Muse (

A muse named Hope wants to be an inspiration for a struggling artist.  Unfortunately, the evil Shade has banished her to the nether regions of the mind.  Now she must struggle through various works of art to find her way home before she disappears forever.

The concept is intriguing but told in a simplistic manner.  Shade is evil only for the sake of being so.  Hope goes through some development in the game, becoming less selfish as it goes on.

The game play is just as simplistic.  You go through various screens trying to find a list of items.  Sometimes Shade makes it dark so you have to use a flashlight in the tools menu to see.  Some items are also invisible so you should use an illuminating glass.  If you’re stuck, use a hint.

This game is simplistic but fun.  I give it 4 out of 10; it’s something to do when you’re bored.

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