Delicious: Emily’s Wonder Wedding (

When Patrick finally proposed to Emily, she couldn’t be happier.  Unfortunately, Patrick’s mom comes to town and everything is one bad omen after another.  Can Emily remove the omens in time for their wedding?

Like the last game, this one uses an episodic format.  The plot of this story is revealed by the title, Emily’s getting married.  Unfortunately, problems arise from the very beginning.  As the game goes on, Patrick and Emily are constantly fighting and you’ll wonder if they’re going to cancel the wedding.

The premium edition comes with ten extra levels that explain what happened while Emily was away.  Edward’s trying to run the restaurant, which isn’t easy with Angela’s obnoxious husband Jimmy thinking he can completely change the restaurant without Emily’s permission.  In addition, am I the only one who finds it creepy that Jimmy calls Edward dad?  Jimmy’s just as old as he is if not older, which makes Angela marrying Jimmy disturbing if you think about it.

The game play is the same as ever.  You serve customers at the table or deliver takeout.

During the second day of each episode, an event occurs that you have to take part in.  The only difference is that in this one you can play various scenarios that allow you to invite previous characters to the wedding.

Some of them are Emily’s ex-boyfriends and an ex-girlfriend of Patrick’s, so I really don’t get why they’re invited.  Watching shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother have taught me that you never invite your ex to your wedding.

This game is fun and addictive.  I give it 7 out of 10, a possible finale for the Delicious games.

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