Empress of the Deep 2: Song of the Blue Whale (Bigfishgames.com)

After escaping the destruction of her underwater kingdom, Anna arrives on a mysterious island.  Her task, go to the Sky Temple and restore it to its former glory.  Her only guides are Jacob and a mysterious blue whale.

The whole reason I even started playing these games is because this one had blue whale in the title and I’m fascinated with the ocean.  The plot is like the first game, simple and predictable.  You free the children and the guardian animals of the temple.  Then you have to discover a mysterious plot and embrace your destiny.

The game play is just like in the last game.  You go from area to area collecting items and playing mini-games.  In the collector’s edition, you can collect diary entries from the nemesis in the last game.  As for how they read, let’s just say that her character is similar to Scar from the Lion King.  After that, you put the heads in certain areas, play a few hidden object scenes and then you get to play zem, a matching game involving gems.

This game is beautiful and addictive.  I give it 7 out of 10; two extra points for the animal drawings.

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