claire needs to see that what she’s doing is social suicide so she can commit spiritual suicide instead! Okay, Becky didn’t say that part about spiritual suicide, I added that. Stubbie just said, “Whatever you say, babe!” and insisted that they should keep kissing. Becky said that now was the perfect time to spread the rumor, because Claire’s father is coming to school tomorrow! Stubbie told Becky that she sure knows a lot about Claire’s life. Becky pointed out that she’s Claire’s best friend and it’s her job to know! Some ****ing best friend Becky is, ruining Claire’s life just so she’d stop hanging out with people Becky feels are beneath her! If Becky really was Claire’s friend, she’d be supporting her no matter what, not running her down like she’s going to! Then Becky said that, if they start the rumor today, by the time her father arrives, the school will be buzzing about it. Stubbie said that Becky was awesome and asked if she was done talking! Unfortunately she was, which meant that I had to listen to them make out some more. I don’t know which is worse. So they went back to loudly making out and I’ve got to get out of here before I end up declaring an oath of celibacy. It was just my luck that I had to stay in the stall and hold my breath because I knew that nothing I say was going to make Becky change her mind. She could easily twist this story to Claire, making me out to be an eavesdropping *****. Finally, they stopped talking, whispered to each other and I heard their stall door unlock. Please let it mean that they’re getting out of here. Unfortunately, two shadows appeared in front of my stall door and one of them had to knock on it. Becky asked who was in there and I remained silent in case she recognized my voice. She bent over and looked at my shoes and then asked Stubbie if he knew that voice. Stubbie asked why he would know, saying that Becky spends way more time in here than he does. Becky told me that, whoever I am, I’d better not go blabbing about what I heard, which Stubbie also told me to do. Becky said that they should get out of here before someone comes in and finally left.

Once the coast was clear, I left the bathroom. I saw the clock on the wall and realized that my next class is starting and I’m already late! I raced down the halls and out a set of double doors. I ran across the quad, weaving through people, and suddenly bumped into Claire and Becky! Claire turned to me with a sad expression as I tried to call out to her. Becky told me that Claire doesn’t want to talk to me! I clarified to Becky that I wasn’t talking to her, I was talking to Claire! Becky said that now I’m talking to her. She looked me up and down and took note of my shoes, saying that they were nice but I think it means that she recognized me in the bathroom! Becky’s scowl confirmed it. Becky pointed out that my shoes are pretty rare and it’s funny how she’s seen them twice today. I smiled and told Becky that I guess some people are in the right place at the right time. I knew Claire wouldn’t talk to me in private with Becky right there, so I warned Claire publicly that Becky is planning on spreading dirty rumors about her. Becky just laughed and asked if I was out of my mind, saying that it was crazy. Then she told Claire not to believe me because I’m just jealous of what they have! I remarked that I am jealous, because I always wanted to hang out with a two-faced sociopath like her! That insult went right over Becky’s head as she tugged at Claire’s arm. Becky told Claire to come on before I make them late! Becky and Claire walked away. I called out to Claire saying that, if she ever changes her mind, she knows where to find me. I even told Claire that I know I haven’t been the greatest friend to her, and I’m sorry, but what Becky’s about to do is much worse. Claire continued to ignore me but I am already making a spectacle of myself. Other students were glancing at me like I grew a second head and it was speaking fluent French. I scanned the crowd of kids walking to their next class and spotted John loitering. He just nodded and asked me what that scene in the hallway was about, wanting to know if we were talking about him. I told John that, as much as I do have him on my mind, I don’t constantly talk about him 24/7. John’s face actually turned a bit red as he told me that it’s not what he meant and was about to explain it when he said, “never mind.” John stood up to exit but I quickly told him that Claire is in trouble! John stopped and turned around to face me. He told me that he was listening but I had to make it quick because he has classes to skip. I explained to John that Becky’s planning on spreading a rumor that he and Claire had sex. John just shrugged and said that you know what they say about rumors, where there’s smoke, there’s fire! I’ll admit, I got a little jealous as I told John to quit joking around because we both know that’s not true but John smirked as he heard the doubt in my voice. John asked me if I was jealous and I quickly told him that it’s not important right now! What’s important is that we have to stop Becky! John pointed out that Claire was the one who abandoned us and left Brian to fend for himself against Stubbie. Then John asked me to give him one good reason why we should help her! I told John that it’s the right thing to do and he knows it! John asked me if that was really my reason. I wanted to know what other reason there could be and he said that he knows I’ve been feeling guilty about what happened, if I stop Becky, I’ll be a hero to Claire and it’ll make up for me smooching her boyfriend at the party! I scoffed at John and asked if he was guilt free! John didn’t answer, so I told him that it doesn’t matter why we stop Becky and said that we’re The Breakfast Club, something John should never forget!

