Burger Shop (Bigfishgames.com)

When mysterious blueprints show up in the mail, you use them to build the ultimate burger machine.  Will you finally become a huge success or will your shop fail big time?

The plot’s actually quite simple, you’re a small-time business owner trying to make it big.  In the first story mode, you go from town to town making burger machines.  In the second story mode, you check up on your shops to see that the people in charge desperately need your help.  Let’s just say that the way they screwed up had me laughing a little bit.

During the game, you gather the ingredients on the conveyor belt, assemble them in the correct order and give what you assemble to the customer who orders it.  You can also make drinks, fries and ice cream to give to your customers.  Later on, you can combine different machines to make various items.  You can also use certain ingredients on the conveyor belt to receive power-ups.  Oh, and if you feel stressed, ask BurgerBot to fill a customer’s order.

This game is addictive and funny.  I give it 9 out of 10; it made me laugh a few times.

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