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Dear Diary,

It’s Saturday night and I’m feeling sorry for myself. Bender’s with Claire, not me and it’s not that hard to believe. Bender’s probably had a crush on Claire for months and I just recently showed up to school. Besides, he was hitting on Claire all through detention and I’m being an idiot to think that he’d set his sights on me. Maybe it’s better this way. Bender has his dream girl and I don’t have to worry about ending up like Mom. If it was better this way, then why did I feel like I wanted to cry? Thankfully, a phone call from Mom distracted me from my thoughts. First she told me about how sorry she was for yelling at me in the car and that she didn’t mean what she said. I told Mom that I know she didn’t and forgave her for her outburst. She wanted to know how it was going and I told her all about The Breakfast Club and Vernon giving me detention. Except I left out the parts about Vernon locking me in a single room, Bender getting locked in a nearby closet and my thing for Bender, even though he’s dating Claire. Turns out Mom actually knows Vernon, but she won’t tell me how! All she said was that he was this spoiled entitled brat she knew when she was younger and she won’t say exactly what happened. Mom changed the subject by getting all motherly, not happy to hear about why I got detention and wanting to give Vernon a piece of her mind, but I told her that it was okay. I told Mom that I could actually write a novel about all of this. Maybe even a whole series detailing how we struggled after detention. Mom encouraged my creativity but told me not to forget about my grades, since she was really hoping that Grandpa wouldn’t send me to Military School. I told Mom that I’ll be fine and asked her what was going on in Detroit. She said that Tanya got pregnant and had to marry Josh. You think that would bother me but, in all honesty, I don’t care that much. Then she was about to ask me if my bags were all packed and if I forgot anything, until I heard Dad shouting about long distance calls on Mom’s end. First Mom started arguing with him about how she’s only talking to their daughter. Dad’s making it clear that they can’t afford long distance and I’m hearing Mom shout at Dad that they can afford to buy Tanya a pair of earrings from Macy’s. Dad accused Mom of plotting revenge against him for it, saying that they’ll both lose when the phone bill comes in. So Dad won, as usual, and Mom had to hang up. She said that she loved me and I told her the same.

I went back to my room, which smelled like moth balls, and lied on the bed. Actually, calling it a bed would be generous. It’s an uncomfortably thin mattress with springs inside that you can feel which creak obnoxiously with the subtlest movement. I really miss my warm and comfy bed at home. I was watching a rerun of an old cop show on a tiny black and white TV wondering how I could convince Grandpa to shell out some money for color. Actually, I wasn’t really watching it because my mind kept drifting back to the crazy Saturday I had which is not quite over yet and wondering how Mom and Vernon know each other. Grandpa threw open the door without even a knock and barged into my room! He demanded to know what I was doing in here with the door closed. I asked him if he ever heard of knocking. Grandpa said that it was his house and his rules. Then he said that he’ll knock when he’s at my house! I said that, in the mean time, I’m going to have my rights as a human being violated. Grandpa told me to cut the liberal crap and pointed to the phone in the hall just outside my room. He told me that I had another phone call and right after I just got done talking to Mom. He raised an eyebrow at me and said that it was a little late for calls, so I’d better make it quick. He went back to the living room and watched some old war documentary while I took my call. I guess I’ll ask him about Vernon after I take this call.

It turned out to be Bender on the other line!