I know I never will.

John rolled his eyes and said that he’ll help, but we do it his way. I asked John what he had in mind. John thought for a minute and said that we steal Becky’s normal clothes so she has to be in smelly gym clothes the rest of the day. I smiled and told John that he was on the right track, we needed to get out all of the bad ideas first. John got mad and said that he didn’t see me throwing out any bright ideas. I pointed out that Becky basically does nothing in gym class, so she’d hardly sweat and, even if she did, she’d probably pull off the athletic look and start a trend. I explained that it had to be bigger, public and maybe even a bit poetic. Then I snapped my fingers as it came to me! I said that we need to fill Becky’s locker with pregnancy tests so they spill out when she opens the door. John caught on and said that we’d make the one who’s trying to spread rumors about Claire’s sex life look like a ****. I said that he was exactly right and she’ll be too busy deflecting questions to follow through on her plan to ruin Claire! John said that he liked the effort, but that’s too risky even for him. I asked John if he wanted Becky to get what she deserves. John responded by saying that breaking into a locker in the locker room versus a wide-open hallway with lots of foot traffic is very different. John started to leave but turned back around. He said that he’d do it if I put up the cash for the pregnancy tests. I smiled and told John that he drives a hard bargain, but it’s a deal. John reached out his hand and told me to show him the dinero so we can get this show on the road. I handed John the cash and he told me that he’d be back in a flash.

I watched the clock carefully throughout the class then snuck out to meet John near Becky’s locker. I asked John if he did it. John said that it wasn’t easy finding that many pregnancy tests and the clerks kept giving him weird looks. Then he bragged about how he cleaned out at least three stores. I gave John a kiss, saying that he’s quite committed. He remarked about the things he did for me. I smiled until John warned me that Becky was coming. John and I nodded at each other while keeping our focus on Becky. Becky glanced in my direction but didn’t even give me any thought as she started to open her locker. She turned the dial one way as I was trying so hard not to smile. So was John as he watched and said, “here.” Becky turned the dial the opposite way as I said “…it…” Becky turned the dial one more time as John and I finished with “…comes!” Stubbie called out for Becky and she got distracted enough to the point that her hand fell from the dial as she searched for who was calling her. John angrily said that we had to fix this. I told John that I was on it and jumped in front of Stubbie, blocking him from Becky’s sight. Then I frantically pointed my finger down the hallway past Stubbie and asked him what that was. Stubbie turned around scared and I pretended to be disappointed and said that he just missed it. Stubbie asked me what it was and I acted all innocent saying that I wasn’t too sure, but that it looked like a streaker, one that was blonde with giant breasts. Stubbie totally bought it and excitedly said that he wanted to see that. So he scanned the hallway carefully for that blonde I made up. Becky stopped searching for the person who called her and turned back to open her locker, instantly showered with hundreds of pregnancy tests! Becky screamed as all of the kids in the hallway laughed, even me and John!

The look on Becky’s face is one I’ll never forget.

Stubbie recognized the scream and pushed me out of the way. He spotted all of the pregnancy tests on the ground and I will never forget the look on that brain dead oafs face as he told Becky that he thought she was saving herself for marriage! Becky insisted that she’s not pregnant and it was a prank! Courtesy of me and John! Stubbie said that it wasn’t a good prank, but I beg to differ. Becky explained that it was a prank on her, not on him! I gave John a look that said, “she’s just now figuring that out?” Becky searched for the culprit and locked eyes with me. I told Becky that it would be a real shame if a rumor got around that she’s pregnant. John said that we wouldn’t let that happen now and then asked me if we would. I said that we never would because, after all, real friends wouldn’t help spread rumors about each other. I winked at Becky. Stubbie said that it was so embarrassing. Becky angrily asked him if he’s seriously the one who’s embarrassed. Stubbie insisted that he had to get out of here and stormed away as Rogers walked by who took one look at the pregnancy tests and stupidly said that he thought his mom was the only one who bought in bulk! Rogers even raised his hand for a high five, but Becky ignored him as she scrambled to get them all out of her locker. She couldn’t help but notice that a small audience gathered around to watch her. She angrily asked them what they were all looking at and told them to go back to their excruciatingly boring lives and mind their own business. Becky slammed her locker shut and stormed off.

