The Breakfast Club Episode 7 Recap

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A/N: It’s recap Tuesday and I’m back with Episode 7 of The Breakfast Club! After the fight with Stubbie, Jasmine, Brian and Bender found themselves facing another detention. She also has to convince Andrew to face up to Larry Lester and apologize. Can Jasmine face Vernon while trying to get Andrew to own up to what he did? If you recognize it from The Breakfast Club movie or Series game, I don’t own it.

Dear Diary,

We’re in Vernon’s office and it’s just me, Brian and John sitting across from the evil king in cold silence. Vernon flipped through my files, letting the tension mount before speaking. He said that I was fresh out of detention and we’re already fighting in the schoolyard. Then told John that it’s a prolific week, even for him. Vernon asked if we were all actively trying to make a fool out of him. Yeah, because everything we do is all about him. John said that he’d never do that because Vernon does that well enough on his own.

That’s my John! Telling it like it is!

Vernon was about to let John have it when I cut him off. I asked Vernon if we can just get straight to the part where he’s going to torture, I mean punish us. Brian agreed, saying that he has an exam tomorrow and he’d really like time to brush up on the material. Vernon told Brian to quit the Pollyanna act because he read that giant middle finger of an essay he wrote in detention. Then Vernon took it upon himself to guess what he called the noms de plume (whatever that means), calling Brian the self-styled “Brain,” John “The Criminal,” and then shifted focus to me calling me the so-called “Rebel.” I proudly told Vernon that he’s right. He only chuckled and shook his head and then said that at least we’re aware of our stupidity but, if we keep it up, we’ll go nowhere fast. Then Vernon picked up Brian’s file, the thinnest of the three folders on the desk. Brian gulped as Vernon told him that hanging with John and me has done a number on him! He told Brian that his supposed “friends” are destroying his promising future with black marks all over his record! Brian trembled in his seat while John and I stood calm and defiant and I had to do something. Vernon nearly broke me and John! If Vernon started using the same methods with Brian, he wouldn’t last a second! So I told Vernon that he was being unfair, his eyes going wide in disbelief. He rounded on me and asked me if I came into my house and interrupted him! Then said that he’d throw my ass out of here, but he’s dying to hear what I have to say. I told Vernon the truth, that Brian wasn’t responsible for the fight and he was defending himself from Stubbie! Vernon claimed that it didn’t explain the “**** you” detention essay. I tried to tell Vernon that it’s not a fu—, and then quickly corrected myself to call it an “eff you” essay and it was just how Vernon saw it and it’s clear he didn’t read it very carefully because Brian wrote some insightful stuff! Vernon said that maybe he’d go easy on “The Brain.” Brian huffed out a sigh of relief and gave me a small smile. John looked between me and Brian and made an obscene sex gesture while giving a jealous look! I’m going to have to explain to John why I picked Brian over him after Vernon lets us go but, right now, he put down Brian’s file and picked up mine. He said that I may have only been here a few days, but there’s a clear pattern emerging. Vernon said that me and John are running a parallel track and, just like John, he’s going to give me another Saturday detention. I asked Vernon if he was really giving us another detention. Then Vernon said that, if the rest of our little “Breakfast Club” pals don’t watch themselves, they’ll be joining us! I got angry and told Vernon that Stubbie’s the one who started this whole fight and asked why he wasn’t here instead of us! Vernon told Brian and John to get out of his office, then Vernon said that he and I needed a little alone time! Brian hustled out of the door, but John lingered. John told Vernon to listen and said that, just because his old man didn’t hug him enough doesn’t mean he can take it out on me! Vernon said to John to beat it and said not to make him tell him twice! John huffed but I gave him a pleading look telling him that I’ll be okay and he backed out of the room. Vernon flinched as John slammed the door shut behind him. Vernon leaned across his desk and stared me dead in the eye. He told me that questioning authority is not a good look on me. I sarcastically responded that playing nice, on the other hand, is getting me everywhere. Vernon said that hanging around John has made me a rabble-rouser and a real pain in his ass! Then he angrily tapped my school file and told me that I’d better get my act together quick or my days in his school are numbered, asking me if he was clear! I responded by saying that he was crystal clear. Vernon cocked his head to the side and noticed that I borrowed a turn of phrase from John. Vernon sat back in his chair and gathered my files, ordering me to get out. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed my bag. As I left the office, I heard Vernon bellow out that he was looking forward to Saturday more and more every minute!

