Loren the Amazon Princess: The Castle of N’Mar (Winterwolves.com)

While Loren’s on a quest to find her mother, vampires have captured several of her people.  To top it off, her sidekick has to help everyone on his or her own personal journey.  Thankfully, three other people and a hellhound have joined them in their quest.

This is an expansion to the original game.  On each character’s side quest, you find out more about what made them what they are.  You also have an option to spare sacrificing anyone at the end of the game.  You can now recruit Sauzer, Mesphit and Chambara on your quest.  Only the final two are romance options for either gender.

The game play is the same as the last one with options to go on personal quests.  When you’re finished with each one, you can get a special item that only a certain character can use.  You also have more achievements to win along with more options to take in different locations.  You can avoid some fights if you want to.

This is nothing more than an extension of the original game.  I give it 8 out of 10; taking a fourth option took out some of the emotion for me.

Cake Mania: Main Street (Bigfishgames.com)

A new mall is opening in Baker’s Field, threatening to destroy it’s small town atmosphere.  Can Jill, Jack, Risha and Tiny put a stop to it?

The story’s simplistic but the character interaction makes up for it.  There are summaries between levels that explain hilarious occurrences during the game.  Jill’s also acting strange and getting very weird cravings.  Jack’s opening a burger place and comes up with bad idea after bad idea trying to save Baker’s Field.  Risha, a city girl, is trying to adjust to small town life.  Tiny’s getting over his hatred of octopus and hoping no one orders Fugu.

The game play is the same as always with two differences.  For starters, Jack’s burger shop and Tiny’s sushi place are not the typical play.

You also start out on a map where you not only pick the shop you want to play in, you have to upgrade them completely and buy new attractions for Baker’s Field.

This game is addictive and funny.  I give it 9 out of 10, a nice change from the usual game play.

Miss Management (Bigfishgames.com)

Denise expected her new job as office manager to be tough, she just didn’t know how tough.  Not only does she have to make sure she completes tasks on time, she has to help her eccentric co-workers complete their goals.

This is like playing through an office comedy.  Each character has their own quirks with the exception of Denise who’s the only sane woman there.

The characters have individual interests, Tara’s love of manga and drawing being an example.  There are quite a few laugh out loud moments and you’ll wonder how you’re going to make these people get any work done but that’s just part of the charm.

The game plays out very much like a business Diner Dash.  You have to get tasks to people on time while helping them accomplish their own goals.

Lowering the stress of one character might raise the stress of another.  For example, Mahavir wants to chat up every female co-worker.  The only problem is not a single one of them can stand him.  You can also purchase snacks, drinks and office manuals to help reach your goals.  Try to get all three stars in each level.

This game is amusing and fun.  I give it 9 out of 10; it’s like playing through a sitcom.

Campfire Legends: The Last Act (Gamehouse.com)

Reggie and Ashley are on their way to the campfire grounds.  Unfortunately, an accident strands them in the middle of nowhere.  To make a bad situation worse, Ashley is missing and it’s up to Reggie to find her.

This is the final game in the Campfire Legends trilogy and it leaves more questions than answers.  Do not read this paragraph for it contains spoilers.  For starters, how did Maggie know about the story in the first game?  She’s not the Hookman’s student.  I guess you could say she read his notes with that one.  I know that Maggie and Libby’s parents are neglectful if they don’t know that one of their twins died.  They also didn’t realize that there was a stowaway in their basement.  Not to mention the fact that Reggie’s sister was the protagonist in the last game.  The campfire girls are being told a story of how their friend’s sister disappeared by a girl named Maggie, the same girl who was one of the twins in her story.  I get that Maggie’s a common name, but that’s an excessively big coincidence.

The game play is the same as it ever was in this series.  You travel to find objects, collect hints in the form of fireflies, and use them.

The only differences are that you also find pieces of Lisa’s diary and you can combine items in your inventory.

The final game adds nothing to the trilogy.  I give it 3 out of 10; do not buy unless you’re curious to see how the game ends.

Re: Alistair++ (Sakevisual.com)

Merui’s a huge video game fanatic, especially when it comes to Rivenwell Online.  Unfortunately, a real jerk named Alistair stole a rare item from her.

In order to get it back she has to discover who he is in a month and she only has three suspects.

As I said earlier, there are three people Merui suspects, Travis, Shiro and Derek.  Travis is the geeky loner.  Shiro is the shy classmate.  Derek is the confident jock.  Merui responds to each one differently and they have a different side they keep hidden from everyone else.

During the game, you have to raise your stats to the specific liking of each person.

You also have to spend time with them and give the correct responses.

During lunch, you can choose who you want to hang out with.  You do the same after school.  The difference is that you have to do different things in your after school hours.  You have to spend time with Travis at the schoolwork program if you want to earn money.  You also have to go to the mall and spend time with Derek because there are some things you have to buy if you want to win the heart of a specific person.  Some routes require you to spend time with Shiro so you can work on your project.

When you get home, you can choose to raise your network reputation, social reputation, or intelligence.  You can also check your email.

This game is relatable and fun.  I give it 7 out of 10, a unique take on a dating sim.

Cake Mania 2 (Bigfishgames.com)

Jill just got the bakery back for her grandparents but she still feels like something is missing.  A few minutes later, two friends of hers ask for help with their bakeries.  What path will Jill take in her life?

In this game, you meet Jack and Risha.  You choose which one to help and after each setting is complete, you pick what to do next.

The story differs depending on what you pick.  You can find love, fame, or realize that everything you wanted was there all along.

As I said earlier, you pick what direction Jill takes in the game.  Each ending unlocks another trophy for the main menu.  Other than that, it’s the same old thing.  You bake a cake, frost it, put a topping on it and give it to the customer that requested it.  You can’t advance through the levels until you get the required goal.  If you’re lucky, you can get the super goal.

In between levels, you can purchase upgrades for your shop.

It’s fun and addictive.  I give it 8 out of 10, even better than the last game.

Awakening: The Skyward Castle (Bigfishgames.com)

After awakening from a long sleep, traveling through Moonfell Well, and seeking the Goblins’ aid, Princess Sophia finally discovers her home.  For some reason, the people have been turned to stone and a man named Dreadmyre threatens the safety of it.

Like the last games, Sophia has no powers and is reliant on her own skills and her magic companions.  In this one, it works to her advantage because Dreadmyre can’t harm her.  She also meets the many servants of the castle and discovers why her parents did what they did.

The game play is reliant on logic.  You have to find objects throughout the game and figure out which object would be put to better use in which scene.

If you’re stuck, you can use a hint.  You also have two companions in the form of a pocket dragon and a wise owl.

After this, you can play the epilogue to discover that the series isn’t over yet.  If you feel like shelling out extra money, you can get some bonus content.

This game is beautiful and fun.  I give it 8 out of 10, great artwork and a great game.

Whispers (Gamehouse.com)

Charlotte’s professor takes her to the cemetery to find a lost relic of the American Civil War.  Unfortunately, a strange man who has an unknown agenda captures her.

Just like with the Fifth Gate, I am not describing porn no matter however much I might sound like it.  Charlotte’s life has been a mystery to her and she finally gets to solve it.  Some voices in her head and people help her along the way.

The game is standard hidden object.  You go to different locations and collect.  After you finish the main storyline, you can collect all the objects in find them all mode.

The game is fun but doesn’t have much in the way of plot.  I give it 6 out of 10, something to do when you’re bored.