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A/N: After a long hiatus, I’m back with another chapter of The Breakfast Club recap!  Last time, Jasmine not only kissed Bender but got locked in a closet with Andrew.  How will this pan out for her?  Feel free to also check out Jasmine on TUMBLR!

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Dear Diary,

I recently kissed Bender, had to fend off advances from a drunk Brian and now I’m locked in a closet with Andrew against my will. While I was speaking to Allison, no less. The popular kids wanted to play Seven Minutes in Heaven and threw Andrew and me in a closet together before I could even say no! I even heard one of the jocks call out that our seven minutes start now! This is not seven minutes in heaven, it’s seven minutes in hell. Then he told Andrew not to waste precious time with dirty talk and rattled the door as everybody outside laughed! Can I go back to being in detention? All Andrew and I could do was stare at each other while cramped among coats, boots and umbrellas with our faces only inches apart. Andrew said exactly what I was thinking, that this was kind of awkward. Actually, I told Andrew that “kind of” is an understatement. Andrew asked what we do now and I said that we should just talk, since Allison’s right outside. I am not kissing someone else’s boyfriend! Okay, I’m not kissing someone else’s boyfriend again. Andrew panicked and said that Allison is going to kill him when we get out of here. I said that Allison saw what happened and knows this wasn’t our fault. At least, I hope she does. Andrew shifted uncomfortably in the narrow space and I said that it felt like the time I got shoved in a locker in sixth grade, courtesy of Tanya and her friends.


Andrew said that he wouldn’t know. Why am I not surprised? Then his face fell as he said that he’s usually doing the shoving. Andrew gave a nervous cough as he quickly changed the subject. He said that he knows that we haven’t known each other long, but I seem pretty open-minded. I thanked Andrew and told him that I try my best. Andrew said that he’s kind of happy we’re stuck in here… if he’s honest. Please tell me that I’m not going to have to fend off another guy’s advances. I asked him why, hoping he meant that in a different way than I thought he did. Thankfully, Andrew told me that there’s something he wanted to ask me… advice about dating. I told Andrew that he might have to look elsewhere, because that’s something I have no experience in. Andrew told me to humor him. I said that I would and asked if he meant him and Allison. Andrew said that it’s more complicated than that as he rubbed the back of his neck a little nervously. Andrew told me that he’s been thinking about it a lot and he wanted to know if I think he should stay with her, or if there’s a reason that he shouldn’t. This caught me completely off-guard as all I could say was… wow! Andrew stepped closer to me and I stepped away as he explained that he didn’t want to hurt anyone because he’s not one of those dick-jock people Bender makes him out to be, but he’s confused and, according to him, I’m the only one who can help him figure it out. Andrew asked me to be honest with him. First Bender’s having second thoughts about Claire and now Andrew’s having second thoughts about Allison? I’m starting to wonder if Claire was right about us not staying friends on Monday. Though, if Claire stopped being friends with me, I wouldn’t blame her. I told Andrew that he’s putting too much faith in me because I’m going through my own romance crisis right now. Andrew said that it sounds like I met someone and asked me who the lucky guy was. I told him that it was Bender. That’s when the closet door flew open. The prep girl told us that time’s up and we needed to get back out here, calling us love birds! Everyone outside was cheering and I saw jealousy in both Bender and Allison’s eyes but, at the same time, I saw Andrew give me this startled look. He said that I can’t leave him hanging like this after dropping a bombshell like that.

