Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House (

Natalie just received an inheritance from her grandmother.  Unfortunately, the city wants to tear it down to construct a highway.  Not only that, but her grandmother’s debt prevents the banker from signing her petition and the chief of police refuses to sign it whatsoever.  Now she has to collect enough money to pay the debt, convince every member of city council to sign her petition and discover the true intentions of the chief of police.

The story is not deep but it’s fun.  You interact with a cast of colorful characters and help some of them out of a few jams.  You can also read Natalie’s diary to discover her thoughts on the situation she’s in.

The game play is what I love most.  Natalie travels through the city and you can’t really control where she goes.  You find items through a scene and use them to advance the story.  If you get stuck, use a hint.  In order to collect more hints, you have to enter a hidden object mode where you find a certain number of items before the timer reaches zero.  You can also find question marks hidden in various scenes and collect those.  Oh, and be sure to gather the ripped pictures in each scene in order to complete the extra puzzle.

This game is fun and simple.  I give it 7 out of 10; a good start to an addictive series.

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