Cake Mania (

Jill recently graduated from culinary school and comes back home, hoping to take over her grandparents’ shop.  Unfortunately, they’ve already sold it to Mega-Mart.  Will Jill be able to make enough money to buy back the shop?

There’s not much to say about the plot.  The game play is an entirely different matter.  You bake a cake, frost it and sell it to the nearest customer.  First, you have to give the customers menus and wait for their order.  Between levels, you can purchase upgrades for the shop.  In order to advance throughout the game, you have to meet the level’s goal.

Did I mention that you only have four lives in the entire game?  You had better save, because if you run out you have to start all over.  Okay, not a whole lot to say about the game play either but it’s still more than you can say about the plot.

I find the game fun and addictive.  It also makes me crave cake.  I give it 8 out of 10, a perfect beginning to an amazing series.

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