Cutting the Cord (Star Trek Online)

A/N: Siket’s back, and he’s ready to talk about the time when he had to team up with Obisek to uncover an Iconian plot.


Subadmiral II’s Log Stardate 95843.73

This is Siket of the R.R.W. Mhorazz, officer of the Romulan Republic and ally to the Federation.  I just received a communication from Admiral T’nae at Starfleet Command. She told me that Starfleet completed its analysis of the data I recovered in the Nopada system.  Then told me that there is a 67.47 percent chance that the Iconians are using the Tal Shiar as a way to influence the Romulan Star Empire, and that their persecution of the Remans is directly related to this.  She said that command is considering lending assistance to Obisek and his forces, and, since I’ve directly opposed the Tal Shiar in the past, my assistance has been requested. Then T’nae told me that the data indicates that Hakeev is operating out of the Brea system.  She said that long-range sensor scans indicate that there may be a major Tal Shiar installation there. Since I understand Hakeev better than any of their other officers, T’nae felt that I had the advantage in destroying his installation. She told me that Hakeev must not escape because he may be the only person who knows how extensive the Iconian influence in Romulan space is.

I immediately set course for the Brea system.  As soon as we arrived, Tovan informed me that the preliminary scans showed automatic defenses and a handful of Romulan ships, most likely Tal Shiar vessels.  He said that, if we were going to reach that planet, we’d have to breach the Romulan defenses. Tovan then told me quite confidently that he doesn’t see anything the Mhorazz can’t handle.  He said that the weapons platforms are probably short-range, but we must disable the satellites and any enemy ships in orbit, or any away teams that we send to the planet might be at risk. Tovan advised that I draw off the ships and engage them separately from the fixed defenses.  Instead of taking Tovan’s advice, I took care of the weaker defense turrets first and then worried about the ships.


The Tal Shiar used their usual threats about how I’m in enemy space, and I should either leave or be destroyed. I opted for neither one and took care of the single ship.  Unfortunately, reinforcements arrived and we had to fight them. With the help of the Zdena, we managed to defeat the reinforcements. Tovan told me that we needed to get within transporter range of the planet’s surface. Then, after I did so, he said that long-range sensors show that the Reman and Romulan vessels are converging on this location, so the Mhorazz will need to remain ready for action.  Tovan warned me that he’s picking up an increase in energy use on the planet’s surface as well. He said that the Tal Shiar base is mobilizing and we need to hurry if we’re going to have any chance to find Hakeev and his Iconian connections. He said that he was ready to transport on my orders, which I immediately gave.

As soon as I beamed down, I found myself without an away team.  


Tovan contacted me and explained that the Tal Shiar was trying to jam the transporters, so there’s a lot of particle leakage from the Iconian technology.  He can’t identify the type of particles yet, but the rest of the senior staff are reporting in from different locations. Tovan explained that the transporters are being diverted so I’m on my own, for the moment.  Then he told me his scans show that parts of the settlement are locked down with force fields. I’ll have to disable them, or find ways around them. Tovan warned me that Hakeev would be somewhere well defended, so I’d better be ready.  I told Tovan that, when it comes to the Tal Shiar, I’m always ready.

I went to the west and received another message from Tovan.  He told me that the Tal Shiar are using force fields and construction supplies to choke off access points.  Apparently, the Tal Shiar detected us in orbit and put the base on emergency lockdown. He told me that they’re orbital scans show that many of these buildings have catwalks and balconies.  Tovan said that I might be able to use those to get over some of those walls and barricades. Then he told me that some of our tactical teams made it to the surface with beachhead equipment.  So there’s a good chance that I’ll be able to get support from them and I won’t be completely alone in this.  Tovan told me that Romulan ships would be here soon, so they’ll have to raise the Mhorazz’s shields and they won’t be able to use the transporters.  He ended the channel by wishing me luck.

I exited the square and only encountered a single Romulan technician, who was rather easy to deal with.  It wasn’t long until I came across a courtyard with a fountain as well as a number of Romulans.  Thankfully, I managed to call reinforcements, but these Romulans still put up a fight.  


It didn’t help that my current weapon takes a while to charge after every shot. The reinforcements beamed back up after the battle and I set the first spatial charge on the wall of the building near the north side of the courtyard.  


After that, Tovan contacted me and told me that he downloaded virtual markers to my HUD that will show me where to go to place additional charges. I activated the virtual path to see a stream of green arrows showing me the way to go.