I stormed away from Vernon’s office and found Brian and John waiting for me in the hall, the former immediately perking up at my arrival. He thanked me for sticking up for him in there. John remarked that it was really good of me to stick up for BRIAN and not the person who actually helped him. I told John that his calendar’s already full of detentions and Vernon’s already made up his mind about him. I was trying to help Brian avoid the same fate. John rolled his eyes, admitting that it does make sense relaxing his posture a bit even if he still looked irritated. I asked Brian if I could talk to John in private which he agreed to but John said that, whatever I have to say to him can be said in front of the dweeb. Brian said that he had to go to the bathroom anyway and left. I told John that, if he’s going to get jealous every time I act friendly with another guy, I might have to reconsider dating him. John only said that it seemed a little strange that I defended the geek who was hot for me. I explained to John that Brian was not hot for me, he was just sad that everyone else was hooking up and he was the only single one left! Then I added that, if anything, Brian and I are more like brother and sister! John still didn’t look relaxed and I asked him to remember how Brian got detention. John said that Brian nearly killed himself over an F. Then I asked John to remember how teaching Brian how to fight went down. John remarked that Brian had to hide behind me. I told John that, before the fight with Stubbie, Brian was writing his last will and testament and wondering who to give his Vader helmet to. Then I gave John a scenario of Brian being treated the same way Vernon treats me and John, reminding him that Vernon nearly broke us! John admitted that Brian would crumble which I agreed to. Then I told John that Brian’s the baby of the group, so I am going to be the most protective of him. John smirked and said that he can live with that.

Brian came back from the bathroom and asked me what Vernon said to me in his office after Brian and John left. I didn’t want to worry Brian, so I told him that Vernon said that he’d appreciate it if Brian and John could mind their own business. Brian asked me if Vernon really said that. John slapped Brian’s shoulder and told him that it’s a joke. Brian said that he gets it now and said ow. I gave John a look asking if he saw my point to which he nodded. I then told Brian the truth, that Vernon said he’s going to keep a close eye on me to make sure I don’t screw up again. John got a fiery look in his eyes and asked me if I wanted him to throw a cherry bomb in his tailpipe. Brian said that he really hoped John was talking about Vernon’s car. I laughed and shook my head, telling John that I don’t get how pissing Vernon off is going to solve my problem but I thanked him for the offer. John and I shared a smile and then I looked up at the wall clock, saying that it’s already 4:30. I told them that my grandfather’s probably pacing the kitchen, waiting to lecture me. Brian asked how it got so late, worrying that his parents must be freaking out. John remarked that he’s sure Brian’s parents are printing his face on milk cartons as we speak. Brian insisted that it only happened that one time. I said goodbye to John and Brian and hurried back to Grandpa’s house.

I woke up the next day with the morning sun filling my room with soft light. I got out of bed, feeling fresh and rejuvenated to begin the new day. At least, I did until Grandpa poked his head in my door and told me that I overslept. I leapt out of bed and stumbled to my closet. I apologized to Grandpa and told him that I’m up. Grandpa said that, when he was my age, if he overslept, the chickens didn’t get fed. Then he said that it meant no eggs and no breakfast, no energy to plow the field and also meant… I interrupted Grandpa by telling him that Mom warned me he would pull this, “back in my day,” ****. Grandpa said that Mom also told him that he had to make sure I was up in the morning or I’d sleep the day away. Then he warned me that my car’s leaving in five. The door clicked shut as he finally left. I stared at the jumble of clothes hanging in my closet, saying that I could dress like normal or put in some extra effort to class myself up. I reminded myself that, first and foremost, I had to stay on Vernon’s good side, assuming that he even has one, and the best way to do that is go full yuppie. I shuffled through the hangers and reached for a polished preppy outfit Grandpa gave me for my birthday. I wore the outfit, knowing that a fresh start at Shermer calls for a fresh look! I felt ready for anything that was going to come my way!

Sorry to sound like a valley girl, but I totally love this outfit!

