The Breakfast Club Episode 6 Recap

A/N: I know, this blog hasn’t been updated in two years and I’m sure I’ve lost many followers but the important thing is that I’m not dead! So here’s Episode 6 of my recap of The Breakfast Club from the now dead story app, Series: Your Universe. An app that will be missed.

Dear Diary,

It’s Monday morning and I just entered the bustling hallways of Shermer High. I started thinking of the past Saturday, detention, Stubbie’s party, wondering if the friendships I formed survive the harsh reality of high school. All eyes were on me as I sifted through the packed hallway. Students waved, nodded and flashed me a thumbs up. Rogers crossed my path and offered an enthusiastic high five saying “Hey, Jasmine, up top!” All I gave was a confused “sure thing.” Then I spotted Brian waiting by my locker, ducking through the crowd toward him. Brian looked down at his feet just saying hi in a nervous voice. I greeted him back and, after an awkward silence, he said that he was really sorry about what happened on Saturday, he got drunk and stupid. I told Brian that it was all right, then made him promise not to drink ever again because I really hate drunk Brian. Brian promised that he wouldn’t and, after another awkward silence, I asked him if Mondays were usually this cheery around here. He explained that everyone’s just excited to see me. Then said that word spread that I’m the one who soaked the cops at Stubbie’s party. I told Brian that I just turned on some sprinklers, even Stubbie could’ve figured out something that simple. Brian said that it’s thanks to me that nobody got arrested and the party kept kicking at Rogers’ place til dawn. Then he told me that I’m Shermer’s hometown hero. Brian asked me how it felt and I told him that this is high school, I’ll be old news by tomorrow. Brian told me that he wouldn’t be so sure. Then said that I’ve skyrocketed to popularity faster than anyone in Shermer High history! I told Brian that I guess there’s worse things to be remembered for. Brian wrung the cuffs of his sweater nervously as his eyes darted around the hallway. Then I remembered another mess drunk Brian caused and this one wouldn’t be as easy to fix. I asked Brian if everything was okay with him. Brian said that, now that I mention it, no. Brian told me that Stubbie found out that he broke his vase. Then he panicked and said that now Stubbie’s going to kill him. All I could do was give Brian a sympathetic glance as his voice cracked in desperation, asking me what we’re going to do. I told Brian to relax and we’ll get some help, suggesting that either Claire or Andrew can talk Stubbie down for him. Brian said that they’ve all been friends for years, so they’d never side with Brian over Stubbie. Sweat started to form on Brian’s brow as he struggled to breathe. It was almost too painful for me to watch. I told Brian that I’d help him if he promises me that he’ll pull himself together. Brian said that he was hopeful when I said that we’d all be friends on Monday, but he doesn’t think that the social rules are going to change that easily.

It was at that time Vernon had to hustle past us, clipping Brian’s shoulder and abruptly turned, pointing a finger in Brian’s face! He told Brian to watch himself and then dusted off his sleeve as he continued on his way. Well, at least we only had to put up with him for a second. Brian asked me if I saw, and asked how things can change when a guy like Vernon runs the place. I was about to suggest something to Brian but never got the chance to as I was cut off by the sound of a fist bashing into a locker behind me! I spun around to find myself overshadowed by Stubbie’s massive frame as his girlfriend, Becky, stood beside him filing her nails. Then Stubbie made a stupid joke about how it was Tweedledee and Tweedledork. Brian nervously said hi to Stubbie and said that it was a solid party this weekend, but Stubbie interrupted Brian by telling him to can it and called him Poindexter! Then Stubbie told Brian that he knows that he broke his mom’s minge! All Brian could do was give a terrified wheeze as Stubbie stared him down. Becky looked up from her nails long enough to roll her eyes. All she did was correct her dumbass boyfriend by saying the vase was ming not minge! Stubbie acknowledged that she was right and then told Brian that he broke his mom’s Ming vase! Poor Brian was terrified to the point that he went catatonic! I just had to step in and help the poor guy. I asked Stubbie what made him think it was Brian. Becky said that they all saw him get humiliated and run out of the room on Saturday and then, right after, they found the vase! Stubbie said that it’s not rocket surgery! Yes, he actually said rocket SURGERY. Had the circumstances been different, I would’ve laughed. Okay, it’s clear Stubbie’s not going to back off if I tell him it’s an accident, so there’s only one way to save Brian, gaslight the dumbass. I told Stubbie that maybe he broke the vase and he’s just scared that his mom’s going to find out. Stubbie told me to quit messing with his head and to never talk about his mom. Stubbie pressed closer, forcing Brian against the lockers! What’s worse is that students were starting to notice and stopped in their tracks to watch! I immediately said that there had to be a better way to resolve this. I saw Andrew goofing around with Rogers by the water fountain to the right. To the left was Claire checking her makeup in the mirror on her locker door, both of them oblivious to Brian’s predicament! Well, you know what? If they’re both going to ignore Brian after all we’ve been through, we don’t need them! I stepped between Brian and Stubbie, telling him to quit whining over some ugly vase! If I can stand up to Vernon, I can stand up to this dumbass! Even if I am feeling a little scared. Then I told Stubbie that he was embarrassing himself! Stubbie laughed at Brian and asked him if he was really going to let a girl fight his battles for him while the students ooohed and aaaahed like this was some sort of wrestling match! Brian stepped in front of me and said that he can fight his own battles, which would’ve been more convincing if his whole body wasn’t shaking. The other students started chanting, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” Stubbie hooked the collar of Brian’s shirt and lifted him clean off his feet when an idea sprang to my head. I yelled at Stubbie to wait, confusing him and his airheaded girlfriend as well as Brian. I asked Stubbie, if I can get him a new vase, will he promise not to hurt Brian?

