Baking Success (

Fay’s grandparents run a bakery that isn’t doing so well.  In order to save her family, Fay must travel in a flying bakery and spread her family’s creations throughout the world.

The game is about Fay’s fairy tale like journey with no magic involved.  The only character who travels with her is Reid, an accomplished mechanic.  In other words, the game stars a man and a woman who each carry the traits associated through gender stereo-typing.

The game play is very addictive.  In each level, you pick the kind of food you want to make out of dough.  Then you right-click to send it to the desired station.  After that, you can decorate your baked goods with various toppings.  Serve your customers before they leave in a huff.  You have to reach the minimum goal if you want to advance throughout the game but try for perfect if you feel lucky.  If that’s not enough, Fay and Reid each come with their own mini-game.  Fay must gather a list of items from the pantry while Reid has to fix the ship.  When you finish story mode, you can continue the game through expert.

This game is beautiful and entertaining.  I give it 7 out of 10; a simple yet addictive premise.

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