Avenue Flo: Special Delivery (Bigfishgames.com)

Quinn’s expanding her wedding planner business to include baby showers and her first one is for Victoria Big, Mr. Big’s daughter.  Unfortunately, a pack of dogs destroy Quinn’s food and decorations and she has to call Flo for help.  Can Flo save Quinn’s business a second time?

The plot in this game is very similar to the one in the last.  Flo has to come to Quinn’s rescue while helping everyone else in DinerTown.  Some of the problems, like the squirrel, could’ve easily been solved without Flo if the owner wasn’t too stupid to realize that acorns would distract him.  Still, it is quite amusing to see what troubles the citizens of DinerTown get themselves into.  The only one who doesn’t seem to need Flo’s help is Karma, who just gives her the hat without asking for anything despite the traffic jam which is the only problem Flo can’t solve.

The game play is just like the last one.  You travel through town and solve Quinn’s problem one step at a time while also solving everyone else’s little problems.  Some tasks require you to play a mini-game.  Fear not, this time the makers added a skip option in case you get stuck.  Now they just need to add a hint option for when you can’t find anything.

This game is addictive and amusing.  I give it 7 out of 10; not a bad waste of your time.

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