Stubbie had to think about it for a moment and then dropped Brian like a sack of potatoes. Stubbie said that he won’t hurt Brian if he gets the new vase before his folks get home from Europe tonight. Brian slapped his hand to his forehead. I lied to Stubbie and told him that it wouldn’t be a problem. He told us to meet him under the bleachers with the vase at three o’clock sharp or Brian’s worm food. Finally the bell rang, saving us from Stubbie. This time, we actually were saved by the bell. Who would’ve thought? Anyway, Stubbie threw an arm around Becky and they disappeared into the crowd.

Brian turned to me, his face red with anger as he demanded to know what I was thinking when I said that I would get Stubbie a new vase! Then Brian said that I just signed their death warrants! I told Brian that I managed to buy us a few hours! Brian said that it was just more time to plan his funeral. I squeezed Brian’s shoulder and told him not to worry because I have a plan. This perked Brian up a little as he seemed amazed that I actually have a plan. I told Brian that I did, but we’ll need some outside assistance. I said that Claire’s family is rich, so she might loan us the money to pay for a new vase. I also pointed out that Allison’s an amazing artist, which made Brian slowly nod as he got on my wavelength. Brian said that Allison might be able to make us a new vase. I said that we can use the free period before lunch to talk to one of them in private. Needless to say, I picked Allison because something told me that, considering the circumstances, I’m the last person Claire would want to help. So I told Brian that Allison was our best shot because, even if she can’t make the vase, she’ll probably know ways we can psych Stubbie out. Brian told me that he’ll trust that I’ll get through to her. I corrected Brian by saying that he must mean we. Brian said that he can’t because he’s come down with a pretty heinous stomach bug. Then he started to kneel over and clutch his stomach, saying that it will definitely keep him in the nurse’s office for the rest of the day. I asked Brian how dumb he thinks I am but he just gave me a pleading look and I hitched up my backpack and turned to walk to homeroom. Before I left, Brian nervously tapped my shoulder and thanked me for helping him out like this. Then he asked me if what I shouted at him last night about her and John was true. I told Brian that it was true and that I think of Brian as more of a brother than I do a lover. Brian’s smile faltered a bit but, thankfully, he bounced back rather quickly. He said that it’s fine and I was right, just because he and I were the only single people left in the group didn’t mean that we had to hook up. Then Brian said that he and I are better off as friends. I told Brian that I’d see him later during free period. Brian wished me luck and left in a flash. Yep, I’m still talking to Allison on my own.

