Girls will be Girls Movie Bundle Part 1: Pretty in Pink (

This bundle includes three games, Pretty in Pink (hidden object), Clueless (time management) and Mean Girls (Match 3).  I watched all three of these movies just to write this review.  Yes, that is how far I go for my work.  I’m going to review each game separately in three different posts.

Pretty in Pink

            This is a hidden object retelling of the classic 80s movie Pretty in Pink.  Watch Andie deal with her best friend and secret admirer, Duckie, while struggling with her feelings for rich popular boy, Blane.

I’ve never seen this movie before buying this game.  Usually in movies like these, the popular boy turns out to be a jerk and the girl realizes that she truly loves her best friend.  In other words, she has to return her admirer’s affection with no say in the matter.  In this one, Andie actually gets a say.  If she doesn’t love Duckie then she doesn’t have to get with him.  The game also allows the player to choose in a very creative way.

During the game, you go through the standard hidden object scenes.  There is one complaint that is common about this; the scenes are so blurry that you can’t tell what the hell you’re collecting.

Sometimes you take part in a mini-game that you can just skip if you want.  If you fail to complete it correctly, it will let you start over.  Problem is, the game takes forever to do so.  You can also collect sports cars and toy ducks to determine Andie’s fate at the prom.  If I have to tell you which one represents which, then you just got back from a lobotomy.  Oh, and you can also design Andie’s prom dress.

The game is really not that great.  I give it 4 out of 10, a mediocre game for a pretty good movie.

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