At first, he asked who this was and why I was calling him, which made me grin. I just said hey to him and he asked me if he was interrupting a wild Saturday night at my gramp’s house. I teased Bender that maybe I like being bothered and asked if he ever thought of that. Bender said that he’s thought of everything, which is why he called and said that bugging me is my business. I couldn’t help but laugh and admitted that, after detention, nothing interesting happened except for a call from my mom. Bender asked me if she called to scream at me some more and I said that she actually called to apologize, but the real kicker was that she knows Vernon. Bender asked if there was some secret affair going on between Vernon and my mom, meeting at sleazy motels, secret calls behind my dad’s back. Seriously, ewww! I told Bender my disgust and said that it didn’t sound like my mom liked him. Bender suggested that maybe my mom ended the affair and went back to my dad! I sarcastically thanked Bender for putting that mental image in my brain. Then I admitted that my mom didn’t really tell me what happened because “the lord and master” made her hang up. Bender knew I was talking about my dad with that one and then suggested that I ask my grandpa. I told Bender that I don’t think my grandpa’s going to tell the truth on that one, so he suggested asking my grandpa while he was knocked out cold. That way, he’ll tell the truth and nothing but the truth. I asked Bender if that would just wake him up, but he assured me that, as long as I’m not too loud, my grandpa will think he’s dreaming. I thanked him but said that I’m sure he didn’t call me to give me manipulation advice. Then Bender revealed that the reason he called was to remind me about Stubbie’s party. I told Bender that I didn’t forget. Which he said was good because, according to him, it’s the most important thing happening in my life tonight. I told Bender that it sounds like I can’t miss it. Bender told me that he’ll be going over there right about now. I asked Bender if I’d see him there. Bender just remarked that I catch on quick. Then he told me that Stubbie’s house is the big one on Lakewood and I can’t miss it. I told Bender that I’d see him soon and then hung up the phone. I really don’t get Bender sometimes. First he gives me his number, then he kisses Claire and now he’s calling me asking if I can make it to Stubbie’s party. I don’t know if Bender’s friend zoning me or the master of mixed signals. Not to mention that Claire will definitely be there and I don’t know if I can stomach seeing them together. Now that Bender’s called me, I feel like I have to stomach it and go. Besides, Bender’s not the only cute guy at Shermer High. Maybe if I go there looking all hot, I can find someone else who’d be interested in me. If Allison can get Andrew, then there’s definitely hope for me even if she did have to change her image.

Then I realized that I don’t know how I’m going to get to Stubbie’s party. I don’t have a car, but Grandpa does and he’s snoring in the Barcalounger, fast asleep. It was time to put Bender’s advice to good use. I told Grandpa that Mom says that she knows Vernon. Grandpa told me that Vernon had a thing for her back when Mom was dating Dad! Grandpa said that Vernon seemed like a nice respectable young man unlike Dad, who was some sneaky man from Detroit but Mom kept insisting that Vernon was a spoiled stuck up asshole. Good, she saw right through him. Then Grandpa said that Mom would’ve been better off with Vernon instead of disgracing herself by going to Detroit with Dad. Needless to say the conversation ended after Grandpa insulted my mom again! So I snuck into the room and spotted his keys lying on the coffee table. You’re probably wondering if I’m the kind of girl to steal my grandpa’s car just to go to a party hosted by a guy I’ve never even met. Well, you can stop wondering because that’s exactly the kind of girl that I am. Though I’ll make sure that I’m back before Grandpa realizes that I’m gone. Don’t look at me like that, waking Grandpa up is way too risky and there is no way in hell he’s driving me to an unchaperoned party. Besides, he’s sleeping like a baby and something tells me he’ll be there until dawn. I grabbed the keys and snuck out the front door, managing to navigate Grandpa’s gas guzzler across town. I steered it to a spot in the long driveway of a mansion. You read that right, the party’s in a mansion! I stepped out of the car and some giant ox with a mullet approached me. He asked me who I was and I told him the truth, I’m Jasmine. He looked me up and down and asked if I was the new girl, to which I said yes. Then this guy told me to listen up. He said that this is his place and his party. I remarked that he must be the famous Stubbie and he told me that I better not forget it. Then Stubbie said that this place isn’t open to just anyone.

Lucky for me, Andrew passed by and told the bonehead to relax, saying that I’m cool. Then Andrew explained to Stubbie that I started at Shermer yesterday. Since I got the Andrew seal of approval, Stubbie agreed to let me in and headed back to the party. I saw a group of guys wearing matching letterman jackets hanging out on the porch who must be Andrew’s crowd because, as soon as they saw him, they called him over. Andrew waved back to them and turned to me. He told me to go check out the party, which is the reason why I’m here in the first place. Then Andrew said that he saw Claire inside, which made me a little angry but I kept it at bay. Andrew’s friends called for him again and he went off to join them.