After my morning classes were over, I set off to find Allison, my gut leading me to the art classroom. I found Allison crouched over a table, scrawling furiously on a sheet paper. I asked Allison what she was working on and she barely looked up from her artwork. She said that it was nothing and then flipped over the paper, slapping it on the table. I told Allison that the two of us can’t really collaborate if she hides her work from me. Allison said that it’s not really anything that I can write a story about. Then told me to think of it in the same terms as my diary. I said that means it’s for Allison’s eyes only. She glanced up at me with a sly look. She said that Saturday was interesting and then slouched as she told me that she got grilled by the cops all night. I told Allison that, in Soviet Russia, pig grill her. Allison only responded with a blank stare. She told me that I’m better at running from cops than writing jokes about them. I told Allison to remind me never to write a comedy story. Then I finally got to the point of why I’m here, saying that Brian and I are kind of in a bind with Stubbie. Allison said that she heard about what happened. I told Allison that Brian could’ve really used her help. Allison pointed out that she’s not Brian’s friend, she doesn’t have any friends. I argued that Brian considers her a friend and so do I. Then reminded Allison that, during detention, she said that she wouldn’t turn away from us on Monday and asked her if she remembered. Allison jumped off her stool and said that it was before the party. I told Allison that I wasn’t following here. Then asked Allison what about the party. Allison said, “Earth to Jasmine!” as her nostrils flared in anger, mentioning Seven Minutes in Heaven. According to Allison’s, everybody’s been gossiping about it! I made it clear to Allison that nothing happened between me and Andrew! Allison asked me when anyone let the truth get in the way of a good story. Then she told me that everyone at school thinks that Allison, Andrew and I are in a love triangle! She even started crying and I felt bad for what happened, but it wasn’t my fault that they threw me and Andrew in the closet against our will! Allison said that it really sucked being gossiped about. I told Allison that I don’t care what they gossiped about, all that happened was that I talked to Andrew about John while he talked to me about her. Allison said that John and Claire were the other relationship I broke up. I admitted that it was actually true, but I never touched Andrew! He just wanted some advice about his relationship with her and I gave it to him! Then I told Allison not to have any regrets about anything that happened, because I don’t. I asked Allison who even cares what the rumor mill says, they’re just bored teenagers with nothing better to talk about. Allison said that she guesses that she can try to ignore them the way they’ve always ignored her. Allison then said that she can’t believe she’s saying this but she gets what Claire was moaning about during detention. Allison said that being in the spotlight is like living in a pressure cooker. I told Allison to forget the spotlight for a second and try to help her new friend, Brian. Allison asked me what the social rules were for something like that and I just slapped my face on my hand. Seriously, did everyone forget about the lesson we all learned on Saturday, that we’re more than our cliques and our social rules? I was so angry that I wanted to know if the new Allison is just going to stand there and ignore a friend in need! Allison fidgeted with her hands, like she was actually considering my words. She said that she wanted to do something, but what? Then said that everyone’s going to judge her actions. I asked Allison if she would really put her social status over our safety. Then said that, if that’s the case, I miss the old Allison who was stealing people’s stuff, putting sugar and cereal in her sandwich and lying about crazy stuff just to freak us all out! Allison seemed to agree with me as she said that New Allison is pretty shitty. Allison returned to her seat and flipped over her drawing. All I could do was stare in amazement at the intricate self portrait, broken fragments of “old Allison’s” face blended seamlessly with shards of her “new” face. I told Allison that she’s an incredible artist and that she was wrong, I can make a great story out of this drawing. Allison asked me what it was. I explained that I saw two girls in this picture, one who loved being known as the oddball and another born out of new friends who wanted desperately to fit it; the latter was suffocating the former. Allison was silent for a bit, as if she was considering my words. Then I asked Allison how she is with pottery and she just looked up from her drawing and shrugged. She said that she was pretty decent and asked why. I asked Allison if she saw that Ming vase at Stubbie’s house before it broke and she nodded. I asked her if she could make a copy that looks like the real deal. Allison nervously rubbed her arm and said that she’d love to pull one over on that scumbag, but she doesn’t know what she should do anymore. Then Allison banged her head on the table. I told Allison that she didn’t just get a boyfriend on Saturday, she got new friends too and she doesn’t seem like the type to prioritize her boyfriend over her friends. Allison traced the edges of her self-portrait and said that I’m right, that she wouldn’t be one of those girls. Then she told me that she’ll have the vase ready for me by the end of the day. I thanked her and leapt over to hug her, but stopped when she shrank away. I had to apologize for that, but Allison told me not to let that happen again. I was about to leave until Allison’s hand jerked forward to stop me. She told me that she had an idea and said that she saw John screwing around in the gym earlier. I told Allison that one thing’s for sure, if anyone knows how to survive a fight, it’s John John. I asked Allison if she thinks that he’d teach Brian some moves. Allison said that it can’t hurt to ask and it would be good to know if things get bloody. I said that, if Brian fights Stubbie with no training, things would get bloody anyway. Allison told me that John’s at the gym right now, so I’d better hurry. I told Allison that I’d have the full report to her by tomorrow, but she was already too absorbed in her art to respond. I left the art room and hurried to the gym.