I told the jocks and preps that Andrew and I are NOT done in here and met Bender’s eyes, mouthing that I’d explain later but he just glared at me. So I grabbed the door and slammed it shut. The crowd went nuts outside and I really hope that Bender and Allison didn’t get the wrong idea. Meanwhile, Andrew looked almost surprised. I asked Andrew to finish what he was saying. Andrew said that Allison’s going to think something’s going on in here. I told Andrew that so was Bender. Andrew told me that I still needed to explain that. I told Andrew that I kissed Bender in the kitchen. Andrew gave me a judging look and said that I did that even though Bender was with Claire. I explained to Andrew that Bender and Claire were having problems, so I thought that I would talk to Bender about it. Then I told Andrew that Bender looked so vulnerable that I ended up kissing him. I explained to Andrew that I know what I did was wrong, but I just couldn’t help myself and then Bender started kissing me back and he… Andrew assumed that Bender planned on dating Claire while keeping me on the side, but I quickly told Andrew that it was nothing like that! Then I asked him if he learned anything in Saturday detention. Andrew apologized and said that he might be getting along with Bender now, but this is still the same guy that said he wanted to get Ginger and Mary Anne in one go. I defended Bender and told Andrew that he said picking Claire over me was a mistake! Andrew said that he found it hard to believe that Bender was going to leave Claire for me, which earned him a death glare from me! Andrew said that he’s sorry and he didn’t mean it that way. I told Andrew that I get it, why would anyone pick new girl Jasmine Ross when they have the school princess as their girlfriend? Andrew explained that what he meant was that Bender’s not known for his monogamy and, if he’s already switching from Claire to me this fast, it won’t be long until he’s got his eye on another girl. I told Andrew that he’s saying that I might have ruined my friendship with Claire over nothing. Andrew sighed and asked me if I was serious about Bender myself, or if I’m just taking pleasure out of potentially stealing a boyfriend away from Claire. I told him that it’s only slightly the former, but I really would like to have a genuine relationship with Bender and he seemed just as genuine about me. I added that, at this point, I’ve already crossed the point of no return. Andrew warned me to be careful because Bender doesn’t seem like a one-woman man, and this hasn’t exactly proven that he is. I told Andrew that, right now, someone’s probably saying the same thing to Allison about him. Then Andrew remembered what he wanted to talk to me about in the first place.

I told Andrew that he might as well get whatever’s bothering him off his chest. Andrew nodded and shook himself off, like he’s preparing for a wrestling match. He admitted that going out with Allison is kind of proving to be… a challenge. Andrew explained that there’s this expectation of him as an athlete, they date the popular chicks. I joked that it’s practically a law of nature. Andrew said that, until now, he’s only dated girls like Claire and her friends, but Allison’s different. Andrew talked about how Allison’s smart, creative and doesn’t give a shit about what people like that think about her.

I immediately guessed that those “people like that” are Andrew’s friends. Andrew said that I was exactly right and said that, when he told the gang about her, Rogers called her an ice queen. All I could say was… Yikes! Then I told Andrew that it doesn’t sound like group dates are in his future. Andrew thunked the back of his head against the wall and said that he usually figures out how to win at anything but, with Allison, he’s at a total loss. Andrew said that maybe he didn’t think the dating thing through. I told Andrew that I can’t tell him how to fix his love life and that he and Allison need to figure this out for themselves. Andrew admitted that I was right and said that Allison’s really interesting but they have almost nothing in common. All I could do was shrug. I said to Andrew that Allison’s a cool girl, but he’s his own person and he’s not obligated to be with her but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth trying. Andrew slowly nodded his head as I told him to talk to Allison and do what feels right for the both of them. Andrew admitted that it’s all he can do and gave me a big smile as he thanked me for listening. Andrew told me that, normally, it’s hard to talk about this stuff but I’m pretty easy to talk to. I returned Andrew’s smile and told him that he’s pretty easy to talk with too. Then I said to Andrew that I think he and Allison are really good together and reached forward to give him a friendly jab on the arm telling him that Allison’s lucky to have him. I even joked that not many guys could last this long without going full horndog. Andrew just muttered “yeah” and looked down at the spot where I touched his arm. I told Andrew that I’m glad I got to know him better today and I hope that we can keep being friends, him, me and Allison. Andrew said that he’d like that a lot and stole one last look around the closet. Andrew joked that, if this is heaven, he’d sure hate to see what Seven Minutes in Hell looks like and I laughed as I remembered making the same joke earlier.

