Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (

When Professor Layton’s former student, Janice Quatlane, invites him and his apprentice, Luke, to watch her opera, they end up trapped in an elaborate game.  The rules, solve each puzzle before time runs out and win eternal life, or suffer instant death.

You’re probably wondering when you missed this installment in the Layton games and you actually didn’t because it’s a movie.  Now you’re wondering why I’m reviewing it if it’s not a video game and the answer is simple, I’m expanding my repertoire to include books, movies and so on but there’s a catch.  It has to be based off of a video game because that is my area of concern.  Now you’re probably thinking that since it’s a movie based off of a video game it must suck and you couldn’t be more wrong.

The main problem with video game movies is that during the adaptation process, they tend to remove what it was that made the video game great.  This one only removed the elements of the games that were unnecessary, such as the mini-games and the random people giving you puzzles out on the street, and stays true to the essence of the series, the puzzles.  They are numbered in the exact same way that they are in the games and the timer is the puzzle music that plays in the games.  Just like in the games, they show pictured credits of what happened to the characters and if you’re patient enough to sit through it all, you get to watch the true ending.  Oh, and since this is a flashback, expect to see cameos of all of your favorite characters.

The plot revolves around the game at the Crown Petone Opera House that Layton and Luke find themselves trapped in while Emmy gathers clues on land.  Another element of the movie is a legend about the lost city of Ambrosia where its people await the return of their queen.  I can’t give away too much so all I can say is that the ending wraps everything up in true Professor Layton style.

This movie is a must see for fans of the Professor Layton games.  I give it 8 out of 10; not sure if you’d enjoy it as much if you don’t like the games.

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