The Walking Dead Season One Part 1: A New Day (Steam Store)

The zombie apocalypse has just begun and it’s up to you to survive.  Play as Lee Everett as you make difficult choices and fight through hordes of zombies just to stay alive for one more day.

A New Day

On the way to prison, Lee Everett discovers that the world has gone to hell.  Not only does he have to keep himself alive, he also has to become a surrogate parent for a lost little girl.  In other words, he finds himself out of the frying pan and into the fire.

With The Walking Dead gaining so much popularity it’s not surprising that Telltale would make a video game based off it.  This is the prequel to the series except with characters that are entirely original.  A few characters from the series do make cameos in the game, such as Herschel and Glenn, but other than that entirely original.  The plot is nothing more than an introduction to the characters and they do not disappoint.  Each character brings something unique to the group.

The game play is unique in that it’s not about killing zombies.  You talk to people and sometimes you have to make difficult choices.  One example is that two characters will be in trouble and you have to pick which one to save.  There are fighting scenes but all you have to do is press the right thing at the right time.  Sometimes you will have to move around in order to explore your surroundings.

This game is addictive and unique.  I give it 7 out of 10; a good introduction to the game.

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