The Walking Dead Game Season 1 Part 2: Starved for Help (Steam Store)

After making their way out of the drug store alive, Lee and the surviving members of his group are struggling with very little food at an abandoned motel.  When a couple of strangers offer to let them stay at their farm, it seems like the group’s luck has changed.  Have they finally found a home or is there more to this simple country family than meets the eye?

The answer to that last question is obvious if you remember one simple fact, if something is too good to be true than chances are it actually is.  I don’t want to give too much away but the plot is similar to Fievel Goes West when the cats trick the mice in New York to move to Utah by making them believe that cats and mice live in harmony there.  Instead, the cats use the mice as willing slaves and plan on eating the mice when they’ve outlived their usefulness, the mice never suspecting a thing.  In this game, many of the characters are suspicious of the farmers.  This episode is one of my favorites because it stays true to its source material by having the humans be more frightening than the walkers.

The game play is the same as it was in the last episode.  You explore various locations as Lee and collect items.  You also pick what Lee says and have to make difficult choices at certain points in the game.  During action scenes, make sure to press the right button if you want to get out of the game alive.

This game is frightening and addictive.  I give it 10 out of 10; a perfect demonstration of don’t fear the dead, fear the living.

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