I told Andrew that we shouldn’t keep the people waiting and he opened the door to the cheers of his wrestling pals. That guy who I guessed was Rogers asked Andrew how it went. Andrew just shot me a quick glance and he said that it was all good. Then he spotted Allison across the party and went over to talk to her as I smiled, glad that I didn’t break up another relationship. I saw Allison nod along as Andrew explained what happened. Allison smiled as they walked out of the room, holding hands. I just watched them go as I took a moment to collect myself.

I stepped out of the backyard to find Bender. There he was leaning on the wall and lighting a cigarette. I tried to explain what happened but he said that he saw! I responded to him by saying that he knows that Andrew and I were forced into the closet against our will. Bender remarked that he also saw me slam the door shut after our seven minutes were up! Then he accused me of not being enough for me, I had to have Andrew’s jock too! I told Bender that Andrew was having some trouble with Allison and he wanted my advice! Bender scoffed that it’s just like how he wanted my advice with Claire, who he broke up with which, according to him, didn’t really matter now! I said to John that it does matter because I care about him! John seemed a little taken off-guard that I called him by his first name. I explained to John that I feel nothing but friendship for Andrew and spent the whole time in the closet talking about John and Allison. John seemed a little suspicious and asked what Andrew had to say about him. I told John that it didn’t matter. What matters is that nothing happened! John got all pissed and claimed that it does matter, so finally I told John that Andrew said that he’s not a one woman man and that, if he’s already switching from Claire to me this fast, it won’t be long until he has his eye on another girl! I made it clear to John that I didn’t listen to Andrew and said to him that John’s not that guy anymore, that he actually does care about me! John was silent for awhile, remarked that I should’ve listened to Andrew and then he fucking leaves!

I was about to go after him until I heard someone behind me give a slow clap. I turned around to see that it was Donna and I told her that I’m not in the mood. She apologized said that she’s always loved a good pot stirrer and I’ve been stirring every pot I can find. I told Donna that I only have the vaguest idea of what she’s talking about. Then she explained that I just played Seven Minutes in Heaven with Andrew Clark! Oh dear God, that actually got around. I remarked that news travels fast in this town. Donna just smirked and said that it looks like that unlikely match will live to see another day. Then Donna added that they stayed together, despite my best efforts. I immediately held up my arms and cut Donna off, explaining that she’s got things all wrong! Donna said that she’d love to hear my side of the story and pulled a small notepad from her back pocket, flipping it open! I demanded to know what Donna was doing and she said that she was taking notes! Donna explained to me that it’ll be good for my new student profile! Great, I’m barely here for a week and, already, I’m about to get a reputation as a boyfriend stealing slut. Then Donna said that she asked around about me and she’s collected quite a few crazy rumors. I asked what Donna heard, wondering if it would be better or worse than what I think. Donna consulted her notebook and she said that John wasn’t lying, I broke up him and Claire Standish, jokingly accusing me of not being able to keep my hands to myself! I told Donna that it was different, John and I had chemistry in detention and, from the look of things, he and Claire were already on the outs! God, it’s not like I don’t feel bad enough!

