Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch (

Chess Geber hires Samantha Swift to find Alexander’s Scroll of Wealth.  Unfortunately, Chess isn’t as innocent as she seems.  Can Samantha stop her former employer from acquiring the Midas touch?

The plot is similar to the last one with a different target in mind.  This time, Samantha Swift has to reassemble the heart of Midas and find each one of his desires.  The same characters from the last game help her out along with a few new ones.  One of the new characters comes with a scene that references the movie Casablanca.

The game play is just like the last one.  You go from scene to scene collecting objects. 

The game will add some objects to your inventory so you have an easier time completing the list.  You can also collect hints in the form of lightning bolts.  Oh, and advancing through the game will require you to complete some mini-games.

This game is not deep and yet fun.  I give it 6 out of 10; a good way to spend your time.

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