Burger Shop 2 (Bigfishgames.com)

After creating your own chain of restaurants, you thought life couldn’t be any better.  Unfortunately, it got worse.  Not only did you wake up in a dumpster with temporary amnesia, you also found every one of your restaurants completely boarded up.  Now you have to restore yourself to your former glory and discover who’s behind your downfall.

Just like the last game, you have a story mode and an expert mode you can play when you beat that.  The only difference is that the latter has no story whatsoever save for the interesting tidbits about the characters when you complete it.  In the former, you are trying to restore your former glory by repurchasing your old restaurants.  There’s a slight reference to Sherlock Holmes, which is a little funny.

The game play is the same as in the last one with one exception.  You serve breakfast in one level, lunch in the next and dinner in the last.  For breakfast, you serve eggs, orange juice and other meals that are associated with the morning.  For lunch, you serve everything you did in the last game.  For dinner, you serve steak, potatoes and other meals that are associated with the evening.  You gather ingredients on the conveyor belt and give it to the customer who requests it.  There are machines producing the items that some customers request, such as cereal or orange juice.  How well you serve the customers affects your star rating.

This game is amusing and addictive.  I give it 9 out of 10; even better than the first one.

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