I was about to go inside, until I heard a whisper from the bushes. The whisper came from Brian who was hiding behind the azaleas. I asked Brian what he was doing back there and he explained that he was having second thoughts. I asked him if he was having second thoughts about hiding behind a bush. He explained that he was talking about going into this party. Brian admitted that, technically, he wasn’t invited. I told Brian that neither was I, so we have that in common. Brian said that I’m a pretty girl, so Stubbie would forgive me. I said that Stubbie seemed pretty hard on me when I arrived and then explained to Brian that I had to get the Andrew seal of approval to get in. I suggested that Brian and I walk in together, bask in our status as party crashers. Brian seemed shocked but in a delighted way as he asked if I would really do that for him. I told him that of course I would, we’re friends and, after today, we’re all in the same boat, him, me, Claire, Andrew. I said to Brian that, as far as I’m concerned, if they’re welcome here, we’re welcome here. Brian warmed to this idea and said that yeah we are, aren’t we? I agreed with Brian that it really sucks being the outsider. Brian started to step out from the bushes, but then spotted Stubbie and the other wrestlers crowding around the front door. He ended up slinking back behind the bushes again. He said that he appreciated it, but told me to go on ahead and he’ll see me inside. I told Brian that I’m going to hold him to that and climbed the front steps of Stubbie’s house, joining the crowd pressing through the front door.

I pushed my way into the crowded house and saw Shermer kids everywhere standing and talking, dancing, sprawled out on the couch. The music was throbbing so hard that I could barely hear anything. All I did was stand still among the throng of unfamiliar faces starting to understand why Brian didn’t want to come inside. Something large shoved into me from behind, nearly knocking me off my feet. I told the guy to watch where he’s going and it turned out to be Stubbie who called me the new girl and told me that he’s sorry about what happened at the front door, but he’s got to be tough on the new ones. Then asked me how I knew Andrew. I told Stubbie that I knew Andrew from detention. Then Stubbie asked me how well I knew Andrew. I wanted to know what it mattered to Stubbie, keeping my guard up around him. Then the asshole told me that it’s his job to break me in! I scoffed and said that I suppose that makes me a new pair of shoes! Stubbie said that it’s Shermer tradition and was about to go on about how flattered I should be! A loud whistle drew the moron’s attention away from me and another one of Stubbie’s jock pals waved him down from the next room. Another meathead talking about how some of the guys ripped up the rose garden in the backyard. So far I am not impressed with the bachelor selection at Shermer High. Stubbie got mad and called them idiots, saying that his mom loves those flowers. Boy would I love to see Stubbie trying to explain this to her when she gets back. Anyway, Stubbie lurched right past me and scrambled after the other guy with his wrestling buddies in two. Honestly, I was just happy to be rid of him. Now I’m back to the smiling strangers brushing past me and barely saying anything while I’m standing on my toes, hoping to see at least one familiar face. Instead, I got elbowed by a girl I’ve never even met.

She mockingly told me to look at all of these assholes while I’m giving this stranger a double-take. Then she said that she bets half of these people don’t even know Stubbie, but that doesn’t stop them from showing up to trash the place. I said that this must be her first time at a house party, it’s like the standard rule. The girl grinned at me and said, “touche!” admitting that she saw my point. She offered me her hand and I shook it. Then the girl introduced herself as Donna Page.

I told her my name was Jasmine Ross and she realized that I was new here, which I confirmed. I praised Donna on being observant but she just gave a shrug of fake modesty. Donna admitted that she was good with faces, plus she spotted me drive up in that boat. She said that she’s definitely never seen that car at a Shermer party. I have to admit, it made me a little embarrassed. I told Donna that it’s my grandpa’s. Donna told me that it’s a classic car. Then said that anybody with wheels at Shermer is going to be popular. Donna said that, since I’m new and all, she wanted to know if I had any questions about Shermer she can answer. Then she said that I can consider her the welcoming committee. She asked me what I wanted to know. I asked Donna about herself. She asked me if I wanted her bio and then told me that her parents are divorced, which happened last year. Donna claimed that her parents should never have gotten married in the first place. She said that she had a cool older sister and a brat of a younger brother. She told me that her parents are at that phase where they’re fighting for their children’s affection. Donna admitted that it’s stressful, but there are some decent gifts involved. We both shared a laugh. Then Donna told me that it was my turn.