Just as I finished the last touches to my clothes, Grandpa popped his head back into my room and said that he made me breakfast to go. Then Grandpa said that, lucky for me, the chickens didn’t need feeding this morning. I spun around to show Grandpa my look, asking him how he liked my new outfit. He straightened up and smiled, asking me if I’ve seen that rascally grandchild of his. I tried to roll my eyes, but couldn’t help smiling. I told Grandpa that it’s me and then he asked if it was really me, saying that he thought he wandered into the Shermer Yacht club. Then Grandpa said that it was enough dilly-dallying and that we’d better get a move on, or I’d be late. I told Grandpa that I’m ready. So we rushed to the car and sped off to school.

I burst through the entrance to Shermer High with minutes to spare. I walked toward my locker, turned a corner and who should I run into but Vernon? He took a step back and nodded, saying that I was looking sharp this morning. Then Vernon added that, I may not be a model citizen, but at least I’m starting to look like one. I just said that I was happy Vernon approved. Vernon said that maybe there’s hope for me yet. Then he told me to quit loitering and get a move on and not to forget that he’ll be keeping an eye on me. I thanked him for the warning, feeling like I was in a mafia movie. Then I slipped past Vernon and continued to my locker. I saw this unfamiliar and anxious-looking boy rifling through the locker next to mine. I guessed that he was another new student. I greeted him and the boy spun around, looking startled. I said that I was sorry to scare him, but I just wanted to say hi. I told the boy that I’m Jasmine and I’m new here too. The boy said that he’s not new and slammed his locker shut! Then he said that his name’s Larry and he was just out… sick. I remembered Andrew mentioning a guy named Larry and asked if he was Larry Lester, the guy Andrew humiliated and then quickly clapped my big mouth shut, but it was too late. Larry clenched his teeth as I realized that Andrew might not be one of his favorite people. Larry said that it’s bad enough that Andrew (who he called a prick) humiliated him, now he’s bragging about it to the new kid! I told Larry that Andrew wasn’t bragging about what happened. Then said that Andrew’s wracked with guilt over it, a total mess. Larry laughed and called Andrew a dumb ox who doesn’t have a sympathetic bone in his body!

Honestly can’t blame Larry for being upset, but Andrew’s still my friend.

I explained to Larry that I know Andrew and I know that’s not true. Larry asked me where all of Andrew’s guilt was when he was whaling on him. I told Larry that Andrew’s guilt is buried in there, but it is there, and even promised Larry that. Then I said to Larry that, if there’s anything he needs, just to give me a shout. Larry actually thought for a moment and then looked at the floor. He said that he wants Andrew to apologize or he’s transferring schools. I told Larry that it’s no picnic changing schools in the middle of the year, and that he can trust me on that one. Then I said that Andrew would be crushed if that happened. Larry said that it’s sort of the idea but, if Andrew says he’s sorry, his friends might finally leave Larry alone. I said that it might help Andrew get over his guilt too. Larry said that, since I’m friends with Andrew, could I get him to apologize to Larry? I told Larry that Andrew’s not a puppet and I’m not a puppeteer, I might be able to get them in the same room but I can’t control what comes out of Andrew’s mouth. Larry said that getting him and Andrew in the same room is a start at least. At that moment, a loud cluster of wrestlers crossed my path. Stubbie elbowed Rogers and pointed at Larry. Then Stubbie joked that it looked like Lester the Molester’s been released back into the wild! Then Rogers asked Larry how his ass was! They both doubled over like they made the funniest joke in the world and Larry turned red! I spotted Andrew trailing behind Stubbie and Rogers with his head down. I’m glad Andrew isn’t joining in the laughter, but he’s not really doing anything to stop it. I called out to Andrew that Larry’s back, hoping I can talk some sense into him. Andrew eyed me and Larry and then looked away, nudging Rogers’ arm. Andrew asked them if they’ve gotten a load of those new cheerleading uniforms. Rogers asked Andrew where he saw them and Andrew told him to follow him to the girls’ locker room if they want a little sneak peek. Andrew shepherded the jocks away from me and Larry and I told him to see what happened, saying that Andrew’s not so bad. Larry pointed out that, if I hadn’t said anything, Stubbie and Rogers would still be torturing him. Larry said that, until Andrew mans up enough to say he’s sorry, Larry’s not forgiving him. Larry hiked up his book bag and was about to stomp away until I asked his retreating back what he’s going to do if this happens again. Larry turned to me like I was insane, so I explained that he could transfer to another school, make new friends but deal with the same *******s that have different names and he gets humiliated all over again. I asked Larry what he would do then. Larry only gave a blank stare, then turned around and left to go to class. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

