Sally’s Spa (Big Fish Games)

After running a successful salon chain, Sally decides to try her luck in the spa business.  Can she be just as successful while helping her friend, Nell, sell her products?

The story isn’t much to talk about, just an excuse plot for the game.  However, the game play more than makes up for it.  It’s similar to Sally’s Salon with you moving people to different locations and doing the actions required for each customer.

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Only, this time, you can also sell Nell’s beauty products based on what is popular for the public.  Believe me; what the people want differs for each level.  For instance, stress products could be popular in one level and hair care products could be popular in another level.  Some products can satisfy two market conditions at once.

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The more products you sell, the more you have access to until you can get a special surprise at the end.  You can also buy upgrades for your spa in-between levels and, remember the purple station from the last game?  Well, this time, you can move men and women to the purple station.  For women, you paint their nails while, for men, you just clip their nails.

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It’s a little sexist because, being a woman myself, I never bother getting my nails painted when I get a mani-pedi.

This game is incredibly addictive.  I give it 8 out of 10, the superior sequel to Sally’s Salon.

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