I told Donna that I’m technically an only child, save for two older half-siblings on my dad’s side named Tanya and Ken. The former a white trashed psycho and the latter a deadbeat. My parents are together in Detroit, where I grew up, but I don’t know how long that will last, leaving out the part where I wish it would end in divorce. Then I finished by saying that now I live with my grandfather. Donna asked why my parents didn’t move with me. I said that my dad didn’t want to leave his cushy job in advertising and, in my family, what my dad wants my dad gets. So I ended up leaving alone. Donna gave me a sympathetic look and said that I’ve come to the right place.

Somebody cranked up the music even louder and it was hair metal at its shriekiest. Donna rolled her eyes and remarked that there was no accounting for taste around here. Then she said that she needed some fresh air, but she and I should find time to talk more, someplace not so overrun with… dum-dums (her word, not mine). I told her that I was about to suggest that we head to the dum-dum farm. Donna just laughed and asked me if this isn’t the place they grow dum-dums? Then said that she saw some pretty ripe specimens on the way in here.

Unfortunately, my conversation with Donna got interrupted by Claire and Bender storming past me deep in a heated argument. Did that mean that there was trouble in paradise? Anyway, Bender told Claire that she was being ridiculous. Claire wanted to talk about this later. Bender only told Claire that he doesn’t care what his stuck up friend, Becky, thinks about him. Claire said that he might not care, but she does because she’s known Becky since kindergarten. Bender joked that she probably still eats paste and momentarily met my eye as we both smiled. Claire told Bender that he’s being a jerk again and stomped off to join her preppy friends in the living room while Bender yelled after her! He said that he’s right, she does eat paste. Then he stomped off to the kitchen. Donna remarked that Bender and Claire don’t look happy. I told Donna that they started dating earlier today and are already fighting while thinking to myself that maybe Bender and Claire won’t last. A small part of me hoped that would be the case. Donna thumped the back of her hand against my arm, sounding shocked that Claire Standish and John Bender are an item! Yeah, way to rub it in Donna. Then said that something pretty major must’ve happened to drive those two together. I bitterly told Donna that I don’t know what brought them together, saying that love’s a mystery. Donna told me that I should know because I spent practically an entire day with them in detention, so I must have some idea what made them hook up. Is this girl fucking oblivious? Finally, I told Donna that, even if I did, it’s not really my place to say. Donna just stepped back and regarded me thoughtfully. Donna took that to mean that I’m not a gossip monger to which I responded with a harsh “Yeah, so?” She told me that it’s a good thing and it’s no wonder I was able to earn everyone’s trust so quickly. I heard some angry muttering and boot stomping coming from the kitchen, which definitely sounded like Bender. I remarked that he sounded really pissed and said that maybe I should go talk to him. If I’m lucky, maybe he and Claire broke up. Out loud, I said that whatever’s going on between him and Claire isn’t good, while silently thinking in my head, “for them.” I said out loud that maybe I could help. Donna said that I could help myself because I’m good looking. Then she suggested that I make a bold move now and I’ll get to know him better. She even bet that I could get a kiss. I guess she’s not as oblivious as I thought she was. I know I don’t stand a chance next to the princess of Shermer High but, if Bender and Claire really are that incompatible, maybe he’d realize that he’s better off with me. Besides, when you’re in private, good things always happen and a kiss with Bender certainly sounded intriguing!

I told Donna that I really should catch Bender before he leaves. I started to make my way through the crowd as Donna gave me a thumbs up and told me to have fun. I found Bender in the kitchen with a punch bowl that looked like it had been recently filled and saw him pour his flask into it. I asked Bender if he was spiking the punch. He remarked that he was slipping everyone some medicine to make them act more fun. Then he started raiding the pantry as one of the people grabbed the punch bowl and took it to the main room. He asked me what I was doing there. I cut to the chase and told Bender that I saw him and Claire fighting. He just wanted to know if it was fun to watch. I asked Bender to define “fun,” and he just shrugged. Bender said that he gave her a chance, but all her stupid little judgy, snotty, shitty little friends just couldn’t keep their mouths shut. I told Bender that he may not like to hear this, but he can be a little difficult. Bender got confrontational and wanted to know if I wanted to start something with him. I told Bender that I didn’t but, since we’re friends, I hope I can be honest with him. Bender laughed it off and said that he’s not difficult, he just tells the truth.