With Larry and the jocks out of sight, I could finally get to my locker. As I opened my locker, a folded up note fell out and landed on my feet. I picked it up and unfolded it to discover that it’s from John! I said aloud that he must have slipped it into my locker this morning. John asked me to skip study hall to meet at Dante’s Inferno, the off-campus record store, for some “private time.” Meaning this could be a chance for me to take things even further with John outside of school! I could just bond with John, maybe even lose my virginity! Okay, Jasmine, jumping the gun with that one. Anyway, I decided to play hooky with my boyfriend, saying out loud to screw Study Hall! I stuffed the note in my bag and headed outside, my mind racing and my heart pounding in anticipation of seeing John! Yeah, really thought this would go away after we started dating but it looks like this just made it worse.

I went to Dante’s, a dusty yet cozy record shop, to meet John but it looked like I arrived before him. If John asked me to meet him here, he had to be a pretty big music fan. Then I remembered that of course he is, since he did offer to sneak me into a rock concert when I shared my lunch with him. I figured that I could pick out a record as a gift to surprise John before he arrived. I saw a record for The New Kids On The Block and considering purchasing that as a gag gift, but then decided that I would wait a bit longer before I started buying gifts for John as jokes. Then I went to the heavy metal section and flipped through the stacks of intense-looking vinyl. I felt the hairs on my neck prickle as I sensed someone leaning over my shoulder. John said that he didn’t have me pegged as a metalhead. I didn’t even hide how happy I was to see him as I spun around and faced him with a relieved smile. I told John that he scared the crap out of me. John said that he had a habit of doing that to people. Then I revealed to John that I’m in the heavy metal section for him, explaining that I was trying to surprise him with a record, but he caught me red-handed. A smile crept across John’s lips and he called me an excellent judge of character and taste. I told John that I didn’t think it would be off the mark to think he was a heavy metal fan and then thanked him for his note because it brightened my otherwise crappy morning. John said that he’s just happy that he didn’t get stood up and admitted that he was almost worried that I wouldn’t show. I told John that it looks like he had nothing to worry about. John said that, speaking of looks, and then grinned at my outfit, teasing me with a Valley girl accent as he said that somebody’s been, like, shopping! I said that I was shopping deep in the back of my closet. I laughed and twirled around to show off my new outfit. I told John not to leave me hanging, asking him what he thinks. John asked if I was on my last load of laundry or something. I remarked that I was fresh out of flannels and fingerless gloves. John only said “touche” to my remark and then said that I look pretty good. Then John told me that he’s thrilled that we’re getting a little private time together. I told John that I totally agree. Then said that this was a pretty clever idea. I stepped a little closer and brushed my fingers against his and said that it’s also our first time out together in public. John noted that I was keeping track, asking me if things were moving a little too fast. I told John that I don’t mind in the slightest. John said that it made two of us. John smiled and we stared into each other’s eyes. Then John blurted out a nervous laugh and looked up at the ceiling. I stepped closer to John and lightly squeezed his arm, telling him that we don’t have to do any talking. John grinned and pulled me in even closer, causing my heart to beat nonstop as he said that there’s an idea. John wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me in even tighter. Then John asked me when I got so feisty. I told him that I didn’t know, but joked that maybe he’s starting to rub off on me. John warned me not to tempt him and then gave me a mischievous grin as I laughed. Anyway, we browsed through the new vinyl bin in comfortable silence. After that, John said that he didn’t want to kill the mood, but he ran into Claire this morning. I felt guilt creep up inside me as I remembered how John and I got together in the first place. I kept my calm and asked John how it went. John said that Claire hightailed it away from him and this fell out of her bag. John pulled out a folded sheet of lined paper from his pocket and said that it’s a letter she wrote to that kid who got his ass taped together by Clark. I asked John why Claire would write to Larry Lester. John explained that Claire and Larry were tight until middle school and she ditched him to join the bimbo crowd. I said sadly that poor Larry’s been through the wringer. John remarked that Larry can join the club. Then John said that, since my locker’s next to Larry’s, maybe I could put Claire’s note in there. I said that it will feel a little weird but Larry knowing that Claire cares about him might convince him not to transfer. I took Claire’s letter just as the door chimes tinkled and a gaggle of grown-ups bustled inside. I told John that maybe we should go. John told me to go ahead, he’s going to check out the sale rack. I told John that I hope he finds some good headbangers, wrapped my hands around the back of John’s neck and kissed him. John pressed his forehead against mine and called me a little horndog. I told John to hold his horses because it’s just a parting gift. John said that he didn’t get me anything and then ran a hand through my hair, asking if making out in public makes us official.