On my way to the gym, I swung by the nurse’s office and convinced Brian to join me. Brian hesitated at the entrance and threw me a worried look, but I promised Brian that this would toughen him up. I gave him a smile that seemed to boost his confidence and he said that he’d go with me but, after that, he’s going right back to the nurse’s office. I turned a corner to find Andrew and John squared up on the wrestling mat. Andrew told John to pull him toward his lead leg, and quit locking his knees. John told Andrew to cool it and it’s a lot of shit to remember. I asked John if he’s now considering joining the wrestling team. Andrew and John straightened up at my arrival. John said to look what the cat dragged in and walked close to me, brushing up against me. I meowed in response and asked John if he was still mad at me about the party. He told me that he’s over it now. Andrew said that it’s all right, he told John that nothing happened. I told Andrew that I just had a similar conversation with Allison. John asked me what brings me to the gym and I told him that I got two words for him: Angry Stubbie. Brian explained that Stubbie’s looking to kick his ass. John said that he doesn’t think he’d have to look for very long and then quickly added a no offense. Andrew said that Stubbie’s his friend, but he’s also a beast. I said that Brian and I hoped that one of them could teach us some moves, hopefully to even the score a little. Andrew said that there’s no time to show us much, but he can show Brian a little something at least. Brian offered me first and then sat down on the mat. I asked Brian why he felt that I should go first, since Brian’s the one Stubbie wants to fight. Brian insisted that he wanted to see a demonstration first. Clearly, there was no way Brian was going to practice unless I did first. So I squared up to Andrew. He told me to spread my stance and keep my knees bent. Andrew guided me into position and my weight centered over my midline. Andrew explained that he’s going to run at me and I just have to stop him. I said that I would and then tried to ask when I would… I never got to finish my question as Andrew lunged straight for me! He said that I had to stop him, so I shot my hand up to block Andrew’s arm. I’ll admit, my palm stung as it struck his knuckle, but at least I deflected the blow! Andrew complimented my nice reflexes, but he told me that good blocking skills alone aren’t enough. Andrew returned to his spot and beckoned Brian over. Andrew called Brian Rocky and told him to square up. Brian said that he feels a Greco-Roman style may be more effective at… but I interrupted him by telling him that he’s going to be great. Brian asked if I really think so and then puffed out his chest. John said that he agrees, Brian would make a great speed bag. Andrew remarked that it was enough from the peanut gallery and told Brian to go. Brian reluctantly faced me across the mat as Andrew told him that he’s going to fight me. Then he yelled at us both to go and shoved Brian forward and he rushed me, arms flailing. I sprung forward and aimed a light blow at Brian’s face. Brian instinctively batted me away, but stumbled back. Andrew claimed that it was impressive stuff, but Brian could use some work. John slowly eyed me with a half-smile and said that I had smooth moves. I asked John if he likes what he sees and we shared a moment while Brian paused to catch his breath. Then he shouted “Prepare to meet your doom!” as he tore across the mat, but I easily sidestepped him. Brian tripped and then retreated to his corner, stomping his feet. Brian cried about how he can’t do it and he doesn’t want to hit me. Andrew’s face brightened and he told Brian that he bets that he could hit John. I reminded Brian that it was because John added his “secret ingredient” to the punch, which was why this was all going down. John said that I thought that I forgave him for that. I told John that I have, but I’m not sure if Brian has. Brian said that John may have spiked the punch, but he was the idiot who kept on drinking it after he found out. Though it didn’t stop John from scoffing and remarking, “me against the twerp?” According to John, he’d kill Brian before he hit the ground. I asked John if he thinks he can handle me instead. John rolled to his feet and strolled over, sucking his teeth. He said it was fine, but told me not to expect him to go easy on me because I’m a girl. So John and I faced off while Andrew acted as referee. Andrew told us not to fight dirty, but he made it clear that he was looking at John on that one. John told Andrew to eat his dick and I asked him if that was an offer. I have to say, I’m getting a little more comfortable with the innuendo now that I’m dating the king of the perverts. John’s eyes grew huge just as Andrew shouted, “Ready, set, fight!!” John hesitated, then rushed at me with a reared punch. I spun out of the way just in time and John’s momentum made him stumble forward. I targeted John’s exposed back and landed a kick right to his ribs, flattening him on the ground. I told John not to go so easy on me. John said that he’s not… but then stopped himself and scrambled to his feet. Andrew was impressed and asked me if I’m sure I’ve never fought before. John said that I wasn’t that impressive, but Andrew declared me the winner by a landslide! Then he and Brian applauded as I waved to my imaginary adoring fans. I said that I couldn’t have done it without a solid coach. Then I smiled and nudged Andrew with his elbow, who smiled back. John massaged his sides and shook his head, claiming that he was keeping his eye on me. I told John that was good, and advised him to sleep with one eye open. John smirked at me. Brian said that it was a really terrific lesson, but he’s hoping that a fight won’t happen. I said that I’m hoping it doesn’t either but, even if it does, I’ll protect him. Then the bell for lunch rang before Brian could answer. Andrew wished us luck and told us not to forget to keep our guard up. John told us not to do anything stupid. Then I waved goodbye and headed off to eat lunch.

