Fitness Dash (

DinerTown lost their first tug of war match and it’s up to Jo the Jogger to get the team in shape.  Can Jo bring healthy living back to this junk food eating town?

The plot of this game is simple; it’s about maintaining a regular exercise routine.  The Aesop is a bit ironic considering chances are the only body part the people who play this game are exercising is their hand.  Still, at least it doesn’t go overboard about the message.  Another thing is that Flo is the one who ruins things in the beginning instead of trying to get everyone back on track.

The game play is a typical Dash game.  You drag different customers to different cardio and strength training machines.  Some customers will request both and you’ll have machines for that purpose.  You can bring your customers some towels and juice when they request it.  You can also bring them water to help their mood.  When your customers have completed their workout, you drag them to the shower.  You have to reach the minimum goal if you want to advance but try for expert if you feel lucky.  Did I mention that you could purchase upgrades in between levels?  If that’s not enough, every ten levels, you have to participate in a Tetris style game in order to have a tug of war victory.

This game is very addictive.  I give it 6 out of 10; a good way to kill time.

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