I had to climb up a set of stairs to the top of a building where Romulans once again beamed in to attack me.  Once again, I found myself struggling in what should have been an easy battle due to the limitations of my weapon.  It was then Tovan contacted me to warn me that the Romulans are massing reserves in multiple locations around the base. He told me that the Mhorazz is in synchronous orbit, so they can provide fire support if I supply target coordinates.  I walked along the catwalks until I came across Remans fighting Romulans down below.  After I crossed the catwalk, I set up the second spatial charge.


Tovan contacted me and told me that there’s another catwalk on the other side of the rotunda.  I headed around the rotunda to the right and found one of the perfect places to launch an orbital strike.  All I had to do was make one call and the Mhorazz destroyed the scorpion fighters.


It’s like my instructors always said, if you find any advantage, you take it.  After that little detour, I activated the virtual path, followed it to the new catwalk, and crossed that partway down the stairs. Even though the arrows pointed to the ground, I had to see if I could find another area where I can order an orbital strike.  So, I went up the stairs to the second rooftop and found myself with the option to remodulate the weather controller to depolarize the gravitic lift. Unfortunately, I had no training in Engineering.  So there was nothing I could do. I went back to the stairs and followed the arrows down to the courtyard.  I found myself in the middle of a few skirmishes with the Romulans and took it upon myself to finish them. I have to say, I made a smart choice in changing my weapon. Tovan contacted me and said that the building to the right at ground level housed a data facility. I set up the third spatial charge only for Romulans to beam in and attack me.  


Thankfully, I was able to call in reinforcements and managed to take down the Romulans with their help.

After that battle, I fought my way down the alley and to the south corner.  During my journey, I helped the Remans defeat the Tal Shiar. It wasn’t long until I reached the base of the large tower and placed the final spatial charge.  


All that was left was to find Hakeev. So, I did a quick scan and Satra pointed me to his location. She said that Hakeev’s in the promenade outside of a building southwest of my location, but I’m separated from him by one of those forcefields.  Satra told me that there was an access gate on the walkway, but I’ll need to disable the force field. Then she suggested that, if I create a massive power draw at one of the other large facilities, it should temporarily disrupt the field. Satra said that, if I get back on the rooftops, it would give me a better vantage point.

I took Satra’s advice, headed for the rooftops, going north, and then proceeded across the rooftop, and took another catwalk to the roof of the data center building.  I found just the console I needed to create the power drain and used it.


Satra contacted me and told me that the force field to the south is compromised. Then Veril called me and said that Hakeev’s in a reinforced section of the base.  She told me that I’ll need an access chip or else the doors won’t open. Veril said that they’re reading a forward observer team on the highest building in my area. She informed me that, if I can get the officer’s access chip, that should get me into the heart of the base.

After Veril finished talking, more Romulans beamed in and attacked me from a nearby rooftop.  


Thankfully, I managed to take care of them and went south to Hakeev’s location, using the guide path to help me.  On the way, I found another location to launch an orbital strike, something I immediately took advantage of.


I watched the Mhorazz destroy a heavy disruptor turret and the Romulans that stood near it.  Then I climbed up to the top of the building to the east and took out the Romulans there with a little support from a team I called. After the skirmish, I found the access chip I needed on one of the officers.  Veril contacted me and told me that I should be able to use the officer’s ID chip to bypass the security lock on the access gate in front of the central plaza. Then she told me that Hakeev is directing defense operations from there.  Before leaving, I changed weapons to a disruptor pistol that wasn’t as powerful but didn’t take so long to charge between shots.

I activated the guide path and followed it to a catwalk heading south, which lead to some stairs leading back to the ground.  


Tovan contacted me to tell me that I’m in the section with Hakeev’s personal offices and that he should be just ahead. I had to help some Reman soldiers fight a few Romulans and, with my new disruptor pistol, I had an easier time taking them down.  Then I took an alleyway running south towards the arched entrance to a large paved square.  The minute I approached the square, I received a hail from Trononeg telling me that we have a problem on the Mhorazz. He said that, over the past few minutes, the ship suffered a series of cascading system failures. Trononeg told me that it was nothing serious yet, but it looks like we’re being hit by an Iconian virus.  He told me that they’ll purge the computer memory and restore the archives, but that will take some time and we’ll continue to have system problems until the work is complete. Trononeg claimed that, even if it works, Hakeev could simply send another virus our way. Trononeg informed me that I need to find and destroy the Iconian transmitter before the Mhorazz will be secure.

