Manor Memoirs (

When Scarlett gets serious writer’s block, she moves into a beautiful 19th century mansion. Only problem, the place needs a little work. Can Scarlett count on you to fix the mansion up?

The makers of Gardenscapes came up with a new fix-it-up/hidden object game for you to play. Except there’s more going on than just fixing up the mansion. During the game, Scarlett discovers the diary from a former resident, which inspires her to write the owner’s life story. The more you buy, the more she’ll write.

The game play is exactly the same as Gardenscapes. You find hidden objects in different scenes in order to make money. Every bit of your funds goes to decorations for the mansion. You’ll also get cut scenes that require you to take part in mini-games.

This game is incredibly addictive. I give it 7 out of 10; a fun game from the makers of Gardenscapes.

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