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Merui’s a huge video game fanatic, especially when it comes to Rivenwell Online.  Unfortunately, a real jerk named Alistair stole a rare item from her.

In order to get it back she has to discover who he is in a month and she only has three suspects.

As I said earlier, there are three people Merui suspects, Travis, Shiro and Derek.  Travis is the geeky loner.  Shiro is the shy classmate.  Derek is the confident jock.  Merui responds to each one differently and they have a different side they keep hidden from everyone else.

During the game, you have to raise your stats to the specific liking of each person.

You also have to spend time with them and give the correct responses.

During lunch, you can choose who you want to hang out with.  You do the same after school.  The difference is that you have to do different things in your after school hours.  You have to spend time with Travis at the schoolwork program if you want to earn money.  You also have to go to the mall and spend time with Derek because there are some things you have to buy if you want to win the heart of a specific person.  Some routes require you to spend time with Shiro so you can work on your project.

When you get home, you can choose to raise your network reputation, social reputation, or intelligence.  You can also check your email.

This game is relatable and fun.  I give it 7 out of 10, a unique take on a dating sim.

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