Forest Legends: The Call of Love (

In a land where all forms of magic are feared and hunted, the daughter of the chief hunter, Eveline, falls in love with a werecat named Aurelio.  Unfortunately, her love is in danger and Eveline must travel through dangerous lands to save him.

This section contains spoilers, so you might want to skip it.  I take many issues with this game, one of them being how the Felize (werecats) are developed.  It’s an all male race that takes human women for wives who do nothing more than bear their children and keep the monster inside from lashing out.  However, the ending hints that this structure might change.  Another issue I have is that, like Star Trek, the game simplifies every species characteristics by one single stereotype.  One example is that the Goblins’ motivation is greed and nothing else.  Despite its faults, I did enjoy the storyline.

The game is located in the hidden object section, yet no hidden object scenes exist in the game.  All you do is go from location to location collecting items to add to your inventory, memos to add to your journal and ingredients to add to your cauldron.  Your journal also contains a summary of what’s going on, a task list and a map.  You can use the last one to jump to any location you’ve already discovered.  Sometimes you have to participate in a mini-game in order to progress.  Other times, when you’ve finished collecting the necessary ingredients, you can use them to make a potion.  The game play for that is very similar to Cooking Academy.

The collector’s edition includes many extras, one of them being bonus footage for the game.  Another extra it contains is eight digitalized storybooks explaining the creation of the world of the game.  I recommend getting it just for that.

This game has many storyline faults yet I still enjoyed it.  I give it 7 out of 10; a beautiful game with an addicting game play.

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