**** yeah!

I teased John a bit, saying that I guess it does and then gave his hand one final squeeze before saying goodbye. I headed back to school with my head swimming in the clouds. My first official date with John Bender and it wasn’t in detention sharing lunch!

Later that morning, I’m back in the busy hallways as I headed to my next class. I returned to my locker, where Larry was struggling in vain to close his overstuffed locker. He mumbled about his stupid tiny locker but he managed to close it and stand back. The locker popped open again, spilling all of Larry’s stuff out onto the floor. Larry sarcastically remarked that it was perfect, just perfect. Then he sighed and winced as he bent over, still healing from the Andrew butt-taping incident. I asked Larry if he wanted me to grab that for him. Larry turned me down, saying that he didn’t want pity. I told Larry that it wasn’t pity, I was just lending a hand. Larry reluctantly agreed to let me help. So I swooped down and picked up the book with ease. Larry thanked me and managed to successfully push the book into his precariously stacked locker and then sighed, saying that he appreciated my help. Then Larry told me that, if I’m looking for a new friend, he’s barking up the wrong tree. Larry said that the principal already approved for him to transfer at the end of the week. I told Larry that it really bites that he’s leaving and that more people care about him than he thinks. I pressed Claire’s letter into Larry’s hands who skimmed the note in disbelief. Then he asked me if this was some sick joke! Larry trailed off as he squinted and pulled the note close to his face and then realized that it was Claire’s autograph! Larry said that he recognized it from all his grade school yearbooks. Larry carefully folded the letter and smiled. I asked Larry what he thought and he said that, he doesn’t know how I got this, but he’s happy that I did. Larry then said that maybe he’ll give transferring schools a second thought. Larry and I went our separate ways and I headed to my next class.

I slumped down in my desk in the back of my history classroom. Andrew sat nearby, anxiously tapping a pencil on his desk while Vernon skimmed our teacher’s plan book. Vernon said that so, King George, nasty guy, crazy to boot while I was thinking that Vernon and King George have a lot in common. Vernon continued by saying that King George tried to tell Americans to pay his taxes but Washington told George’s pantalooned ass to shove it. Yep, he’s definitely drawing from real life experience with this. Vernon flipped through the lesson plan and finally tossed it over his shoulder while the students murmured quietly to each other. Vernon asked why they were wasting time forcing kids to learn this crap. Then Vernon gave us a lesson saying that nobody in the real world gives two ****s, about the Revolutionary War and that we should be learning how to open a checking account, how to fix a blown fuse, how to put snow tires on our car so that, when we’re driving to Grandma’s on Christmas Eve, we don’t hit a patch of black ice and send our screaming family sailing off a highway overpass. I raised my hand, asking for Vernon’s attention and he frowned at the interruption. Then Vernon asked me what the problem was, if I gotta hit the head or something. I told Vernon that I just wanted to tell him that we already have home economics and shop class for that stuff, not that hearing him complain about his problems hasn’t been entertaining. Vernon said, “excuse me?” I apologized to Vernon and said that I assumed he knew, being in charge of school curriculum and all. Vernon’s ears slowly turned red as the other students stifled giggles. Vernon said that, if he hears one more peep out of me, I’m going straight to his office. I asked Vernon if he wanted to send me to an empty office.

Vernon set himself up with that threat.