Meanwhile, Donna was talking to me about the rumors she heard, two of them being that I got stoned in detention and got into this weekend’s hottest party. She actually praised me for it and said that it wasn’t bad for still being the new kid. Donna asked me if I cared to comment and I got so mad that I called her out on her invasion of privacy! I made it clear that I wasn’t comfortable with her digging all of this stuff about me up and she just laughed! According to Donna, she didn’t have to dig because it’s all out there, she just had to listen! Then Donna fixed me with a piercing gaze and apologized for coming off a little strong. She stuffed her notepad back in her pocket and said that she knows what it feels like to feel scared and alone at a party. I told Donna that it’s a little hard to believe. Donna insisted that it was true and she wasn’t always this confident, but she wanted to make sure that I’m having a good time. I told Donna that, in the last few minutes, she practically accused me of being a pot-smoking, party crashing, boyfriend-stealer. How good of a time did she think I was going to have? Donna said that she didn’t mean it like that and she promises to not write anything incriminating about me in the paper. Then she stepped so close that I could feel her breath hot on my cheek. Once again, Donna asked me if I was having a good time yet! I told Donna to slow down and pump the brakes a little. Once again, Donna laughed. Then she admitted that she tends to work fast, blaming it on journalism and took a step back. Donna said that she was thinking about leaving but, if I haven’t seen the upstairs of Stubbie’s house, I should take a peek because his parents have some incredible art up there. She told me that she might be persuaded to give me a private tour. I asked Donna if she was trying to trick me into spilling more gossip for the paper. She just shook her head and held up her hands, saying that it was strictly off the record, cross her heart. After what just happened, I could use a distraction. So I agreed to let Donna give me a private tour.

I followed Donna into the upstairs of Stubbie’s house and, surprisingly, it’s actually quieter up here. Not a single person in sight and the walls are actually covered in paintings. I said that it was fancy stuff. Donna told me that I should see what his parents have hanging in the master bedroom. She lead me down the hall into Stubbie’s parents’ bedroom. Then Donna pointed at a large-scale painting hanging on the wall over the bed, telling me to check it out. She remarked that they must spend a fortune on art. I asked Donna how she knew so much about me, about everyone. Yes, that still makes me uncomfortable. Donna said that it was simple, she keeps her eyes and ears open. Then she sat down on the bed and gave me a look. Donna told me that it’s amazing what I can learn when I pay attention. Then she patted the bed next to her. As I slowly walked closer, she grabbed my hand and pulled me to her. Donna said that she had a pretty good sense of people and she knew from the minute we met that I was definitely her type! I told Donna that I’m flattered but, unfortunately, she’s not my type. Then I leaned back from her. Donna looked around the room and joked if I meant that middle-aged yuppie decor doesn’t turn me on. Donna laughed and teasingly punched me. I explained to Donna that I meant she’s very beautiful, but I’m just not into women. Donna laughed and said that it’s all right, she gets it. She said that sometimes she likes to strike while the iron’s hot and her senses can get a little messed up. Donna looked toward the bedroom door and we could sense that something was wrong because the music downstairs stopped and it’s been replaced by angry shouting. I said that it sounded like two drunks got into a fight. Donna asked me if I wanted to see what was happening and I said that I might as well watch the show. Donna told me to let her know if it’s news. I leapt off the bed, smoothed out my clothes and told Donna that I would as I hurried downstairs.

I entered the living room to see that a circle of people have formed and in the middle of it was Stubbie standing off with Brian. Wait, Brian? Stubbie angrily told Brian that his party wasn’t for dorks and told him to hit the bricks!

Brian stupidly shouted that there’s no dork here and, while Brian was drinking some more of Bender’s spiked punch said that this stuff was making him cool! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am going to kill Bender. Stubbie got himself ready to punch Brian and said that it was his last warning! He briefly locked eyes with me in the crowd and told Stubbie that, if he messes with him, he messes with his friends and then pointed at me. Stubbie sized me up as Brian told him to watch himself. I really shouldn’t have left Brian alone. I went to talk to Stubbie and told him to back up a second as I positioned myself squarely between him and Brian. I told Brian to take a breath and play the quiet game. He tried to act cool and said that he’d do whatever I’d say, calling me gorgeous. One problem at a time, Jasmine. I asked Stubbie what the problem was and he explained that Brian was crashing his party! I told Stubbie that someone invited him along and forgot to tell him. Then I told Stubbie that he’s already here and not causing trouble, so we can all get back to partying! Stubbie’s tense stance started to soften and I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding. He said that yeah, maybe and Brian said that he wasn’t going anywhere until that asshole apologized to him! Well, Stubbie went back to being angry and I told Brian dammit! Stubbie said that we both needed to get out of here! Brian glanced around at the crowd, trying to keep himself steady while Claire watched with her friends on one side and glanced away when Brian looked at her. I spotted Bender sitting alone on the stairs, lighting a lighter with his open palm. Then Brian turned back to Stubbie, and said that he knows what… Stubbie shoved Brian before he could finish and he landed right on his ass! Stubbie seemed all happy that he could beat up Brian and told him that he warned him! Then Stubbie told Brian to get the hell out of his house! Stubbie advanced to Brian while he tried to scramble to his feet, but kept stumbling midway! He kept laughing like a mad man and said that it’s not a problem, he’ll leave right away. I followed Brian as he headed for the door, making sure he didn’t knock anything or bump into anyone on his way out. As I left, the music started blasting again.