I asked Bender if he ever heard of tact and he told me that tact was just bullshitting people. I admitted that he did have a point. Bender then told me that, if dating Claire means he has to put up with those harpies, he might have to reconsider. There was a small part of me screaming, “Yes, reconsider!” Instead, I told Bender that there’s not a guy in Shermer who wouldn’t kill to be in Bender’s position. Bender said that it’s why he carries a knife. I elaborated by telling Bender that he can buy her a flower, or something, since I know he can do that. Seriously, what am I doing? This is my chance to be with Bender and I’m actually encouraging him to stick it out with Claire? Bender told me that this isn’t one of those sappy teen movies where the couple fights, the guy gets the girl a flower and everyone rides off into the sunset. I admitted that I know that, but I’m not sure what else to tell him. Bender just gave me a sneer and asked if this was the part where he was supposed to sob and thank me. I didn’t know what else to say, so I muttered an insincere sure. Bender did a mock cry and then just said hug. He fell silent and, for just a moment, he actually looked thoughtful and a little bit vulnerable. I know Bender would kill me for saying this, but it was actually kind of… cute. I don’t know what came over me, but I leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips. At first, he was tense but then he relax and returned the kiss. Forgive me if I sound cliche, but I swear that fireworks were going off inside of me! Then I finally came up for air and I looked up at him and remembered Claire, unable to believe what I’ve done! I told Bender that I’m sorry and was about to leave until he grabbed my arm and forced me to look him in the eye, telling me that he’s not sorry! He kissed me and I pulled away from Bender and slapped him. Then I returned the kiss, feeling this pang of guilt in my stomach. After the third kiss, I said that this was wrong, Bender’s with Claire. Bender scoffed and said he made a great choice picking the spoiled princess over me. Then he told me that he knows that I don’t have any bitchy friends. I responded to Bender by saying that I don’t, just some misfits that I met in detention. I warned Bender that I do have a bitchy sister. Bender said that she’s in Detriot and he actually smiled at me! He tried to kiss me again, but I stopped him. I told Bender that I don’t want to be his side chick or a notch in his bedpost. Then I explained that he has to make a decision, me or Claire. He said that he’s got a lot of stuff in his head right now and that he needed some fresh air. Then he excused himself from the kitchen while all I could do was contemplate what just happened. Did I really steal the princess’s boyfriend away from her? I never thought I’d even see the day! Then I felt the guilt come back tenfold. It’s one thing to fantasize about stealing someone’s boyfriend away but actually doing it just felt wrong. Besides, Claire’s been nothing but nice to me and I stabbed her in the back over a guy. Am I a horrible person?

I wandered through the party, trying to get my mind off of what I just did and saw Brian standing near the refreshments and looking awkward. So I went over to him. I said hi to Brian and was happy to see that he made it inside. Brian told me that he really appreciated what I said earlier, trying to give him a boost. Then he said that he finally worked up the guts to come in. I told Brian “Anytime,” as he still looked like he needed a boost. Brian gave me an awkward high five and poured himself some punch. I tried to stop Brian but he drank the whole glass as I explained that it was the punch Bender spiked. Brian said that he didn’t feel any different. Then he started bobbing his head to the music, grinning as he pointed finger guns at a group of passing girls shouting, “Looking good, ladies!” The girls responded with a mixture of giggles and eye rolls. I asked Brian if he felt any different now. Then he said that he was just picking up chicks like he was the Fonz. Brian refocused his attention and pointed at a different approaching girl asking if she came here often. The girl recoiled and made a quick 180. Honestly, I don’t blame her. Brian loudly proclaimed that the punch was amazing, thanking Bender for adding this magical confidence potion and was about to get another glass when I stopped him. I told Brian that it’s also a bad decision potion. Then Brian put two thumbs up and said “Ayyyyeeeeee.” I started thinking that Brian’s going to get his ass kicked if he keeps this up and how much I wanted to kill Bender. Right now, I needed to put a stop to this before Brian tried to get the TV running by hitting it. I tried to distract Brian by attempting small talk as he nodded to the beat. At first, I thought about talking to him about Star Trek or The Twilight Zone but I knew that neither he nor I wanted to advertise our geek sides at a popular kids party. So, instead, I asked him if he goes to a lot of parties and he finally holstered his finger guns and relaxed. Brian said that of course he does, he’s not a loser. Brian told me that he’s been to birthday parties, slumber parties and one time he went to a bar mitzvah. I told Brian that I meant house parties. Brian said that most of them were in houses. Then he asked me if I’ve ever been to a house party and I admitted that I haven’t, but I have an uncle who throws parties like a high school jock. Brain pointed out that it sounds like I have been to a house party. I tried to explain what I meant, but gave up. Definitely not one of my greater conversations but at least I’ve saved Brian from further embarrassment… I hope.