More giggles sneaked out of my classmates while Vernon eyed my outfit up and down. Thankfully, not in a perverted “I want to screw my underage student kind of way” and believe me when I say that just the thought of it nearly made me lose my breakfast. Vernon told me that he’s going to forget about this on account of my effort to clean up but I should consider myself lucky. Before Vernon could really lay into me, he got interrupted by a commotion in the hallway. I craned my neck to peer out the door window and saw John pounding on a faulty water fountain as Vernon’s lips curled into a smile. Knowing him, he’s probably imagining all the different ways he could torture John while staying within the boundaries of the law. Then Vernon excused himself because he’s got some business to take care of. Andrew asked Vernon what they should do while he’s gone and Vernon told Andrew to do the reading or something. Vernon practically skipped into the hallway and shut the door behind him while Andrew called him an *******. I remarked that Andrew was preaching to the choir. Then Andrew sunk down into his seat and I lowered my voice so the rest of my classmates didn’t listen in. I told Andrew that I met Larry Lester today. Andrew said that he noticed and then squirmed in his seat and shifted away from me. I explained to Andrew that Larry told me he’s going to transfer to a new school. Andrew asked if it was because of him. I said that it’s because of what Andrew did to Larry, yeah. Andrew crossed his arms and stared up at the ceiling. Andrew said that it was rough and he felt bad for the guy. I told Andrew that Larry said he would consider staying if Andrew apologized to him. Andrew was taken back and said “Apologize?!” Heads turned toward Andrew as his voice cut through the quiet room. Then Andrew leaned across his desk and lowered his voice to a whisper and said that he doesn’t know if he can face Larry and said that maybe it’s better for everyone if Larry left. According to Andrew, that way they can avoid each other and just move past this. I asked Andrew when he’s been one to give up so fast. Andrew said that he didn’t say he was giving up. I told Andrew that he could’ve fooled me, since he’s talking about running away from a problem because he’s scared. Andrew insisted that he wasn’t scared but I reminded him that he said in detention that he wanted to tell Larry that he’s sorry and, now that the door was wide open to do it, Andrew was chickening out. Andrew said that I sound just like his ****ing old man right now and asked if I knew that and I countered by saying that he sounds like my dad because my dad never took responsibility for ****! Then I asked Andrew if I was wrong. Andrew went quiet for a few moments and said that I’m right, he’s never let his fear get between him and his goals before and he’s not going to start now. Then said that he’ll see if Allison has any advice on how to talk to Larry if she can squeeze Andrew into her schedule. I asked Andrew if Allison’s social calender was filling up. Andrew said that it was filling up big time and Allison’s taking to popularity like a fish to water. Before Andrew could give me a definite answer, Vernon threw the door open and strode into the classroom. Vernon said that he’s sorry for the delay, but he just had to take care of some trash! Then explained that it seemed like John Bender thought it’d be funny to try some percussive maintenance on our drinking fountain! Then he said that we’d all do well to stay away from that punk and he was definitely looked at me when he said it adding “Especially you!” Then Vernon said that we should get back to it and said that it was too bad this wasn’t home economics because I could stand to learn some etiquette! I told Vernon that I’d also get to see him in a pink apron with a plastered on 50s housewife smile, making the class laugh and Vernon glare at me, telling me that I am walking a very thin line. Andrew told Vernon that he set himself up for that joke. Vernon cleared his throat and asked where we were finally realizing that he left off talking about snow tires. So History class turned into listen to Vernon ***** class.

I entered the lunch room, staring at my Salisbury steak and wondering if I should eat it or use it as a hockey puck. I spotted Larry eating alone at an empty table, looking pretty glum. Across the room, I saw Claire sitting with Becky, in the middle of an intense argument. Claire caught my eye and was actually urging me to come help her! So now I need to decide where to sit. I don’t know if I want to face Claire and Larry needs me, but I remember that Claire and Larry used to be friends and I’d have to face her sooner or later. Besides, maybe if I save Claire from Becky, she might somewhat forgive me. So I went to Claire’s table and greeted the prep club, interrupting Claire and Becky’s conversation. Claire looked up and scooted away from Becky to make space for me. Then Claire asked me to join them, which I agreed to do. As soon as I sat with them, Becky scoffed and slowly rose to her feet. She said that it sounded like a blast, but she had to run. Becky brushed past me and toddled away. Claire said to gag her with a spoon. I asked Claire what she and Becky were going on about and Claire told me that Becky’s just complaining about the “detention weirdos” she’s been hanging around again. Claire said that she’s glad I stepped in when I did, hopefully code for, “I finally forgive you for stealing my boyfriend.” Then Claire admitted that she was about to say something regrettable and that she appreciated my interruption but she’s not exactly feeling are warm and fuzzy toward me yet.

