Death Pages: Ghost Library (

When three teenagers make a trip to the library to study for a big test, the former owner kidnaps their souls and plants them into one of Shakespeare’s classics, Romeo and Juliet.  Now you must save their lives by changing the story’s tragic outcomes.

The plot is actually far more simplistic than you might think.  The main reason being that the plot of Romeo and Juliet in the game doesn’t stick to the actual story.  In the play, Paris, Juliet’s suitor, is portrayed as the more stable match for Juliet as opposed to Romeo.  In the game, Paris is portrayed as an evil man with only his own interests at heart.  In one scene, your job is to show this to Juliet’s father.  I’d hate to give away spoilers but despite the fact that you give Juliet’s father evidence that Paris wants to kill him, he still forces Juliet to marry Paris.  I don’t know about you, but I’m calling way too dumb to live.

The game play is hidden object with one unusual twist.  Instead of collecting random objects from a list, you put objects back together.  You still collect inventory items and can use the hint button when you get stuck.  Believe me, you will be stuck very often.  Did I mention that you get a list of tasks that you have to accomplish instead of a journal that details your adventure?

The Collector’s Edition comes with wallpapers, concept art and added game play.  This time, you explore Dorian Gray’s mansion while still gathering items from the library and Verona.  The story is that Juliet’s trapped in Dorian Gray’s mansion while you have to help Romeo rescue her.  Anyone who’s read The Picture of Dorian Gray will appreciate the irony.

This game was more disappointing than it was horrible, just like Star Wars Episode 3.  I give it 3 out of 10; an interesting premise that was executed poorly.

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