I heard some movement near the front door and looked over. There was Allison in her new get-up arriving at the party and, let me tell you, I wasn’t the only one staring at her. Everyone at the party looked at Allison like she was a different woman, which she probably was. I’ll admit, I will miss the basket case but, if this is what Allison wants, who am I to stand in her way? Brian said that everyone’s really into Allison’s new look and that he’s sure people are staring at me too because of my rad makeover. I made Brian promise to me that he’d never drink again. Brian said that he’s adorable like this and put his arm around me, calling me “babe!” I pushed his arm away, giving him a warning glance, and told Brian that no, he’s not. Andrew appeared beside me and also stared at Allison, distracting me from the drunk mess that was Brian. Then said “damn,” and asked me if I would look at her. Allison walked toward us, painfully aware of the eyes on her. Andrew was really happy that Allison showed up and so was I. Allison said that it’s not like she was doing anything else. Andrew said that she’s glad Allison’s here and said that this was awesome. Then Andrew stepped forward and gave Allison a light kiss. At least one couple that hooked up in detention will live happily ever after. Andrew asked Allison if she wanted a drink and offered to get her one. Then he hurried off to the kitchen before Allison could even respond. Allison just stood there, looking awkward. I asked her if she was loving her makeover. She said that everyone was staring at her and she felt like a freak. I asked Allison who cares if they think she’s a freak. Allison said that she does. I told Allison that it’s not true. Allison angrily said, “Excuse me?” I explained to Allison that, normally, she wears all black, tells crazy sexual lies, and brings cereal sandwiches for lunch. Then said admirably that most people find that stuff freaky, but she does it anyway. Allison said that she did that stuff because she wanted to. I told Allison that she’s right, because she doesn’t care if they think she’s weird. Allison said that she guessed not. Then I explained to Allison that they’re staring at her because she doesn’t look weird, which in itself is weird. Allison said that she already doesn’t care if they think she’s weird. I finished by telling Allison that it’s like I said, who cares? Allison sighed and said that I was impossible, asking if I knew that.

I looked around and noticed the crowd was pressing closer to me and saw Andrew’s wrestling buddies in the crowd as well as Claire’s preppy friends, unable to look Claire in the eye. Thankfully, I didn’t have to see Claire for too long because one of the dumb jocks shouted if we wanted to play “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” One of the preppy girls said that they needed a couple of volunteers. She looked me up and down and said that we got a volunteer right here. No way, count me out! When you play games like this, more often than not, you get paired with some gross guy who’s never known the touch of a woman in his life. No, I’ve never played before and that is exactly why I don’t want to. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to tell them that as the jock immediately wondered who was going to go with me and that’s just when Andrew returns. He asked what was going on and the prep girl said that Andrew’s a good choice. He asked what he was a good choice for but, before anyone could explain, Andrew’s wrestling buddies grabbed us and threw us both in a coat closet, slamming the door right in our faces while Allison watched with a shocked look on her face! Dear God, I hope she doesn’t think that I’m going to steal her boyfriend. I’ve already ruined one relationship over a guy and that is my limit! What’s worse is that Bender just walked in and I really hope he didn’t see this!

A/N: Uh-oh, Jasmine just kissed Bender.  Will that end in her favor or blow up in her face?  If you want, you can also request recaps of interactive stories as well as requesting the love interest and anything else that’s important to the story. For example, if you request High School Story from Choices, you can pick the love interest and the club your character joins!  You can also either RP in the comments by pretending you were there, or saying that you stole Jasmine’s diary, but the latter will make her mad.  I’m just warning you.



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