It wasn’t long until I ran into Hakeev in the square.  He did his usual gloating about how he would love to explain his strategies, but he’s afraid that the subtleties would be lost on me.  Hakeev talked about how a lowly being such as myself could never recognize the true power the Iconians represent–and that any future will depend on a place in their regime.  Then finished it up by saying that, as the Borg would say, resistance is futile. How appropriate, considering that the Tal Shiar really aren’t that different. This “lowly being” managed to defeat Hakeev’s guards with the help of some reinforcements I called.  He only called me a fool and said that he can call as many reinforcements as he needed, beaming down more guards. He treats his own people as if they’re expendable resources, disgusting. Fortunately, Obisek beamed down with a group of Remans and told Hakeev that his ship placed an interference field around the plaza.  

Together, we managed to defeat Hakeev and his reinforcements.  I took a PADD from Hakeev’s struggling body with a file about the Iconian gateway only a dozen meters from this very plaza.  Unfortunately, it was the only open file on Hakeev’s PADD. After that, Hakeev finally died and I felt only a slight bit of relief.  While he won’t be causing any more trouble, I don’t look forward to cleaning up his messes. Besides, I still have Sela to worry about, which is not comforting.  I talked to Obisek, who told me that the road to Reman independence will be long and bloody, but this is a significant step.


Obisek told me that, while he does not seek my approval of his methods, he’s grateful that we both managed to cross paths.  Trust me when I say that the feeling is mutual. However, he finds it a pity that I can’t aid him further in his liberation. He told me that I have his respect, and the respect of his crew, another feeling that’s mutual between the two of us. Obisek said that if, in the future, we encounter each other again as allies, he would find this gratifying.  Obisek finished this by saying that he must return to the Zdenia. He recommended that I finish what I came to do and leave quickly. Obisek beamed out with his guards.

I took Obisek’s advice and decided to destroy the Iconian gateway, but not before studying it first.  Since I managed to get the access codes from Hakeev’s PADD, I was able to freely enter any building I wanted to.  I first went into the west building and found an alien console. Satra contacted me and told me that it’s an Iconian interface.  She suggested that I could use it to counteract the Iconian virus. I used my science training to deploy a worm that could do just what Satra said it would.  


Then I went to the East and received a communication from Tovan. He told me that their analysis of Hakeev’s PADD shows references to his use of the Iconian gates, and he’s been receiving messages from the Iconians as well.  Tovan said that Hakeev must have a gate in this facility and that I’ll have to find and destroy it. Satra managed to locate the Iconian computer systems to the east of the building I just left. I went into that very building and found a Romulan technician who fled at the sight of me.  I planted the spatial charges on the gateway and left.



Turned out the arch was also a large Iconian gateway.  Satra contacted me and said that she has my coordinates, but she can’t beam me up until the gate is destroyed.  She said that they’re still getting a strange interference. She said that they are prepared to destroy the Iconian gate with an orbital bombardment.  They’ll target the warhead yield, but I should get to an area away from the blast. I headed to a sheltered spot amongst a ton of rubble in the South-west corner of the plaza.  Then I called in the strike to watch my ship destroy that gateway with a salvo of photon torpedoes.


Satra contacted me and said that, with the gate destroyed, they can get a lock and beam me up whenever I’m ready.  I immediately beamed back to the Mhorazz.

As soon as I beamed back, Tovan told me that Romulan reinforcements were starting to arrive.  Obisek contacted me and said that we have our work cut out for us. Then said that he would assist me, since we face a common foe.  We managed to defeat the first wave with no problem, only for a second wave to arrive, which Tovan warned us about. After defeating the second wave, we had to deal with a third wave led by none other than Empress Sela.  

She introduced herself and said that interference in Imperial affairs will not be tolerated.  Then she declared that rebels and insurgents would be eliminated. I took care of Sela’s lackeys and then concentrated on Sela.  She managed to disable Obisek’s ship with her thalaron beam attack, a weapon that I have a love/hate relationship with. I hate that it’s in the hands of the Empire yet, at the same time, I know that weapon could do wonders for the Republic but we wouldn’t use it so brutally.  Obisek told me that I have to finish this and I intend to. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that chance as the Iconians dragged her ship through a gateway before I could destroy it for good. Tovan asked if Sela escaped, or if the Iconians kidnapped her against her will. In all honesty, after everything Sela’s done, I hope it’s the latter.  Not a healthy thought for someone allied with the Federation, but I’m still a Romulan through and through. Tovan then pointed out that this gate is deep in Romulan space and it’s too risky to leave it in Romulan control, even with Hakeev and the Empress gone. It’s something I agreed with, so I targeted the gates weak points and destroyed it.


