Natalie Brooks: Mystery of Hillcrest High (

Natalie has just received a hidden message from an old friend wanting her help.  Apparently, the Black Cat Gang is committing a heist and it’s up to Natalie and her friend to stop them.

The plot is a little darker than the last two games.  In this one, Natalie’s life and her freedom is on the line.  Not only that, but a character from the first game is also unwittingly involved in the crime.

In this game, there is more freedom to move around.  While you still travel from various locations, you explore the place in its entirety in order to advance throughout the game. 

You collect items to add in your inventory, some requiring you to partake in hidden object scenes for you to use in certain areas. 

Sometimes, you have to partake in a mini-game in order to advance in the story.

The game is addictive and intriguing.  I give it 8 out of 10; the best in the series.

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