As I walked down the hall, John hurried to catch up with me. He greeted me with a hey, which I responded back to. Then John told me that he’s been thinking about Saturday and he can’t leave me hanging like this. He said that obviously, I’m going to want more John and gave me a sly grin. I joked that someone certainly has a high opinion of themselves. Then he said that he just wanted to know where we stood. I hesitated a bit before letting John know that I think I’d like him to be my boyfriend. John said that’s what I think, huh? I said to John that I’m not going to be the one responsible for giving him a head so big, he can’t get through the school doors. John remarked that it would give him a good excuse not to go to school. Then he broke into a grin and told me that he thinks I just won the dating lottery.

I joked that it sounds like him growing a giant head is going to be inevitable. Then we both shared a quick kiss. I asked John if he was going to lunch and he said that he had to go see his accountant. Then he hurried off down the hall and said that we’d talk later. I waved to him and then headed to the cafeteria, unable to stop the huge smile that tugged at my lips.

I settled at the table with my usual school lunch: a turkey and cheese sandwich with chips and water. Before I could take my first bite, Donna arrived at my table and said, “Look who I found!” She fluffed her hair and gave me a broad smile. I just said, “Hey, Donna.” She asked me to slide over a scooch as she squeezed into the seat next to me. Donna said that it’s my second week at Shermer and I’m already in a relationship which, according to her, is some kinda landspeed record. I asked Donna how she knew that and she said that she knows everything in a way that made me think this girl is either psychic or hiding secret bugs all over the school. Then Donna told me that she had some major news. Donna lowered her voice, forcing me to lean in to hear. She said that a little birdie told her things are heated between me and Stubbie. I told Donna that it’s one way of putting it. She said that one of her sources just dug up some dirt on Stubbie and it’s real bad stuff that I could use to my advantage. I asked Donna if she was talking about blackmailing him. Donna said to think of it as using all the tools in my toolbox. Then she told me the catch, this dirt is in Stubbie’s locker. I told Donna that it really doesn’t help me very much. Donna said that, lucky for me, she’s not above a little breaking and entering for a good cause. Donna stood up and tugged on my arm. She told me that we needed to move quick, so I told Donna that she can count me in. Hey, when it comes to this thing with Stubbie, I’ll take any advantage I can get. I even told Donna that I’ll do whatever it takes to take down Stubbie. Donna grinned and winked at me. Then she said that she loves a girl who’s not afraid to live a little dangerously. Unfortunately, that meant I couldn’t eat my lunch because Donna dragged me into the hallway.