In the foyer, Brian stopped short of the front door. He thanked me for helping him, losing some of his inner spark from before. I asked Brian what happened and he told me that, after I went in the closet with Andrew, he kept drinking some of John’s confidence potion and he tried to mingle, which didn’t exactly go his way. Then he bitterly remarked that it would teach him to try to be cool. I told Brian that no one bothered him, except for Stubbie and everyone knows Stubbie’s an asshole, even me, and I’m new here! Brian shook his head and said that he did learn a valuable lesson, never break out of your shell. I disagreed with Brian, telling him that I’d hate to turn this into an after-school special, but the real lesson is don’t get drunk without supervision. Brian left as he tripped on the parquet floor and ran into an accent table supporting a large blue and white vase which wobbled precariously. I tried to steady the vase, knowing that breaking that thing wouldn’t lead to anything good, and met Brian’s eye. I told Brian to be careful, because he nearly broke that vase. Brian grabbed it and said that it would really ruin Stubbie’s day if he broke his precious vase, taking it in his hands. I told him that I know the alcohol’s killing his brain cells but, even drunk, he knows this is a bad idea. Then I added that, if he smashed that vase, he’s no better than the dumbasses like Stubbie. Brian said that I had a point. I tried to grab the vase from his hands, but he pulled it away saying that he’ll put it back and then wobbled backward, dropping the vase and shattering it on the floor! My heart nearly stopped beating as I stared at a drunk Brian who was laughing his ass off like a mad man! I said that this isn’t funny and, when Stubbie sees this, we’re both fucked! That just made him laugh harder! Brian said that so what if Stubbie’s stupid vase broke, he doesn’t care and neither should I! Then he crushed a porcelain shard right under his heel as he screamed, “Fuck Stubbie!” Brian was about to stomp on another vase fragment until I stopped him, reminding Brian that the vase is already broken beyond repair. Brian ignored me and was about to stomp on it until a voice from the other room cut us short. It was Roger shouting that the cops are here I am with a drunk minor! We are both screwed big time! I even looked out the window and saw the flashing red and blue lights, indicating our doom!

Brian and I rushed out on the lawn to see people scattering into the night. Two cop cars were in the driveway, lights flashing. The officers nabbed a couple of partygoers as they tried to run past them. Meanwhile, I’m trying to escape the cops while keeping a drunk Brian under control! Thankfully, even drunk, Brian was smart enough to realize that we were in deep shit! I told Brian that our friends are still inside but he said that it was too late for them! Now it’s every man, or woman, for him or herself! My eyes fell on the rotating heads of Stubbie’s outdoor sprinkler system and I told Brian that maybe we can slow the cops down. Brian asked if I was crazy and I said yes, I totally am! Then I told Brian to wait for me by the road, I’m going to cause a distraction! Brian wished me luck as I gave him a tight smile and then ran back into the house making him promise me that, no matter what happens, he’ll stay here and stay quiet!