Price I have to pay for kissing John at Stubbie’s party.

I asked if this was about me and John, which I realized that she hasn’t totally forgiven me. Claire sarcastically asked how I guessed. I told Claire that I get she’s mad at me and it’ll be a cold day in hell before she ever forgives me, but I asked her if we could call a truce for a few minutes because there was something more important that I wanted to talk to her about. Claire straightened and took a small bite of her salad, agreeing to call a truce but just for a few minutes. I immediately said that I want to talk about Larry. Claire put down her fork and looked wistfully over at Larry, saying that he looks lonely. I told Claire that I gave Larry the letter she wrote. She asked me what happened and I said that he was pretty stoked about it but he’s still considering leaving this school. Claire said that it was such a shame. According to her, she and Larry were so close and she didn’t know what happened. I suggested that we could go over and sit with Larry. Claire said that it was a great idea. I grabbed my lunch tray and Claire followed me to Larry’s table. Claire asked Larry if there was room for two more. Larry was so shocked that he nearly choked! He said hey but not before showing how surprised he was that Claire was talking to him. Then he said hi to me. Larry cleared some clutter off the table and we both sat beside him. Claire told Larry that she heard he’s leaving Shermer. Larry told Claire that she heard right. Claire said that she was so sorry to hear that. Larry told Claire that he appreciated her saying that, but she didn’t need to waste her time because he’ll be gone in a few days. Claire said that she hoped her letter would have convinced Larry to stay. Larry admitted that it was a terrific letter and he’s going to keep it with him for a long time but it’s too little too late. The squeak of fast approaching tennis shoes caught our attention. It turned out to be Andrew asking if he can talk to… but who he wanted to talk to I didn’t find out. Andrew noticed Larry and paled, slowly backing off. I told Larry and Andrew that I think the two of them should talk. Andrew tried to walk away saying that he thinks he left his locker open. I told Andrew that his locker can wait and this is more important. Then I said to Andrew that Larry was just saying that he wanted to ask Andrew something. Larry asked if he does and I elbowed his side making Larry remember that yes, he does. Andrew agreed to sit as Larry held himself in a protective hug while Andrew slid into the seat next to me. Andrew griped the edge of the table and steeled himself. I told Andrew that it’s okay and he’s got this. Andrew finally apologized to Larry for what he did and explained that he jumped Larry to impress his friends and impress his ******* dad! Then said that Larry was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Andrew said that he knew it wasn’t much but he just wanted to let Larry know how awful he felt and that Andrew hopes, someday, Larry will forgive him!

I’m really proud of Andrew! It took a lot of guts for him to not only apologize but own up to what he did.

Larry said that he does forgive Andrew and wanted to say thanks for the apology! Andrew told Larry to thank me for pushing Andrew to face him! I told Andrew that he did that speech all on his own. Andrew grinned and then motioned to Larry, telling him that he’s going to the pop machine and asking Larry if he wants to come! Larry said that he hoped they had orange soda. Andrew’s ******* jock buddies grew rowdy with laughter as they watched from the distance. Andrew ignored them and left the cafeteria side by side with Larry. I was about to leave the table myself when, out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of someone barreling towards the table! Becky marched straight to Claire, who was sitting in stunned silence while all this Larry drama went down. Becky hooked a hand around Claire’s arm, startling her. Then demanded to have a word with Claire, which she agreed to. Becky pulled Claire away to the far side of the cafeteria. After they exchanged a few words, Claire suddenly went quiet. Becky turned away and walked off with her head held high. Claire returned to my table and looked shaken with her eyes full of tears. She told me that she can’t be friend with me anymore and said that this was goodbye, permanently.

Honestly, I feel like I had it coming.

I know I should be more upset about this, but I still feel like I had it coming. I stole Claire’s boyfriend away and I know that I can’t be friends with her and date John. Maybe, someday, Claire will really forgive me but that day is not today.

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