Donna led me though the empty halls and straight to Stubbie’s locker. She said that now all we have to do was break in. Donna pulled a binder from her bookbag and flipped through a stack of heavily-noted lined paper. She stopped at a page and said “here it is!” explaining that she found his locker combination. I asked Donna how on Earth she knew that and she just waved her hand flippantly. She said that I don’t want to know what she had to do to get this. I told Donna that she’s like Shermer High’s own personal Big Brother or, in her case, Big Sister. Donna read off the locker number while my fingers fumbled as I spinned the numbers into place. She took the time to comment on my nimble fingers and I said that no one’s called my finger’s nimble before. Donna threw back her head and laughed. Then she said that she could tell that I’m new to this whole thing. I asked her what she meant and she explained that she was talking about having enemies and holding grudges. I scoffed and told Donna that I take it I never told her about Tanya. Donna asked me who Tanya was and I told her that she’s my half-sister from my dad’s first marriage, princess of my former high school, went out of her way to make me miserable. Then I started thinking about the current princess of Shermer High, Claire, and how she would probably do the same once she found out John and I were official. No, Claire wouldn’t be as vindictive as Tanya was. The sister who once turned me bulimic because she casually hinted that I was fat. Then I smiled as I remembered Mom really letting Tanya have it for that. Though, unlike Tanya, Claire had every right to put me on her enemies list. Donna cleared her throat and distracted me from my thoughts, telling me the last combination number. I entered the last digit and jiggled the locker handle. The door swung wide open as I shouted “Voila!” Donna and I leaned in to snoop inside Stubbie’s locker. There was nothing but unwashed wrestling singlets and crumpled nudie mags crammed inside. Donna said to gag her with a spoon. I told Donna to tell me what we’re looking for before the stench kills me. Donna explained that her source said they saw Stubbie tuck a photo in the back of his locker. I told Donna that I hope her source isn’t a hidden camera. Then I held my breath and reached inside, wriggling my hand free and pulling out a creased photo. I said that this had better be worth it as a smoothed out the photo to see a fuzzy image of Stubbie kissing a girl, a girl that wasn’t Becky! To top it all off, there were Greek letters on the wall in the picture! Donna’s lips curled into a grin as she told me to meet Stubbie’s college girlfriend. I said that Becky would blow like Mount St. Helens if she saw this. Donna asked if that would be a sight to see. I told Donna that I’ll show this to Becky and hope Stubbie’s too heartbroken to fight. Hey, Brian’s in danger and, if I have to play dirty to protect him, I’m going to do it! Donna cocked her head and studied me with a small smile. She admirably said that I’m not one to go down without a fight. Before I could answer, Donna and I heard footsteps sound down the hall. She said that somebody’s coming and we’ve got to jet! So I slipped the photo into my pocket and slammed Stubbie’s locker shut. Donna led me around the corner to the furthest end of the hall. We both jerked to a halt and gulped to catch our breath. I told Donna that we cut that way too close. Then the bell rang and students poured into the hall, flowing around me. Donna wished me luck, saying that she hopes that picture gets me the upper hand with Stubbie. I thanked Donna for helping out, even if her methods are a little unorthodox, which is the nice way of putting it. Donna said that she’d see me around and skipped off to class. I looked up at the hallway clock, noticing that it was just a couple more hours of class before Brian gets his ass kicked.

It’s 3pm, the hour of reckoning and I made the long walk to the bleachers. A crowd gathered to watch the anticipated ass-kicking as a wiseguy whistled a funeral march as I approached. Brian was already there, pacing in a circle and reading a crumpled scrap of graph paper. I asked Brian what was with the graph paper and he said that it was to make sure that his last will and testament was legible. Brian told me that his hand wouldn’t stop shaking when he wrote it. Then he asked me if he should leave his Vader helmet to his little sister, or his cousin before deciding that he’ll just be buried in it to avoid estate disputes.

