Grim Facade: The Cost of Jealousy Beta Test

Grim Facade 3 - The Cost of Jealousy [BETA Version]

A grieving widow asks you to solve her husband’s murder.  It seems like a simple case until you delve deeper into their lives.

When I played this beta test, I had no idea that this game was the third in a series.  That’s how easy the story was for me to follow.  While you progress, you learn new things about your case.  You even start to wonder if the woman who asked for your help is as innocent as she seems.

During the game, you search the scenes for various items.  Some will have you play a hidden object game.  If you want hints, you have to find fans located throughout the city.  You also have to pay for some objects at a shop, but there are coins hidden all over the place.

This game seems very intriguing.  I would definitely get the full version.

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