When I went back inside, I had to fight my way through the crowd to the sprinkler control panel. I flipped the switch and set off the sprinklers outside, hearing the cops yell as water sprayed them down! My classmates cheered at the distraction and fled the house. Donna called for me and rushed up to me, clocking my hands on the sprinkler panel. She told me it was a smart move and said that it was definitely going in my article. She winked and nudged my arm, then she told me to scram! I told Donna that I was right behind her as soon as I find one more person! I hurriedly looked around the party, trying to find my friends. I went to the kitchen to find Bender crouched in front of the refrigerator, drawing obscene doodles on Stubbie’s family photos with a marker. All I could say was, “John! Cops!” Then I told him to come with me before he gets arrested. Bender just rolled his eyes and said that he’d like to see those donut humpers try to lay a hand on him.

I told him that there’s about two dozen of them and one of him, not exactly good odds! John looked insulted and told me to never tell him the odds. I stubbornly told John that this is not a time to prove his manhood and that I came here because I care about him! Then I softened up and gently put my hand on his, startling him but he relaxed somewhat. I asked John to please not challenge the cops and come with me. John looked into my eyes and tossed the marker over his shoulder saying, “Fine, let’s jet.”

Outside, John and I snuck past the cops as they tried to figure out how to turn the sprinklers off. I pulled John toward Brian, who waved me down from the side of the road with a goofy grin on his face. John jerked to a halt beside me and I wanted to know what he was doing. Then I saw that a group of John’s burnout friends were calling to him from across the yard. He said that he better make sure all the burnouts made it out alive and then said that he guessed he owed me one. He spun away from us and hustled over to his friends. I waved goodbye to John and continued running towards Brian. As soon as I got back to Brian, I proudly told him that the mission was accomplished! Brian said that we’d better get out of here! So, we hurried onto the dark road and came to a stop as soon as we were out of sight of the cops. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and was so happy when I told Brian that we made it! Brian said that it was crazy and he felt like a superhero. Then he screamed triumphantly at the sky! I told Brian that Stubbie’s going to have a rough time explaining the police report to his folks when they get home! Brian said Stubbie’d also have a tough time explaining the vase Brian obliterated, but that ain’t our problem! Brian hooted and beated his chest like a gorilla. I told him to be careful not to wake the neighborhood, calling him Kong. He ignored me and continued his ape impression and I was so happy that we got out of there I joined him. Then I told Brian that, for what it’s worth, he makes a pretty good ape!


Brian said that, technically, we already are apes. I told Brian that he can tell me all about it on the way home as we went into Grandpa’s car saying, “Let’s motor.” Brian and I ducked around the scattering crowd and dove into Grandpa’s car. Brian said that it was really close and I told him that he better buckle up. Brian said that there was no time, so I slammed on the gas and peeled down the road. The car jerked as it backfired, causing Brian to slam into the dashboard who just giggled it away. I told Brian that, unless he wants a free trip to the Emergency Room, he’d better put his seat belt on now. Brian put on his seat belt and said that he’ll do whatever I say, calling me beautiful! I told him that beautiful is also not okay. He asked me what he can call me and I told him, how about Jasmine? He took this as a sign that I’m not into pet names and I told Brian that, when he wakes up tomorrow, he’s going to realize just how stupid he’s acting. Then Brian asked if this hunk of junk had any tunes and I told him that it had an 8-Track. Brian nodded and cranked up some of Grandpa’s big band music. We bopped our heads to it as we sped off into the night. Then Brian kissed my cheek causing me to jerk the car and, had I not had to pay attention to the road, I would’ve given him an “I’m going to kill you” look! I demanded to know what the hell he was doing and he said that we’re the only two single people left in The Breakfast Club! I wanted to know if that meant that I had no choice but to hook up with him? Brian said that he didn’t mean it like that, to which I told him that he’d better not because, unlike him, I’m not about to hook up with someone out of desperation! Then I took Brian home and told him that, for the record, we are not the only single people in the group because John and Claire brokeup! I slammed the passenger’s door shut and drove back home.

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