Satra said that, if it was another Iconian gateway, that explains how they can move entire fleets.  She told me that we have to get out of Romulan space and warn Starfleet Command. Satra said that the Romulan threat might be over, but it looks like a bigger threat is looming on the horizon.  I left the system and hailed Admiral T’nae. She told me that Starfleet will continue the search for Sela’s vessel but, as of right now, we have no idea if the Iconians took her or if she went willingly.  Admiral T’nae said that she found this turn of events disturbing and I agree with her. She said that Sela’s absence would throw the Romulan Star Empire into even greater chaos, which, I’ll admit, is something that didn’t really cross my mind.  She claims that Romulans are at their most dangerous when they have their backs against the wall, something you can say about anyone. Then went on to compare my people to Sehlat cats who will strike out at anyone in reach, and the Federation may bear the brunt of their fury.  Again, you can say that about almost anyone. T’nae finished it up by saying that the return of the Iconians could change everything.

I pointed out to Admiral T’nae that the Iconians’ presence threatens the Federation.  She agreed that the Iconians are a cause for concern. She said that their motives are still unknown to us, as are their plans for the quadrant.  Then claimed that what we do know is that they desire chaos. T’nae talked about how many of the problems we currently face can be directly traced back to their machinations.  She speculated about how the Iconians antagonized the Undine and whether we would be at war with the Klingon Empire had they not done so. T’nae’s guess is that they want the powers of the quadrant so fractured that we will not be able to unite against them.  It’s something we can’t allow to happen. Admiral T’nae told me that Obisek asked to speak with me one last time. She said that I could meet his ship in the Haakona system. Then she finished by admitting that I earned both his and her respect with my involvement in this event.

I went to go see Obisek and asked him why he returned to the vault.  He told me that their base in the Dera system was heavily damaged by the Tal Shiar.  He said that they reactivated the Vault, and we will continue to rebuild it. Obisek talked about how a place that was once used to create weapons of war will now be a home where all are welcome.  Then I asked him about the Romulan refugees who live in the Vault. Obisek told me that he has no quarrel with them. He said that his people fought for freedom and peace, and that the Remans can learn to live with the Romulans if the Romulans will learn to live with the Remans.  Considering how I view Obisek as a friend, he couldn’t be more right. I asked if he knew what happened to Sela, which he doesn’t know. Obisek said that he knows the Romulan military is searching for her, but there are no indications of where the demons took her, or what their plans for her are.  Then I asked if he thinks Sela was working with the Iconians, which Obisek claims that his instincts tell him no but he doesn’t have any proof to back that up. He said that Sela was at odds with the Tal Shiar, something he doubted would have been so if they served the same master. I asked him what the Romulans are doing now that Sela’s disappeared.  Obisek said that the petty arguments and plays for power Sela crushed have begun anew. He talked about how there are dozens who wish to rule the empire, so it will take some time before a new leader arises. Until then, much blood will be shed. As much as I hate Sela, I can’t help but begrudgingly agree with Obisek. I changed the subject by telling him that one of his resistance fighters asked to join my crew.  Obisek told me that he wishes him well and says that he never wanted to rule his people and he puts no restrictions on their freedom. Obisek claimed that, if there are Remans who wish to rebuild their lives elsewhere, they are welcome to do so. I asked Obisek what he would do now and he said that his people are free but there is much to do. He said that the Romulans hate and fear them, and they don’t have a planet to call their own.  Therefore, he doesn’t think that the fight is over. I told him that I didn’t have any more questions and he bid me farewell, saying that he would welcome the chance to fight by my side again.

After Obisek cut communications, Tovan told me that he transferred something for me to the Mhorazz.  Apparently, Obisek wanted to give me something to remind me of old friends and new beginnings. Tovan took the liberty of having the item moved to the crew lounge and said that I could see it there.

So, what did you think of Siket and how he had to participate in a one man mission to help uncover an Iconian threat?  Feel free to request a Captain’s Log or team up with one of my characters.  You can also Role-Play in the comments with a Star Trek character, if you wish.

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