Train of Afterlife (

A person with no recollection of his or her past boards a train that never seems to end.  A shadow by the name of Little Mary tells this person that they are on the train of afterlife.  At the twelfth hour, the ride will end.  Where it ends up depends entirely on the person.

This game is from the same creators of X-Note.  Only difference is that there’s no romance whatsoever in this game.  The main character, Wind, is riding the train with Little Mary, Darwin, Diyu and Bluebird.  Another character by the name of Wing is also on the train, but this character acts as a constant companion for Wind.

You can talk to each of the four other characters and watch each one of them disappear.  Each one of them has their own insights about life and death and one of them will even play tarot cards with Wind, helping him or her discover his or her past little by little.  When you unlock Wing’s path, you find out who these people actually are.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers but in the end, you’ll wonder if this was all a dream.

The game is in visual novel form and each ending depends on how far you get in three different attributes: awareness, enlightenment, and darkness.  During the game, you can communicate with the other passengers while playing tarot cards.

If you give them the right answers, you can witness their disappearance.  After getting all of Wind’s endings, you get a password that allows you to play Wing’s path.  Four out of five of those endings will give you another password to access a story about one of the other characters.  After that, you get a password to unlock an extra gallery.  As I played this game, I felt that Rule of Rose should have been done in a similar style, talking to each orphan until you’ve unlocked pieces of their and the main character’s story.

This game is very addicting with some interesting takes on death.  I give it 9 out of 10; some of the endings spooked me a little bit.

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