I told Brian not to think like that, because nobody’s dying today and that’s a promise; he and his Vader helmet will live to see another day. Brian said that he hopes I’m right and his Vader helmet needs polishing anyway. The crowd went silent as Stubbie marched over with Becky and a few jocks in tow. Stubbie said that he was surprised that Brian even showed up. Then he told Brian that maybe he’s not as much of a chicken shit as he thought! Brian actually thanked that asshole as the crowd laughed! I told Stubbie that the real coward is him for picking a fight with someone he knows wouldn’t be able to beat him! Stubbie said that it was enough talk and then he asked where the vase was. Thankfully, Allison arrived right on cue cradling her freshly forged vase. I took the surprisingly convincing copy and handed it to Stubbie. I told him that his mom would never know the difference. Stubbie took the vase and inspected it from all angles. Then he frowned and held out his palm, which was wet with slick glaze. I guess I should’ve asked Claire for help after all. I said that it was the world’s freshest Ming vase. Stubbie asked me if I think he’s stupid or something. I asked Stubbie if I really have to answer that? Stubbie threw the vase down, where it busted on the ground! Then he said to me if I saw that vase and told me that he’s going to break Brian just like that! Then he advanced on Brian but I quickly yelled for him to wait as I frantically looked around the crowd for any distraction to delay Brian’s impending doom. I caught sight of Claire leading a gaggle of popular girls into the crowd and, I don’t know why, but I called out to her trying to grab her attention, but she seems to be actively avoiding my gaze. Of course, I’m so stupid. She’s not helping me after I stole John away from her, but to leave Brain to his doom? Whatever issues she has with me, she can leave him out of this! Anyway, the crowd chattered and gathered tighter, their thirst for a fight very palpable. Stubbie leveled his sights on me, saying that I promised him a vase and he doesn’t see one, so he guesses that means that someone’s ass is getting kicked! Brian begged Stubbie to make it quick as he reared toward Brian and I yelled at Stubbie to wait again! I told Stubbie that I see right through him, he panicked when the cops broke up his party, he panicked when his mom’s vase broke and, as I said before, he’s picking a fight that he knows he’ll win. I claimed that Stubbie was nothing but a coward. Brian said that, for what it’s worth, he’d say that Stubbie’s more “risk-averse.” Stubbie eagerly cracked his knuckles and said that it was a nice speech, but it just pissed him off. Becky smirked at Brian and made a throat slashing gesture as I reached into my pocket and grasped the glossy photo I snatched from Stubbie’s locker. That’s right, I’m pulling out the big guns! I smiled at Becky and told her that I wouldn’t be on Stubbie’s side if I were her, especially after all of Stubbie’s trips “upstate.” Stubbie told me to quit stalling. I ignored Stubbie and told Becky that her boyfriend’s been visiting his other girlfriend, at her college. Then I pulled out the photo of Stubbie and his mystery girl. Becky shouted “What the hell!?” as she snatched the photo from me, staring at it speechless. I smirked at Stubbie, pleased at the chaos I’ve sewn. I asked Becky how she’d even fall for that and then asked her where she thought Stubbie was when he said he was going “upstate?” I reminded Becky that we live upstate! Becky ripped the photo in two and told Stubbie that they are over. Then she marched off and shoved her way through the crowd as I glanced back at Stubbie, hoping to see that he’s heartbroken. Instead, I only saw rage. He told me that I was going to pay for that and called me a bitch. I remarked that it takes one to know one. From the corner of my eye, I spotted a figure darting across the football field. John yelled at Stubbie to hold on, grinding to a halt inside the Brian and Stubbie fight circle. I told John that I was really glad to see him right now. He gave me a quick smile and then squared up to Stubbie asking him if he’s stupid. Stubbie told John to kick rocks as it doesn’t concern him. John said that it does because he may not kick Brian’s ass as he’s been training and, if Brian can’t handle me, than I can! Even if Stubbie does manage to beat me and Brian, then John’ll have to take Stubbie on himself. John flicked out his switchblade and, I have to say, I never thought that I would be so happy to see that in my life! John told Stubbie that it’s a fight he knows he’ll lose. Dear God, John is really irresistible to me right now! Stubbie just said, “screw you, Bender!” In a flash, Stubbie lunged at Brian and the fight was on! All I could think about was protecting Brian so, before Stubbie could plan his first move, I launched into an attack. He tried to punch me, but I ducked and rushed him, wrapping his arms around his middle. Stubbie actually said “Oof!” I led with my shoulder and threw Stubbie off balance. Gravity handled the rest and sent Stubbie sprawling into the dirt. I told Stubbie that he was right, someone’s ass IS getting kicked today, his! The crowd looked on me as if I was the next Wonder Woman until we heard Vernon shout, “ENOUGH!!!” like he was a cartoon supervillain. He cut through the crowd and grabbed me by the shoulder. Okay, if you can’t get locked up in jail for self-defense, then you should get in trouble at school for it either! Vernon demanded to know what the hell was going on and locked eyes with me, grinning in delight. Then he said, well if it isn’t Ms Goody Two-Shoes. I seriously hate that name. Vernon sarcastically asked me why he wasn’t surprised. Then the asshole surveyed the crowd and called me, Brian and John to his office, his lips curved into an evil smile! Vernon said that he’d love to have a talk with The Breakfast Club! Did I mention that I fucking hate this asshole?

A/N: So, what did you think? In the original game, Stubbie picked a fight with both the MC and Brian but, this being the eighties, I didn’t think Stubbie would pick a fight with a girl nor be cheered for doing so in the school. Needless to say, some plots had to be changed. Anyway, you can catch Jasmine on TUMBLR and also see her in my Wattpad Breakfast Club RP book.



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