The next morning, I saw Claire outside the school and approached her. I tried to explain to her about yesterday, but her father walked up before I could say anything. He asked Claire if she was ready and then noticed me. Mr. Standish asked me to pardon him, but he doesn’t think that Claire introduced us. Claire introduced me to her father and we exchanged a handshake. He asked me how I knew Claire and I told him that she’s been a good friend when I really needed a friend. Mr Standish said that it’s strange that he’s never met me before. I told him that I guess my friendship with Claire is still pretty new. Then Mr. Standish asked how Claire and I met. Claire shifted uncomfortably and I explained that we met in Saturday detention. Mr Standish repeated that I was a friend from Saturday detention and asked if that was something. Then he shot Claire a disapproving look as he told me that he and Claire had to get going for their meeting. As Claire and her father turned toward the school, Vernon emerged. He said that punctuality was a fine trait and asked if I was taking notes! Vernon insisted that this is what respect looks like. Hey, I have as much respect for Vernon as I do for Mussolini and I’ll keep having that much respect as long as he keeps doing ****ed up shit like calling me out in public! Anyway, Claire’s father and Vernon shook hands. Mr. Standish greeted Vernon with a good morning and he had the nerve to ask Mr. Standish if I was giving him any lip! Don’t give me any lip and I won’t give you any lip! Mr Standish told Vernon that we were just exchanging pleasantries. It was at that point Becky entered and she was fuming. She demanded to know if I thought I was funny and I told her that it depended on the joke, admitting that I didn’t even know what she was talking about. Becky said that she knows it was me who planted all those pregnancy tests in her locker.

How long did it take her to figure that out?

Vernon admitted that he had no clue what this was about but Claire needed to come with Vernon and her father. Then Vernon approached me and told me to consider myself lucky that he doesn’t have time to deal with this right now. It got to the point where he was directly in my ear and said that he’s got his eye on me, comprende. I asked him if he’s sure he doesn’t mean capishe? Mr. Standish told Claire that he thinks they have a lot to discuss with Vernon and asked her to come with him. Vernon led Claire and her father into the school while Claire looked back at me with a miserable expression on her face.

8:07pm and I went back to my room, immediately flopping into my bed. I spent the day deflecting questions about Claire and Vernon, but at least Becky was too distracted to spread her nasty rumors. I said that I was exhausted and, just as my eyes started to drift shut, I heard pebbles hit my window. I looked outside to see John and opened my window. John said that it was about time because a boulder was coming next. I told John that this was all very Romeo of him. John admitted that he never finished it, so he wouldn’t know. Then he asked if he can come up to my room. I said that I wasn’t sure because my grandpa’s here and the last thing I wanted was for my grandpa to see him. John just told me to sneak him up and I actually had to think about it for a beat. I asked John to hold on for a bit and checked the living room. Grandpa was fast asleep on the couch and I was thinking to myself if I really wanted to take the chance and sneak John up to my room. It didn’t even take me a second to decide. I went back to my room window and told John that I’m going to let him in, but we’ll have to be quiet. I snuck downstairs and opened the front door and led John to my room as an old car chase movie played on TV. He said that this thing’s the best. I sat on my bed with John. Let me repeat, I sat on my bed with John! When I was starting Shermer High, if you told me that I was going to be in my room, sitting on my bed and watching TV with the school’s most gorgeous guy, I would’ve thought you were crazy! Anyway, I told John that it was on in the background and my heart pounded so loudly I’m surprised I wasn’t going through cardiac arrest! John said that the sequel’s better, even though they’re all PG. I admitted that I never really saw it and explained that, back home, my dad controlled the TV and he mainly watched sports. John slid closer to me and my heart was pounding louder, if that was even possible! He asked me, if we were in a movie right now, what did I think our rating would be! Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening! I told John that, since it’s only him and me here, I’d make it rated R! John gave me a smile asked me what all that meant and he asked if we’re going to have a shoot-out! My face turned red as I said that it’s not what I meant and I still can’t believe this is happening! John asked if we were going to chase each other with giant machetes and he’s either deliberately playing dumb or he really is that dumb. I told John that I seriously hope not! Then he asked if we were going to curse like sailors and I teased him with maybe, scooting closer to him. John gave a knowing smirked and asked if we could go for an X-Rating instead. I giggled and kissed him, pouring every bit of my passion into it. He kissed me back and said that now he wants to stay for the whole movie because he wants to see how it ends!

And he’ll get a happy ending for it!

I told John that it’s a happy ending and we both kissed again, for a really long time…

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